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My two-sen worth

March 4, 2007

This is a comment i posted in Irresponsible Blogging at Politikus yesterday. I thought I would reproduce it here given the sound and the fury that are currently being generated in our blogsphere …

Even before Bloggers United became an entity (and i am glad it did), what emerged was an outcry in blogsphere against the ongoing gangster-bullyism of the powerful against the individual.

There is so much abuse going on in high places that the refuse of abuse is piled so high it will take forever to incinerate and rid the stink. But a start has to be made somewhere and I am also glad it all started in blogsphere.

The authority can run but let them know they cannot hide.

As I see it, the unsolicited and spontaneous outpouring of support for Rocky and Jeff Ooi against NSTP + the gang of 4 is a clear-cut case of the populace saying “enough is enough!” The individual, the small man, the general public are finally coming together to voice their displeasure. Let the authority has ears to hear. Let the abuse stop. Let justice be served.

Fellow bloggers, here’s an opportunity for the well-informed to negate the mentality of “if I have the position, the money and the connection, I will do as I wish and nobody is going to stop me.” Guys, let us stand up for what we believe and be counted. Let us move forward. Now is not the time for dissension of silly, little things.

I am particularly moved for once that there is the coming together of Malaysians (the ultras will hate us for this show of unity) for a cause that’s worth pursuing. Who knows, its ramification may have far-reaching effect. I can only hope that this movement would provide the catalyst for the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary to wake up and take the first step for reform and put the country back on course. We have strayed far enough.

We may not agree on everything but let us agree to disagree and let every voice be heard. No one owns blogsphere, or the internet for that matter. No one rules it. No one should dictate it. It is the responsibility of every user of the internet to know what he or she is reading and doing, sieve the truth from the lies, put to good use our God-given grey matter we call “brains.”

I do not support irresponsible bloggings neither will I deny anyone the right to speak up, nor the right to defend oneself. The truth is the truth. It’s what is right, not who is right.

Bloggers United. Yes!

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