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50 wishes for our golden anniversary – one for each year of nationhood

August 1, 2007

Come this 31st August and my beloved Malaysia will celebrate 50 years of independence from British rule.

It’s going to be a golden anniversary of nationhood. I should be proud. I should feel joy. I should celebrate the day like I have never celebrated before.

I will be honest. I am proud of my Agong and country. I am proud of my fellow Malaysians for whom they are and what they have achieved and will achieve for the good of other Malaysians. I am proud to be a Malaysian and will sacrifice my life to defend the country from any enemy attack. But I don’t feel joy and I don’t feel particularly upbeat about celebrating our upcoming 50th Merdeka Day. It’s sad.

Why is it that I feel the way I feel on the eve of our golden anniversary? I am not one who is so naïve to believe that nation-building is easy. Nothing is ever easy. More so when building a country from scratch on a promise that all will be just and fair. That the people will begin as one united, nurture the unity to grow from strength to strength, and together live to enjoy the fruits of their labor as the years progress.

I will be the first to admit that as a nation so far we have achieved much. We have seen good times and bad times. We have enjoyed some solid nation-building; we have also become victims of severe nation-breaking. Seriously, not all is bad. Yet, there still remains so much to be done.

Where it depresses me and continues to torment me most is this. Today, we may have the tallest, biggest and longest of most things, but, when we don’t have the most united of Malaysians throughout our beloved soil everything will come to nought. I particularly do not enjoy things. I enjoy people. Nothing gives me more joy than to see Malaysians of all color, standing and creed sitting down together and talking and chatting while enjoying mee-rebus, or whatever. This can bring a tear to my eye. But the tears that flow in the heart, because we have drifted so far apart as countrymen through the years, are the most hurting to the soul and it’s for this reason I will not celebrate Merdeka Day as I should.

Tears flow in my heart today, because after nearly 50 years, we are still a people divided.

Tears flow in my heart today, because after nearly 50 years, we are still a people suspicious of one another.

Tears flow in my heart today, because after nearly 50 years, we are still a people intolerant of one another.

Tears flow in my heart today, because after nearly 50 years, we are still a people trapped by willful racism.

How and why we have come to this, this far, and this long, is for every Malaysian to search his or her heart and wish for what needs to be done and then go about helping to bring it to reality – for a better Malaysia in the years to come. Now that will be really something worth celebrating.

As for the 50 wishes, I will lead …

My wish is posted in the comments section. Visitors who wish to post theirs to make up a list of 50 wishes for each year of nationhood can also do so there. All I ask is please be responsible in your posting and number your wish according to the running order. Thank you.

  1. ewoon permalink

    1) i wish all of us parents will not teach our children at home to be a racist. We will not tolerate such behavior and will reprimand and correct the guilty one.

  2. jabee permalink

    Malaysia’s celebrating 50 years is not quite correct. Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore together with Malaya formed the Federation of Malaysia on Sept 16, 1963.

    Singapore left Malaysia on Aug 7, 1965.

    Sept 16 is a Public Holiday in Sabah to celebrate Malaysia Day and the official birthday of the Yang DiPertua Negeri.

    I am proud to be a Malaysian.

  3. AHIRUDIN ATTAN permalink


    31st Aug is the day we celebrate Merdeka. it’s independence day. malaya was finally liberated from the shackles of colonialism on that day.

    16th Sept should be the day we celebrate National Day. when sabah and sarawak made up what Malaysia is today.

    if we didn’t get our Independence from the British, there would not have been 16 Sept 1963. and if there had not been 16 Sept, we would not be what we are today. so i suggest we celebrate both with equal fervour.

    Singapore does not have to celebrate our Merdeka or 16th Sept because it has left Malaysia. it celebrates its National Day on 9th Aug.

    thank you.

    And Ewoon,

    2/ I wish we’ll not have ministers as bengap as Zam after the next general election. 50 years and we still have to contend with such an idiot!

