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I support the NEP

June 25, 2007

To all of you who are against the NEP, I have only this to say: go jump into a lake and drown. I am really sick and tired of all these whining and ballyhooing for nothing.

And as for that Thierry Rommel, the EU envoy who reportedly criticized the policy last Thursday, should be sent packing home to where he hailed from. Doesn’t he know any better than as a foreigner, let alone an ambassador to this great land, that he should keep his trap shut about another country’s internal policy – especially when it is really a good one? What an idiot.

Listen, guys and gals, our NEP is the greatest policy any noble government in the whole, wide world could have come up with. (Where is the Guinness Book of Records when we need them?)

Go die man, I say. As I understand it, the NEP is one noble policy by our far-sighted BN government to help eradicate poverty and economic imbalance amongst all poor Malaysians regardless of race, color and creed.

Who, in his or her right mind, can find fault with this, huh? Who?

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  1. AHIRUDIN ATTAN permalink

    well said, my man! in the two areas of poverty eradication and the redistribution of wealth, the nep is peerless. i don’t understand why we are not proud of that. or why we allow the nep to be maligned by people who do not understand what it was set out to achieve.

    but we all know or suspect that the nep has also been severely abused by some greedy people. and these people are not necessarily the umnoputeras. they are well educated and they are close to the powers that be. and the people behind them include chinese, indian and malay tycoons who’d sell their mothers for money.

  2. zorro permalink

    Of course the raison de’tre of the NEP is ideologically sound. In the US it is called affirmative action. There they see it thru; the Equal Employment Opportunity was one off-shot of the AA; then Sexual Harassment reared its potency in the workplace. This is only to name two. The NEP was to ensure that the eradication of poverty ensures that wealth is distributed evenly. The quota system was installed. This applies only to the private companies. Not in the public where non-performers bad apples are kept on to ensure that the quota is maintained. At the end of the day what do we get from those bad apples – cyder, undeniably inferior to a good shot from the malt and barley casket. The NEP per se today is still-born. The rich gets richer and only an elite group reaps the golden harvest. Why are most of the GLC in a mess; why are most of State Development Corporations ripe for rescue and salvation from the every-present, ever-willing saviour that is the doting Government. I say throw out the NEP, its a wet-dream – heavenly only at ejaculation, and then it is a sticky mess. You and I can tell Rommel to fly kite.I am a Malaysian and I say “Get rid of the NEP”. I say we need to throw out the crutches or we go into globalisation HANDICAPPED! Unable to stand on our two good feet.After some 37 years it is not working. It will not work, because the ruling elite and the politicians do not want it to work. We do not have people like Tun Ismail, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn, all towering stalwarts, not midgets, to push it. Tun Mahatir had a different agenda. The NEP was his brainchild no doubt but he had other things to accomplish. Lets stop dreaming; lets be real; lets be brave; lets act with balls; lets act with our conscience; lets realise that we are being buggered (as in fucked in the posterior)!A homosexual friend who prefers to receive told me that when his partner, the giver or rear admiral, shags him…orgasm is followed by a blurred vision! The champions of the NEP has violated us and we continue to have this blurred vision that one day the NEP will succeed. Me I prefer a clear vision.Me I prefer to stand tall with the towering stalwarts.I spit at the midgets,

  3. zorro permalink

    ewoon, June 26, Malaysian Unplugged is a must read.Cheers.

  4. Mat Salo permalink


    I echo your sentiments, but with some caveats along Ahirudin’s way of thinking and also Zorro’s. I’m somewhere between the two.

    True, some wealth and poverty were indeed “distributed” and “eradicated” but, it also benefited the “perps” who knew how to abuse the system, and it’s not just the Bumi’s, Sir.

    We can’t really disband it for it has it’s plus points, but the abuse needs to be reigned in or else the gap would be wider and wider and that would be a recipe for another societal disaster. Somehow it has to modified to suit the times.

    As a bumi expatriate (for the last ten years or so – and I also have an only brother working in NZ) the bumi community needs to understand that some of the “crutches” need to be removed or it will be difficult to compete in the global marketplace. I think the bumis have come of age and ready. Some of the “crutches”, especially in the areas of education and land ownership, and of course political representation needs to stay. But the rest we can throw out the window. Or else someone would find ways to abuse the system till kingdom come. I disagree (agree to disagree, heh-heh) with Zorro on this point: we need the NEP, albeit with some adjustments thrown in. For that it takes strong political will and ALL communities must be consulted. But to retain it wholesale in the present form? Sorry, but I think it will only lengthen the bumi “self-confidenc-ing” period.

    And that Rommel can go home. We Malaysians can sort this out between ourselves,. In that I have full confidence, Sir.

    It takes EVERYBODY to make this work, and I also hope my bumi brethrens will find means to show “appreciation” to their non-Bumi friends. It also took lots of sacrifices from the non-Bumi comminity for the NEP to succeed (which undoubtedly it has – make no mistake).

    The NEP as policy is NOT only about the Bumi’s but for ALL Malaysians too.

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