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VK Lingam video clip and the can of worms it opened

October 27, 2007

The purported scandalous VK Lingam video clip, first exposed by DS Anwar Ibrahim on 19 September 2007, has apparently opened a can of worms that can be described as – in no uncertain terms – shocking and depressing.

To say we are numbed, let down and infuriated is putting it mildly. Something has to be done and done fast and we are no doubt looking to our champion for anti-corruption PM, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, to put things right. (Remember, it was his fight-against-corruption election promise / manifesto that was the sole reason Malaysians gave him a record landslide victory in the last general election. Yours truly included.)

Anyway, any Joe and Jane public can see that this video expose is no sleeping-matter and anyone who is confronted with this grave revelation would surely be jolted out of his/her slumber no matter how deep it is.

Heck, the public, for the first time, has apparent visual proof that treachery can actually take place in high places. What’s so damning is the fact that evil and deceits had infiltrated even our judiciary – one of our pillars of democracy and our ultimate last resort/recourse for justice!

To put it bluntly, if we cannot rely on our courts to mete out justice against wrongs perpetrated against us then we will be forever damned. The weak and the ‘unconnected’ will be helpless and trampled at will. But, praise be to God that lately there have been some saving graces in our courts where conscionable and upright judges were not afraid of adjudicating without fear or favor. Yeah, let’s have more honorable judges be more afraid of upsetting God than the executive.

But for the most part with our judiciary, how did we get so wrong, so far and so deep is everyone’s concern. This is a subject for study in itself and it is best left for another time.

For the moment, what the expose of the infamous video clip has achieved is to awaken civil public consciousness and driven some quarters and individuals to act for the good of the rakyat and country.

Just consider some of the followings that had taken place vis-à-vis the scandal:

1. Lawyers from the Malaysian Bar held “Walk for Justice” in Putrajaya on 26 September 2007 (details here)

2. <!–[endif]–>PKR president Wan Azizah had tried tabling the subject in Parliament for debate but was twice denied (details here)

3. <!–[endif]–>Former DAP member and Bukit Bintang MP Wee Choo Keong had filed a complaint to Suhakam for Human Rights violation on 19 October 2007 (details here)

4. <!–[endif]–>Human Rights lawyer Haris Ibrahim had submitted a Royal Petition to His Majesty DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong on 26 October 2007 (details here)

5. <!–[endif]–>PKR Youth had urged His Majesty DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong not to agree to an extension of Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim’s tenure as chief justice on 26 October 2007 (details here)

A lot has happened and we shall anxiously wait for the outcome of the above and see if answers will be forthcoming.

Talking about answers, I Am A Malaysian also has some curious questions of its own and see if they can be satisfactorily answered as well.

In particular they are those that relate to former Bukit Bintang MP Wee Choo Keong and his former party DAP.

  • Now that there’s video evidence to suggest that the Bukit Bintang seat was ‘cheated’ from DAP, why has the party kept elegant silence and not proceeded to try re-claim its parliamentary seat by asking for a by-election now?

(In fact, in 1995 when Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, sitting as the sole Election Judge, acted undemocratically and controversially decided to give MCA the BB seat why did DAP not press for a fresh by-election then? MP, as we understand it, must be elected and not appointed.)

  • Why is there no mass outcry from the DAP members and machinery to highlight the misdemeanor and support the unfair treatment of Wee, then and now?

(If memory serves me right, Wee was unceremoniously ‘sacked’ from the party in 1998 for reasons known only to the leaders themselves. Even then elegant silence had already been practiced … by DAP. It’s not a new phenomenon now.)

  • What has the new-generation, savvy advisors like Tony Pua and Jeff Ooi to say of the matter? Will there not be mileage to be gained by the party and an excellent opportunity to project DAP as a relevant, strong contender for the coming general election?

So far IAAM has only questions to the can of worms that has been opened by the damning VK Lingam video clip. The answers are out there. Let them emerge.

The right kind, that is.

As the score stands now, we are one down. It’s disheartening to read here, as reported in NST, “that the ACA has completed its probe into the VK Lingam video clip but has failed to determine its authenticity.”

Duh … bloody duh.

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  1. footballer permalink

    I Am A Malaysian,

    What had happened to Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua? They have gone noticeably very quiet over your questions posted above. May be they are busy preparing to become Yang Berhormat so they have no time for such questions.

    Don’t they ( Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua) believe in democracy, transparency and accountability? Surely, after being the Special Advisor to Lim Kit Siang’s son, they should by now familiar with such terms as democracy, transparency and accountability, the Lim Kit Siang’s favourite terms for others. Perhaps both of them have been converted to democracy, transparency and accountability Lim Kit Siang’s style.

    Wow, both of them learn really fast, don’t they!!! Good luck to Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua, the future YBs!

    – Thank you for your observation, footballer. Maybe they are not aware of this blog. The answers need not come from them, too. Anyone can offer responsible comment here.