  4. Anak Bapa permalink

    I wish to see a new government void of UMNO/BN after the GE 12. I had enough of these joker’s antics. We have so many good and capable people to run the country but why must we allow these stooges to dictate our lives!!!!!

  5. drMpower permalink

    there is nothing wrong with BN/UMNO government.

    but there is something very wrong on those jokers whose blunders reflect more on UMNO/BN rather than upon themselves. these are the real stooges. these are the ones we need to get rid of.

    its better to hand over the power to the one who has been there, done that; rather than give it to someone a stranger and panic all around malaysia.

    my wish? I would like to kick those jokers. thats for a start.


  6. Jasmin permalink

    I wish that all Malaysians will learn not be chauvinistic towards their respective races. I also wish that our politicians will make more substantial statements instead of making stupid, shallow statements and move with time. I hope our politicians, especially our cabinet ministers will be open to election campaigns via YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and Friendster. They have to accept the fact that people can be resourceful enough to get their messages across and technology has created that possibility. I hope our politicians and ministers will make the effort to keep themselves abreast with technology and think out-of-the-box if they don’t want to lose out.

    I also wish that less Datukship is given out in the next 50 years. Please, Tuanku-Tuanku. Datukship should only be given to people have contributed substantially to the community and rakyat and not just by virtue as being a DG of a government department or some tycoon because they have the money.

    And in sports, I wish that our sports leaders will have the guts to tell uneducated sportmen especially the footballers to go back to their hometown and work in the factory instead of bringing shame to the country.

  7. drMpower permalink

    err.. sorry for my typo.

    earlier in my posting,

    stranger = never been in power before.

    and also…

    ‘ wish? I would like to kick OUT those jokers FROM THE GOVERNMENT..’

    sorry again.

  8. zorro permalink

    My fervent but very selfish wish is that His Highness Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah make the supreme sacrifice of offering himself as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. I clutch on to this wish in the belief that nothing is impossible. He needs to hear this from us, so let him hear us.

  9. MarinaM permalink

    Sorry Malaysian, but I think we kind of lost count which wish we’re at. But my wish is that we stop all forms of discrimination towards each other on the basis of sex, race,religion, ability or disability, sexual orientation, HIV status,tudung or not tudung.

  10. thegodfather permalink

    My dearest wish is that all Malaysians respect and love each other as fellow human beings without any preconceived notions. I also wish all those who are consciously and deliberately promoting racial and religious tensions should repent and change their attitude. A difficult task, but we can move mountains if we have the will.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I wish the government will introduce an education system that is based on true meritocracy for students entering into public instituition of higher learning.

  12. Pak Idrus permalink

    Part 1, Article 1 [1] of the Federal Constitution state that ‘The Federation shall be known, in Malay and in English’ by the name Malaysia, so let us have a Malaysian centric mindset and not a mindset of any race. Our destiny is one Malaysia for Malaysian and that the country shall remain a truly democratic country as has been proclaimed by our founding father. Thanks.

  13. shar101 permalink

    Blogger(s) in parliament. That’s my wish.

    Sorry, Jeff, you don’t count in this instance. And if you do get elected as an MP, we gonna watch over you.

  14. pasquale permalink


    My Merdeka wish is for Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak to be the next prime minister, the sooner the better! And I am very serious about this!


  15. Anonymous permalink

    I hope Raja Nazrin from Perak would remain as a beacon of hope for Malaysia and its CITIZENS.

    I wish the country could make a quick return to the high-flying days of Dr.Mahathir’s reign as an HONOURABLE Prime Minister.

    Some have suggested for Raja Nazrin to venture into politics and aim for the No:1 seat. But I think it would be better to have such sensible leaders (Raja Nazrin is a true leader – no arguements)to remain outside and monitor HALF-PAST SIX government goons who think they are god created leaders.

    What say u?

  16. jayaklang permalink

    My Merdeka wish this year is Tun Dr M will make a comeback to active politics and undo his mistake of giving the throne to pak Dol….

