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Blood, sweat and tears

August 22, 2007

50 years of nation-building.
50 years of joy and pain.
50 years of hit and miss.
50 years of gain and loss.
50 years of promise and lie.
50 years of give and take.
50 years of right and wrong.
50 years of smart and dumb.
50 years of praise and abuse.
50 years of you and me.

All in all, we are a nation broken and lost. A nation of you and me. A nation without soul.

As i sit in the quiet of the night and contemplate the future, the answers came. It was not that difficult to fathom and it was no mystery either.

Plainly, we have forgotten about keeping our promises. We have forgotten about upholding justice. We have forgotten about being responsible citizens, law-makers, law-policers and law-administrators.

Instead we have become soul-sellers. We have become I-centrics. We have become power-crazies. We have become money-faces. We have become tyrants and bullies. We have become truth-manglers. We have become blind to justice. And we practise elitism and apartheid. We practise divide and rule. We abuse our laws. We behave like there’s no God.

Seems like we are caught between a rock and a hard place doesn’t it? For all our travails and seemingly lost-state, i believe there’s still hope. Only if we collectively want to, and will, put our heart and soul into rectifying the situation.

Let’s go back to basics. Let’s turn to the three finest documents ever written by our forefathers and left to our care to guide us. The precepts contained therein are worth upholding and protecting with every drop of our Malaysians’ blood, sweat and tears. Tell me that i am wrong.

  1. The Constitution of Malaysia
  2. Negara Ku
  3. Rukun Negara

Let us who fear God … keep, nurture and protect the tenets of these and let His wrath be upon those who abuse them and fail in their responsibilities to do the expected right always. So help us God. Amen.

  1. rockybru permalink

    50 years of trying. Let’s not give up. Let’s try harder, bro and fellow Malaysians.
    See you at the Blog House this Saturday!

    And congrats on your migration (to WordPress)!

    – Won’t miss it for the world, bro. That’s why there was never any intention to migrate to a 2nd best country! And, Thanks.

  2. Soooooo…how’s the weather at wordpress, bro?

    Bet you had a lot of fun going through the dashboard, widgets and all.
    There’s also the moderation section which you can tweak a little by adding certain IPs, names, URLs etc in case some nuthead comes round. Its Gmail connected too.
    Nice header image. It would have been my second choice if I hadn’t gone for the present one at OBE.
    And you can add your reply to individual comments for that personal touch.

    Nuff said. Anything more will cost you some durians or beer or both.

    – Shd have listened to you sooner, but had to learn a few things first like how to add pix at the side bar. Durians, beer, plus 1 – sound good to me.

    Meanwhile…Nope, you’re not wrong on account of what you wrote up there.
    But as always, I’m optimistic when dealing with the humanity that resides within all of us and given the right nudges, things will eventually fall back into their proper places.

    And blogging is one of those nudges, eh bro.

    – Fully agree w u. More Malaysians shd blog and engage to change status quo.

    Catcha at Bloghouse this weekend. Wonder who will be at the forum session but with lawyers round, I guess its going to be ‘hot’.

    – Shd your sweet peach be present it will be hotter still! ;-) C u there!

  3. The Ancient Mariner permalink

    I did wonder if you were going down under or something. See you tomorrow.

    – Hi Captain, a patriot will never entertain thought of this sort. The country is too good to let it go under, too. Yes, c u tomorrow.

  4. SUP permalink

    IF we cannot change the system, let’s hope the system doesn’t change us. We love this country too much to see it rot. See you tonight bro.

    – Touche, bro. C u later.

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