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i will walk in peace

November 9, 2007

kuning1.jpg Courtesy of Mob1900

i will walk

without showing disrespect

without shouting slogans

without proving political-party membership

without intent to harm anything, anyone

i will walk quietly

in peace,

in my cooler-than-rocky’s yellow T,

in the hope i will not be seen as the enemy

for them to justify unleashing harm upon me

i will walk in peace

  1. all the best, ewoon.

    – tks.

  2. Ewoon,

    Never thought that the day will come when ‘being yellower’ than the next person is a good thing and fashionably cool too.

    Man, the times have truly changed.

  3. rocky's bru permalink

    i’ll sing some songs. a bit of p ramlee. or some mikey jackson while you do the moondance, or moonwalk.

    see u there, bro!

  4. Anonymos permalink

    Bro, i will also walk with you but in my yellow shirt, the same colour as those Thais were wearing on Monday showing their loyalty to their beloved King. I can no longer stand this Mr. I do not know PM any longer.

    Daulat Tuanku.

  5. That’s a great poem. It reflects many of the Malaysians’ thoughts. But the march will still instil fear for those in power. They couldn’t take risk to allow such noble cause to bring their downfall. The Pakistan formula will be enacted.

  6. Anonymos permalink

    Lets do it again soon to show Badawi and son-in-law that we have had enough of both of them. We need to get them out soon before the country has gone to the dog. Please tell us when are we going to do it again.

  7. Hi ewoon,

    Just to let you know that I’ve got my personal account of the rally up. We might need something to collect the accounts of others being at the rally as well.

    I’ve split up the account of the rally into 2 parts, the blogger view account is seen at part 2. “The Yellow Revolution Part 2″


    – tks, bro!

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