  17. Justice Bao permalink

    My wish on this 50th anniversary is to have a safe and crime free environment so I can sleep peacefully at night and also not have to worry about my wife and teenage daughter every minute I am away from them.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Ya man!!! I hope Najib takes over from the guy who ‘thinks’ he is the PM. The sooner better bcoz that could stop the further division among the various races. Whether we like it or not, the Chinese and Indians are drifting away from the BN now. While the Malays are still contemplating over their support for Pas/Keadilan the non-Malays have somewhat made up their mind….and I don’t see the ‘Dacing’ anywhere nearby.

    The non-Malays are unhappy with the guy who think he is the PM. REPLACE him, purge his goons and the country could make a fast recovery in about 3 years.

    But be DAMNED, if we re-elect him.

  19. svllee permalink

    My wish is for elected politicians to serve the people of their constituency without prejudice and bias to race, religion and status with integrity and due diligence and also to be accountable to them..(fat chance or is there still hope?) and get rid of money politics.

  20. Iwantmyhdtv permalink

    I wish that the government will hasten the migration of the terrestial television broadcast technology from analog to digital (DVB-T)to 2010 instead of 2015.The only source of High Definition currently are from Blu-Ray or HDDVD discs.It’s hopeless when you only get SDTV instead of full HDTV (1080×1090 resolution)when you buy expensive plasma or LCD television.Malaysia want to be the forefront of the technology of the world right?We want to be on par with Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore right? So after 50 years of independence what you got to say of the archaic TV broadcast technology of our country?

  21. jxen permalink

    ewoon, i admire your patriotism as i will put my body on the line for my country too. That is one wish i wanted for our countrymen which is to do things not only for themselves but things that can make the country and your fellow countrymen proud.

    I just hate those who kept on complaining about the country BUT do nothing. Action speaks louder than words. To make a difference first you have to be the difference! Be a proud Malaysian. Stand up and be counted!

  22. manamanu permalink

    I wish to God that He would give us another leader like Dr Mahathir.Save us from the present day predicament. Give us honesty and sincerity in our future leaders. (Forget about the present one–I think they are beyond hope)…..and please make our civil servant more efficient and hardworking (to those who still are not)

  23. Anonymous permalink

    To: All Responsible Rational Citizens Who Are Eligible To Vote
    (1)Equal Opportunities in Land of Plenty for All Malaysians?
    (2)Target:All Malaysians Who Care , Irrespective of Race , Gender , Religion , Culture or Origin? Created by:Malaysia Baru – Malaysia Kini – Malaysia Today
    - * DENY BN 2/3 Majority for a Strong, Meaningful & Upright Opposition! GOD Bless DAP , Keadilan , Pas & Barisan Alternatif! VOTE BN Out of the Government! Vote for Truth , Justice & Peace! Don Mortgage Your Children Future & Their Next Generations! To ALL the Freedom Fighters & Saviors of Malaysia , I Salute You for Saving Malaysia from Corruption & Oppression! * Keep up the Good Fight Brother DSAI , RPK , RN , LKS , JO , LGE , TP , & All The Freedom Fighters & Saviours of Malaysia!


    The Undersigned
    Website –

  24. at_that_single_point permalink

    I wish for the day when I am known as a Malaysian. Not a Chinese Malaysian, not a Malay Malaysian, not an Indian Malaysian. Just, a Malaysian.

    Oh, and I wished that people change their mindset that Malaysia does not comprise only of the Peninsular, but also Sabah and Sarawak. It is sad to hear everytime my peninsular friends in Sabah or Sarawak saying they wanted to ‘return to Malaysia’ when in fact we are already a part of Malaysia since the past 44 years.

    Next, I wished we don’t have to fear the day when our churches, our temples, our places of prayer demolished ‘in the name of development’ when these places deserve the ‘World Heritage’ awards since they exist even before Malaya was changed to Malaysia.

    Only I wish.

  25. nazrah permalink

    I wish that the voices of Malaysians living abroad can be heard, i.e. to be able to vote online or at their respective consular offices.