  2. Anonymos permalink

    Most educated Malaysians know about the DAP leaders – cakap tak serupa bikin! It is so glaring that NEPOTISM is the order of the day. Very surprised that Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua are oblivious to it – may be due to their wilful blindness. So let not waste our time with them. They cannot fool us.

    It is hoped that the non-extension of Ahmad Fairuz does not mean that everything is fine with the judiciary. We must also look into those Judicial Commissioners that were appointed by Ahamd Fairuz few months ago. Futher, Abdul Hamid should also advise the PM that a Royal Commission should be set up to examine the Lingam video clip and the mechanism to appoint judges.

    Of course, we cannot leave it to the DAP to campaign for a Royal Commission or to force Badawi to take actions agaisnt corrupted judges because Lim Kit Siang was never been critical of Badawi, Kamarudin and his Scomi, Khairy and Kalimullah Hassan and the ECM Libra.

    If “I am a Malaysian” does not agree with my observation, please tell me when Lim Kit Siang (as the Oppossiton Leader) spoke up up against ECM LIBRA never mind about Badawi – may be he is scared of Badawi as PM! Well, Lim Kit Siang and his boys and girls did bring up the issue of “BOCOR” of Parliament roof, which was of no consequence to Badawi, Khairy or Kalimullah Hassan. Of course, it is a fact that Lim Kit Siang is a close friend of Kalimullah Hassan – so cannot talk about it!

    At least, the Keadilan is playing a more serious opposition role when where Anwar Ibrahim/Keadilan single handedly exposed the video clip/ex-CJ Amad Fairuz scandal.

    – here’s one very passionate, very with-it Malaysian. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Well you cannot really blame Jeff Ooi. He must be very busy of late. Preoccupied with the preparation for the swearing in ceremony for the next Parliamentary Session and at the same time how to also promote LG products.

    Therefore, we must understand Jeff Ooi’s predicament. So one must not be too demanding on Jeff on such insignificant issues like transparency, accountability, democracy and etc.

    As for Nepotism in the DAP, Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua must have pretended that they do not understand the word “NEPOTISM” at all. Very smart move OK.

    So all the best to YB Tuan Jeff Ooi and YB Tuan Tony Pua. I can see both of them are so happy to see their name with the title “YB Tuan”. So I wish them luck and hope they can carry on sucking up to Lim Guan Eng – DAP Secretary General.

  4. DAP supporter permalink

    Dear “IAM”

    I am surprized that Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua did not read your blog both YB have read but they pretend that they didn’t read in order to please their boss. Well, you cannot really blame Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua because they are so eager to be YB and they cannot afford to take the risk.; So they had to lick …. . So “IAM” please spare both of them, they just want to be YBs and they should not be blamed for that.

    Both of them should also be asking their boss, Lim Guan Eng, why did he and his gang killed Kerk Kim Hock in Malacca??? They should also be asking their boss, Lim Guan Eng, he is now the supremo/sec general of DAP and yet he was not elected into the Malacca state committee. What type of democracy is this?

    Jeff Ooi and Tony please wake up and stop selling your souls for Lim Guan Eng because you will suffer the same fate as Kerk Kim Hock, who was a close friend of Lim Guan Eng!!

    Both of you are no difference, so please do not say that you are special specie. Both of you are ball carriers!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    YB Jeff Ooi and YB Tony Pua. Never mind lah. Let call them YB if that pleases them. You cannot fault YB Jeff Ooi and YB Tony Pua if they are dying to be MPs. But we must demand from them the highest of integrity, whichthe DAP leaders are lacking. They practice double standard.

    So if Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua want to be MPs then they must come clean and make known their stand on issues like this Lingam video clip issue which “IAAM” had posted in this blog.

    Of course, these two new kids, the so-called advisors to Lim Guan Eng and not DAP, had to pretend that they do nto know about this matter and also have not read this blog. They had no choice because “IAAM” posted too pointed questions at them.

    We have to sympathise with Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua they are just dying to be “YB” so they cannot do anything that will upsest their political boss, which will put paid to their future as “YB”. So to them principles are not that important. It is the post of YB that is important. So please understand these two young political kids,who are trying to fool us that they are principled politicians when they are not.

    Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua will suffer the same fate as Wee Choo Keong, Kua Kia Soong, Teoh Teik Huat, Fung Ket Wing, Lee Lam Thye, Kerk Kim Hock and many more other ex-DAP leaders. So YB Jeff Ooi and YB Tony Pua please take note of this facts.

    I hope that I have make both of you very happy when I have already addressed you as YB.

  6. DAP Supporter permalink

    Lim Kit Siang was talking none-sense again in his press statement stating that he had seen the whole 14 minutes of hte video clip. He further said that he could vouch for the existence of another 6 minutes of the remaining video clip.

    But Lim Kit Siang was playing games when he did not reveal that where and when he viewed the video clip.

    From what I know Lim Kit Siang was given the first opportunity to expose the video clip but he chose not to.

