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Liar Nazri!

October 8, 2007

It takes this to break my blog silence (self-imposed out of respect for the holy month of Ramadhan.)

If what is reported at Malaysiakini has some modicum of truth, then this so-called de facto Law Minister has some explaining to do!

What, Nazri, you even dare lie during the month of Ramadhan?

May God have mercy on you.

Update: Yeap, Nazri lied. He has been quoted by Bernama here. Rocky’s Bru provided the link here.

More Update: Elizabeth Wong here quoted The Sun today, 09 October 07, which reported that the Law Minister “agreed that a Witness Protection Act did not exist in Malaysia. He said he had got his press secretary to inform the press to correct his statement on Sunday but it was not done.”

Oh brudder, either he’s back-pedaling when found out or for shooting his mouth off too fast. i think it’s the former (though it would not make any diff.) Engage brain first lah Menteri before opening mouth.

ALERT: me think a cybertrooper has come a-calling (commenter 14). Anyone familiar with this nick?

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  1. ahiruDin aTTan permalink

    Hey bro! Looks like we were working on the same subject for our posts at about the same time!

    I am mystified, too. I haven’t read Mkini’s piece. Like you said, Nazri has some explaining to do.

    – Ah, great minds think alike.

  2. Nazri talks through his nose and think using his kidney. His brain is parked at the kidney lot and is used for shitting.

    – This perhaps explains his perplexity of the uncommon kind. Can someone please check … Nazri may be an alien.

  3. drMpower permalink

    I think Nazri just snapped – because the Law Body being questioned and he is the de facto minister.

    but that does not justify him to lie during Ramadhan. and he just exposing his stupidity and maruah oso jatuh like hell.

    he just lost it. but i so happy if anything doesnt go well for him. hahhahaahahaha

    – Everytime he open his mouth, nothing intelligent comes out. How did he get to do what he is doing?

  4. I’m totally lost for words when El Balachi speaketh of a non-existent Witness Protection Bill… It seems our ministers could ‘dream’ up these bills without it being tabled in Parliament. Hmm.. what other ‘Bills’ do we not know of?

    Vanishing Tax $$$ Bills!

    – Well said, mob. You are also being kind to say ‘dream up’ when it should have been “lie about.”

  5. Wahlauweh bro,

    Now only you know about NA ah?

    He’s qualified in law but not practicing, therefore, ain’t a lawyer per se.

    He’s also a minister in the PM’s department but no portfolio, therefore, ain’t a minister in any sense.

    Hence, he’s gotta make lotsa noise to make people, maybe his bosses, notice him lah. Even then, he’s botching it big time.

    How does this guy sleep at night? Surrounded by fictitious parliamentary bills, I presume.

    – Now i get it … empty vessel makes the most noise! How could i have missed it.

  6. libraa2 permalink

    What has Rahmadan got to do with lying? I mean for UMNO Ministers.
    These two are not connected in any way. UMNO Ministers fast and at the same time commit all the sins – lying, corruption and covering up crooked lawyers and judges.
    They defend criminals and attack whistle blowers.
    Now where is the connection between Rahmadan and sin for them.
    This connection is perhaps more applicable to PAS leaders.

    – i learn something everyday. TQ.

  7. ewoon, you and Rocky conspired against the de fac Minister of Law. Me too also co-conspirator…..few hours later maybe…but theme similar. I thnik he is a dead f**k…ooppps….. duck.

    – Guilty as charged. ;-) Editing applied.

  8. motivationinmotion permalink

    Blast first think later
    More nonsense the better
    Delay distract as fetters
    As though nothing matters

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng Tue. 9th Oct. 2007
    MotivationInMotion [BLOGER]

    – It’s so true what you say.

  9. penangkia permalink

    Hahaha…guess i have to thank the idiot for bringing you out from hibernation.

    On second thought, in Bolehland there are too many idiots politician that will never fail to tickle you from your den.

    – What to do penankia. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. zedzachary permalink

    I wonder how much longer the PM can stand all this nonsense …

    – Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps when he finally wakes up from his sleep?

  11. Big liar! Interesting blog post … I never really thought about it that way -_-.

    – Huh?1?, do you mean me maintaining blog silence or lying about it. ;-)

  12. We have to admire this guy… he made the parliamentarian stupid. He made Pak Lah stupid too.

    – Studpid will do as stupid does. (Hmm, where have i heard this before.)

  13. A minister of nothing to speak of, promising plastic surgery under a bill that doesn’t exist… Yup – sounds like Nazri, alright.

    – i wonder how he looks at himself in the morning. He is such an embarrassment i think his reflection will be reprimanding him everyday but he will not learn because he’s all nothingness/kosong!

  14. fucai2007 permalink

    why make so much noise.
    if u dont like this county, just get out fr here.
    Go to the west

    – Now, now … would this be the first cybertrooper come a-calling? The language and tone smack of one.

    You are wrong buddy / bunny, i like this country (i think you mean to use this word … don’t you know the difference, bozo?) and i’m staying put. i just don’t like liars and people like you. You can get lost.

  15. Bro,

    What’s this idiot’s I.P. numbers?

    You can put this nitwit on moderation mode via the dashboard options. And if you do so plus have a Gmail account to alert you on incoming messages, the Gmail has extra information on tracing the source.

    Alternatively, we can get someone tech-savvy to initiate ‘black ops’ stuff.

    They push, we shove back. Hard!

    – Noted bro. Maintaining a tight watch and awaiting target’s next move. Thanks, and Selamat Aidilfitri … Maaf Zahir dan Batin

  16. ewoon!! :)

    haven’t you seen ratatouiile?? everyone can cook! :) just some not as good as the other. hahaha. happy holidays to you too!

    – Thank you, polytikus.

  17. fucai2007 wrote:
    why make so much noise.
    if u dont like this county, just get out fr here.
    Go to the west

    Well, the fact is we like this country. We love it as our own. We are not getting out of here. We speak because of our love and those who are damaging Malaysia by doing the wrong things purposely for selfish gains or people like you are those that should get out of the country, fucai.


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