    I wish Malaysian can really be BOLEH, and not boleh laaa or boleh lah tahan…God forbids,it won’t be tak boleh tahan.

  26. shanghaistephen permalink

    I wish for the abolishment of the quota system in all fields of education, employment, sports and just about anything that requires this damn government to fuel this!!
    But my secret wish is to see us free of religious bigots….then my open wish has a chance to be realised.
    Cheers and God bless this lovely country !

  27. Anonymous permalink

    My wish is for all Malaysian to be kind to all animal especially dog.

  28. ARI permalink

    E.Woon, I can have 2 wishes right?

    1. I wish for us Malaysians to REALLY LIKE the country and each other.

    2. I wish for all the people’s rep in both Dewans to be as smart as Raja Nazrin.

    Can come true ah?

  29. Anonymous permalink

    i really2 hope that malaysian commentors who bashed islam in websites to stop bashing / stop spreading the hate just because of the people who embraced the religion do some mistakes. look at islamic teachings before you make any conclusion and decide to bash the religion. this applies to all religions too.

    i hope that islamic daie (one that call others to understanding the islamic teaching) change their approach so that all of us can taste the sweet things in the teaching. Dont be too rigid or else you’ll be mocked by others.

    i also hope that malaysians can use their brains to vote for clean government in the next GE.

    finally i hope our government can change/modify/make better of our health system. I heard personally from docs (government sponsored overseas) that the current health system is just not freindly/efficient enough. It’s hard for them to settle into. Anyway, to all docs overseas if u want to change the system, u have to be IN the system :)

  30. NURAINA A SAMAD permalink

    I wish for elected leaders to do what they’re supposed to do – represent the people, work for the rakyat’s welfare and interest and not capitalise, misuse and abuse their elected political position for personal gain.

  31. cherwith permalink

    I wish that Malaysia would stop blaming the West for everything wrong in the country mainly attitude, behavior, culture, economy etc and start taking responsibility for what has happen or what will happen in the future. Secondly I do hope that Malaysia will stop using the “Malaysia Boleh” to rectify and cover-up,our limitations and say nah by Malaysian standards we are ok, by Malaysian standards…..and so on and instead cultivate real sense of not only trust and love for the country for a sense of belonging,and I would hope that the state think about “the rakyat” for change instead of their own pockets and agendas and remember that they represent Malaysia.Finally I hope that Malaysia understands that Malaysia belongs to us all and leave out the mentality of “us” and “them”

  32. The Great Satan permalink

    I wish I have some extra money to pay my TNB bills

  33. rocky permalink

    I wish we will have good & smart leaders who will perform to their best ability in order to make this country great regardless of race and religion, instead of doing things which are best {prestation;)} for their own personal agenda or their pocket while tearing the country apart with lies and stupidity etc just to keep in themselves in power.

    BTW prestation is prestasi as translated to english by the ex MB of Selangor

  34. harry permalink

    i wish for Malaysians together as a people to say unequivocally and unreservedly without fear nor prejudice that we are indeed one people, a people who yearns for justice, a people that is tired of corruption and abuses, a people who celebrates diversity instead of despising it, a people screaming that has been too long held by the grips of tyranny, a people who are sick of subjugation and blackmail,a people that espouses to be enriched to its highest potential, a people who wishes for a government for the people and by the people and ultimately a people of conscience for we look after ourselves as we look after our own, for an infringement towards one of us is (and really could be) a violation to any of us and henceforth to us all.

  35. Sri permalink

    I wish I can stand in the padang merdeka and speak my mind out without any fear,

  36. Cuddly Family permalink

    my wish? I have a few.

