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Tengku, oh Tengku, engage brain first before opening mouth

March 11, 2007

Publicity is one of the staple diets of politicians. They will probably do, eat and say anything to get noticed, hoping to score points. It matters not either whether the outcome be good or bad. As long as they be the first to do it they somehow believe they will come out looking like heroes.

Close to home, our latest hero is none other than our Minister of Tourism, Tengku Adnan. Does he not realise that he had scored an unprecedented idiotic first in many categories? Foremost of which is, for making a sweeping statement that all bloggers are liars. Another, that he makes a wild claim that out of the 10,000 unemployed bloggers he purportedly knows 80% are women, which is ludicrous. Yet another, that bloggers do not like national unity, which is a laugh.

Where have you been, Tengku? The fact that most bloggers – despite their colour, creed, standing and belief – are coming together on issues that affect the small guy and the rakyat shows that there’s national unity – and not as you have otherwise claimed.

Don’t you think first before shamelessly issuing forth a bad case of rheto-rrhea? (A condition loosely associated with brainless rhetoric and verbal diarrhea.)

Your comedy of errors, sir, culled from your statements in Sin Chew on 09 March 07, probably proved you are hopelessly devoid of grey matter. The followings are your doing. You make sweeping statements. You make up figures. You lack good sense for whacking women (bloggers) just hours after International Women’s Day was launched. You probably scare away tourists during VMY 2007 when it is your paramount responsibility to ensure that they come. You accuse….

I ought to end … with something for you to ponder over. Think before you speak, sir. When you don’t look good, you make us Malaysians not look good. Your latest issue has stained us worldwide and the stench reeks and lingers as far.

I hope you are happy you are a hero now.

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  1. Sheih permalink


    How to engage the brain if he not have one ma?

    Or his perhaps is too small that even him do not realise he got one.

  2. ewoon permalink

    Hi Sheih: Thanks for visiting. I think what you said hit the nail on the head!

  3. NURAINA A SAMAD permalink

    for some people, thinking is a very difficult thing to do.

  4. Orang suruhan Tengku permalink

    You are all very bad people. He has a first class brain. When he donates it (after death, of course), it will be most valuable one in the world. Cost may be $10 million. Yep. Why? Brand new! Not pre-loved (second hand lah) or any rubbish like that. Tengku’s brain the best – never used.

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