    1. May be due to the fact that Wee Choo Keong’s election petition case was also exposed in the 6 minutes video clip. Wee Choo Keong’s election case will pose more questions to Lim Kit Siang and his son why Wee Choo Keong was sacked when he was a victim of injustice and conspiracy. Further, it was agaisnt democratic principle to allow an election judge to appoint the losing candidate to be MP.

    2. May be Lim Kit Siang has no ball to expose such a thing or he does not want to expose it because he did not want to casue unnecessary problems to Badawi. As people has been saying in the blogs that Lim Kit Siang never criticised Badawi, Scomi, Khairy, Kalimullah and ECM Libra tkaing over Commerce Assets. In short Lim Kit Siang and his DAP boys never condemned Badawi where it hurts. As someone had said he only criticised on Parliament roof bocor or toilet “boncor”. When Tun Mahathir condermned Badawi for all athe scandals involving Khairy, ECMN Libra and etc Lim Kit Siang attacked Tun Mahathir.

    This is the stnadard of Lim Kit Saing’s so-called political struggles.

    “IAAM”. You should now pose a simple question to Lim Kit Siang and son’s advisors, YB Jeff Ooi and YB Tony Pua.

  7. A Shameful DAP Supporter permalink

    Lim Kit Siang was playing game again when he issued a statement to say that “I have seen part two of the Lingam tape and it depicted senior lawyer V K LIngam who in post-call conversation said the person he was talking was former chief justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheik Abdul Halim.”

    Lim Kit Siang furhter said in his statemetn: ” I can vouch the esxistence of another six-minute sequel to the eight minutes of Lingam tape released by Anwar Ibrahim … as I have seen it.”

    The classic Lim Kit Siang’s statement of trying to jump on the band wagon or hijack the issue from Anwar/Keadilan.

    Since Lim Kit Siang had said he had seen the (part two) whole of the Lingam video clip:

    IAAM you should pose a very simple question to Lim Kit Siang why he kept mum about this issue for quite sometime and only the last few days he struggled so hard trying to get credit for the non-extension of Ahamd Fairuz as CJ.

    From what I have heard was that Lim Kit Siang had the 6 minutes VK Lingam’s video clip, that Anwar exposed, but he did not do anything. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY????????????

    I can only think of two scenario that Lim Kit Siang did not want to expose this video clip.

    1. The video clip also showed that Wee Choo Keong, who was sacked by Lim Kit Siang, was a victim of a conspiracy to disqualify him as MP and further it will also show that Lim Kit Siang has been a fraud because he didn’t lead the DAP to protest against Ahmad Faairuz, the Election Judge, after having disqualified WEE as the duly elected MP, and appointed a losing BN candidate as the duly elected MP. It would appear that at the time when Ahmad Fairuz appointed the BN candidate as MP, Lim Kit Siang was behaving like a political novice for not appreciating that MP should be elected andteh DAP as an opposition party must campaign against this injustice and undemocratic decision. So IAAM you got your questions in your blog spot on. Thats why Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua were pretending they have not read your blog.

    2. Lim Kit Siang dared not do it because he wanted to protect Badawi for he knew that if htis video clip is exposed Badawi will not be able to handle it. Why did i say this? You will see in your own blog and other blogs that throughout Badawi premiership, the public knew that Lim Kit Siang never directly or indirectly attacked Badawi of his own scandal like the bungalow in Australia, Khairy and Kalimullah scandal in ECM Libra, Scomi and other issues that have been brought up by Tun Dr Mahathir. Lim Kit Siang only complaints was Parliament roof “Bocor”. what a joke? Instead of following up with what Tun Mahahtir had accused Badawi, Khairy, Kalimullah and Kamrudin of, Lim Kit Siang attacked Tun Dr Mahathir. Furhter, there were many other scandals that appeared in the blogs and yet Lim Kit Siang pretend he does not know about it at all.

    IAAM please publish this comment so that Malaysian public would read and understand Lim Kit Siang better.

    So I would also like to add like to add that YB Jeff Ooi and YB Tony Pua will take note of the above and beware of what will happen to them in the future.

  8. Anonymous permalink


    I have been following this story of yours and am looking forward to hear the views of our great leaders/MPs to be (Jeff ooi and Tony Pua). So far not even a word from them. Not even their bosses, Lim Kit Siang & son.

    Very disappointing indeed. How to vote for these two chaps?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Well, these two ‘boys’ are the specimen of new bloods in the DAP. If Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua are intelligent, they will never join the DAP, a family party, and stay on as bloggers. If they are bloggers, now they will not face such credibility problems.

    I hope both of them will see the light one day and return to be bloggers. As long as they are in the DAP, they will always have credibility problems.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Promises of power and positions go a long way! So what is principle after all. Power and positions equal monies and opportunities. Jeff Ooi and Tony are not like you, I Am A Malaysian. So please do not expect them to be like you ok.

    Good luck to the two future YBs provided no one discovered the real them.

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