    I wish:
    (a) Malaysians will just be identified as Malaysians.
    (b) Our heritage buildings etc will be preserved and used as part of our landscape rather than just Building Terbesar, or cold uninspiring skyscrapers or shopping malls.
    (c) The ruling coalition would be made up of just one kind: a party where a bunch of Malaysians who cared. Not race based politics
    (d) When someone says corruption will be kau tim, they will actually DO something or if they admit anything, they will resign. Like a certain one eyed MP
    (d) more fwd thinking poliiticians who will utilise the tools that are open to all. Youtube, flickr, blogging. just like OTHER politicians around the world do.
    (e) an education system based on meritocracy and creativity and thought, not spoon feeding.
    (f) more chances for parents to be at home with their kids and earn an income, flexitime, telecommuting etc.
    (g) Malaysians can VOTE wherever they are in the world, EVERYONE!

  37. The Eugenist permalink


    My wish if I am allow to make more than one wish are to ensure that we won’t get the same Prime Minister as what we have now and also to make sure that none of the future Prime Minister has the same son-in law like what the current Prime Minister is having now.

    I hope my wish will come true..

    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  38. anak jawa johor permalink

    If I am allowed one wish, I wish that there shall be no such thing as a vernacular school each for the Malays, Chinese or Indians. There shall be only one type of school where the Arts is taught in Bahasa Melayu the Sciences in English WITH additional mandatory language (Bahasa Melayu + language of choice;Mandarin,French or whatever) AND Tata Rakyat(Civic courses).

    This way all Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity will be able to study and do things like sports together and there will be less bad perception of each other. And also the composition of each school shall be evenly distributed to reflect a multiracial Malaysia. I think the vernacular schools are the single most obstructing thing towards an integrated Malaysia.

  39. dengkil boy permalink


    I wish I’d been gifted enuf to have done such a relevant post as this one.

    And I wish for a better and fairer Malaysia, where not all tellers at the shopping malls are Malays and not all developers are Chinese in Ali-Baba ventures.

    I also wish for Tun Dr Mahathir to have great health and to live longer and keep and eye on the present regime. For the truth is, we all still listen to him. Even the PM.

  40. elviza permalink

    Dearest Ewoon,

    I wish for the blueprint of the education system to come true so that I can send my boy to a decent school system.

    Can I have one more wish? Of course I can, I am a Malaysian!

    I wish for the Parliament to be free from stupid ministers.

    Thats all. Thanks for the space my friend

  41. Anonymous permalink

    My only wish is change the current ruling party.

    We will truly becomes Malaysian if this happened. No more race cards, name calling in the parliment, better control in country’s welfare for the rakyat. I believe we badly need a change for the better. That is my only wish and hope.

    – NewsObserver

  42. Anonymous permalink

    1 I wish and I pray that when the PM and TPM wake up tomorrow, they’d ask the following question to themselves: ‘What have we done for the past 4 years?’

    2 I wish and I pray that God will show them the light and the courage to answer the question as honest as they can, so they can sleep at night and they can face Him when they sleep forever…

  43. patrickteoh permalink

    I wish Malaysia to be a dictatorship. Again. With Raja Nazrin in the chair. Rocky as the Prime Minister. Jeff Ooi as minister of local government and housing….

    And Parliament House be turned into a free entry amusement park for the people.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    I wish for the definition of ‘bumiputera’ to be changed to ‘a Malaysian citizen”

  45. Ayamadwibi permalink

    I wish that we start seeing ourselves as Malaysians, nothing more, nothing less. That we free ourselves from the from what ever racial labels we are so fond attaching to one another. That every time we see an accident, we stop asking the question, “Malay driverah?, Indianah? Chineseah?” That every time we fill in any application form, the Field for “Race” will be a thing of the past. And that we realise, if we expect to see change in our Nation and the way how it is governed, that “Change” has to come from within first.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    i wish THE GOVT run the country for the people not interfere for people personal religion…n bangsa malaysia

  47. The Ancient Mariner permalink

    We deserve the govt that we have got.

    So I wish the very gullible public will just wake up and see the light.

  48. muststopthis permalink

    I wish that all those who can see it go register as voters so that we can put our valid vote to count!

