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Looking for Justice

June 30, 2007

Ai went looking for justice
To right wrongs in the name of peace
Where would Ai start Ai chanced to ask
The avenues were there, ah, so vast

Ai’s first stop was the councilor
Who looked just like any other fella
What business had Ai brought?
’twas not in him to serve Ai forgot

Ai’s next stop was the police
It ain’t too quick nor looked too pleased
No bribe it said but don’t stop to try
One word to the press and you’d die

Next went Ai to the representative
Ai was sure he would be more attentive
yb was busy and never had the time
Ai could wait or come back on another crime

Next went Ai to the laws
What Ai found were just as many flaws
Who made all these so Ai reasoned
Good laws made bad seemed to be in season

Next went Ai to the judge
With hair of white and wise on grudge
Too many cases to adjudicate
Twice more holidays to validate

Next went Ai to the parliament
What Ai saw Ai shook head in wonderment
Wasn’t this the place which should have been the zoo?
Why, the acts and the antics were all so true

Then went Ai to the sleepy head
Intelligent discourse was as good as dead
In between slumbers there were reasonings faked
All in all it was too much to take

Finally went Ai to the constitution
I am supreme as was stated in the resolution
Any law that contradicted me would be flawed to the core
Somehow for Ai’s complaint, Ai was sorry Ai made the call

Where was justice, where were you?
Why hide your face when you should be fearless, dude?
Ai searched and Ai called your name till Ai was hoarse
No, you were nowhere to be found for Ai’s honest cause!

From → Poetry

  1. AHIRUDIN ATTAN permalink

    So who is Ai?


    Anwar Ibrahim?




  2. ewoon permalink

    It’s whoever one wants it to be. Didn’t know you are familiar with mandarin.

  3. agnos permalink

    more! more!

  4. praveen permalink

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    Sorry for ging off topic

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  • Maverick SM permalink


    I really love this piece. So true of the situation in this country. We can cry out loud but only thunder will hear us and then strike us with lightning as the response to our plight. That’s justice!

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comments.

  • Mat Salo permalink


    Damn, didn’t know there was a poet in you.. Ah, hitting the nail so well on the head!

    Great piece, Sir. Love it!

  • ewoon permalink

    To maverick & mat salo …Many thanks for dropping by and the compliments, too. You guys are on my blog roll and that says something.

    mat salo, i used to be able to pen more but through the years, as realities destroy faith and ideals one cannot help but loses some of the sensibilities for the art.

  • Moscow Mule permalink

    Hello, thanks for this blog post. It is very well written post. I am also looking for justice. My parents want my education birdie in similar college but i don’t want it. Still they forcing me to that study which is really hard for me to complete. Please suggest me that how can convince my parents. Thanks.

  • Bernard permalink

    Thanks for the blog.
    Best regards

  • Thanks for the blogs.
    Best regards

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