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Right on cue – one down

October 31, 2007

i did say in my blog yesterday that it’s only a matter of time before the twin will say the dumbest with regards to CCID director Ramli Yusuf’s press conference.

There you have it, here. One down and one more to go.
(Update: Bernama has taken off the story! Link don’t work anymore, 9.15 pm)

Here’s an excerpt of numero uno twin bodoh’s blurp, in the likes of Nazri Aziz, as reported by Bernama at 7.59 pm just passed:

– start quote –

“We feel that Datuk Ramli should defend himself in court and not give a press conference,” he told reporters at an Aidilfitri function by Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB), here today.

– end quote –

Oh brudder *sigh* where have you been? Ramli Yusuf is more in touch with the country’s realities today than you have been.

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  1. ahiruDin aTTan permalink

    tulah .. kecik2 main dam, sudah besar isap dam, sekarang jadi menteri banyak dam.

    – eh, ada rhyme pulak.

  2. eWoon,

    I love that! I didn’t know Bernama would keep manipulating news so damn often. Nazri got off another time. Otherwise he will be damned again.

    – With the ‘Bernama rope trick,’ i suppose anything is possible.

  3. koolgeek permalink

    Haha.. cool. next time, convert Bernama’s pieces into PDF!

    – i would normally do a screenshot but, i guess, this time i bungled *sigh*

  4. Your tickle….even Bernama pengsag!

  5. pengsang, that is.

  6. Anonymos permalink

    Aiya! why are all still talking about Nazri? You are giving him too much attention. Nazri is only interested in the ministry that dish out taxi licences. Now that he was out from that Ministry, he is just a Minister without Portfolio. The press also are very stupid to describe Nazri as de facto Minister of Law. If anybody is fit to be a de facto Law Minister he should be YB Datuk Rais Yatim and not this scump of the earth.

    This scump of the earth will not hesitate to lie in public like what he had done some two weeks ago where he said that Malaysia has a “Witness Protection Act”. There is no such Act in Malaysia. When Nazri was told of this glaring fact he said it was the mistake of his press secretary. Bull shit. Nazri is just stupid and fighting with Khairy for attention!

    – Will it make any diff if he’s called the de fac law mnister, as coined by zorro?

  7. Nazri is our Malaysian version of George Bush. I am sure he doesn’t understand 90% of what he says.

    – You may be very close to the truth.

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