  49. ewoon permalink

    Many thanks people for your responsible postings and wishes! We have achieved more than what we targeted for and the list will now be closed. (Perhaps other bloggers would like to start their own list of 50 wishes?)

    The score:
    1. 48 visitors
    2. 78 wishes
    3. most wishes in one post – 8
    4. best wish (i think) – by anak jawa johori (post no.38)

    i hope whoever reads the wish list will take to heart what some Malaysians today hold dear and will proceed to do the needful.

    Thanks, once again.

  50. ^YuMi SaYuRi^ permalink

    i guess i am younger than all of you here, so i will post my comments with much humility:
    I WISH:
    1. for a transparent govt. that it wont use the OSA & ISA at their whim. that the public deserves to know where their hard earned money is going to. not just show us big displays of infrastructure which crumbles in less time it take to build it.
    2. more hardworking civil service (with a smile). it is general knowledge that in most govt offices less than half of the people are actually putting in their salary’s worth. go to JPJ or anything like that and 10 counters will be open with only 5 fully operational.
    3. revamp of the educational system. not to be exam centric, but people centric. balance of IQ and EQ. return to the good old days when students fear teachers, parents worked together with the school for the welfare of the next generation.
    4. smarter politicians who we can see (not once every 4/5 yrs). we hv some who dont understand the menstrual cycle, some who blame everything on God, some who claim “selective ignorance” and then whole lot of them who say one thing then realise its a mistake n try to patch up the loopholes.
    5. revamp of the whole civil salary scheme again. you know the line “lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama”? why should decision makers who determine the future of the nation get horrendously fat checks the GDP of a small republic while those on the street risking their lives for the country cant make enough to feed their family?

    i have more, but i’d like to leave with this tought:
    V for Vendetta says “people shouldn’t be afraid of their governments. governments should be afraid of the people”

    peace be with you

  51. kamal permalink

    How I wish our education system’s standard raised to international level so that one day we need not to bring in so called experts from other countries. In most cases these experts are the rejects from their own country.. How nice if our employment policy are based on merits also rather then with racial credentials.

  52. kamal permalink

    I have some other wishes too:
    1) I wish how our uniformed authorities are not corrupt or biased at all in their duty. This will solve a majority of negative views our country giving the rest of the world.

    2)Our judiciary must be based on our Constitution. That will make this country a heaven.

    3)All the races in Malaysia should realise that we must unite against the world in these globalisation era. Going against each other will only weaken all of us..

  53. Kerp (Ph.D) permalink

    am i too late or what? i’m joining in the fun anyway.

    i wish a woman, someone like Maya Karin to take over the FAM’s sec-gen seat which will be left vacant by C3PO come the 15th.

    why Maya Karin?

    sebab dia beeesssstttttttt…

  54. FairyGodmother permalink

    My wish is that my daughter would be brought up in the same ‘colourless’ wourld that I was brought up in…tnat there is no MALAYS, CHINESE, INDIAN and especially LAIN-LAIN…but only the race of MALAYSIAN..

    Oh, and no more menteri bengap, like what Rocky said. Enough already.


  55. zorro permalink

    Ewoon, the Star today piggybacked on YOU. Syabas.

  56. ronin permalink

    I wish that the internal voting system of all political parties to be totally revamped. The practice of sending a small number of delegates each for voting is unhealthy for many reasons and prevents capable new leaders from getting elected.

  57. Walau Eh permalink

    I wish our famous education minister will not show his famous kris again in the next UMNO general assembly because I am worry my children will imitate his behviour as I used to tell them that if they want to be a leader they must practise Leadership By Example…..

  58. Thanks people for continuing to post in your wishes. Much appreciated.

  59. hi guys and gals, love the movie, and found a place to download it even

  60. Moscow Mule permalink

    I love this topic. I will share 50 wishes for our golden anniversary – one for each year of nationhood with my friend. He was talking about it and he will be very happy after reading it. He is one of top canadian writers and he need it for the work, that is the reason he asked about it from me.

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