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Double up-yours, Zam, from La Mujer Bugis

November 11, 2007


As we were chilling out with some friends yesterday after the successful 10-Eleven (Yellow-Wave) Bersih rally, the question invariably came round to how big the crowd was.

Zam, our minister of no-information, had reiterated in various media interviews before the event that there’s no way 100,000 people will turn up. He had also said the media should not be made used of and listen to lies. He had also been heard to have said that if his party can’t even get 50k of their folks to turn up for a function you think anyone else could do it?

Now, we know better don’t we, minister of no-information?
(Go here, here, here and here for confirmation, please.)

25604-malaysiakini.jpg Source: malaysiakini

So, when this lady friend of ours heard that Zam was, yet again, proven wrong with his big mouth she quickly offered two fingers to the minister in The Bugis Woman style and tradition to reaffirm her disgust.

Moral of the story? Never upset a lady with Bugis blood coursing through her veins.

UPDATE: Go here and read about this brother’s take on 10-Eleven. Despite family disapproval, Fred took it upon himself to jump onto a bus and came all the way from Johor to be part of history. We need more brothers like him!

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  1. Minister of (no) information? Good one, Sir! He…

    – That’s what he has been all this while. He has taken the art of obfuscation to an entirely new level. And he thinks he can fool all the rakyat all the time. His foolishness is his own undoing.

  2. ewoon,
    That a*se of a minister that we have is done!
    He is alike a circus clown, except that he did not notice that the elephants are up and he is standing on dung! 4000 protesters? Are we talking about KL or some other city? police ‘allowing’ protesters to march to istana? wTF! I know this and so will our readers. There were more than 4k for sure! I put it as 80 to 100k. And i know the police did not give us any ‘safe passage’. They were not prepared for multiple groups! How can they explain the different groups then? masjid Jamek, National mOsque, central market, and sogo? Electoral reforms! daulat tuanku!

  3. Hey ewoon,

    Way to go..this happens as expected. Let’s wait and see what he has to say…or we can try saying some things that will irritate him. Well, Malaysiakini is one magic word that he hates.

  4. rocky's bru permalink

    Whoa, 2 mid fingerlicking good fingers! Swoon, ewoon.

    By the way, don’t get too worked up with the 4000 figure, guys. That number was given by the IGP, who was referring to the number of marchers at only ONE of the FIVE starting points used by the yellow marchers.
    So if there were 4000 marchers at one point (Masjid Jamek), how many would there be at all five points. Safe to say, there would be around 20,000.

    I can live with 20,000 but then I am sure the IGP had downplayed the number of people at Masjid Jamek. The real number could have been 10,000 or 15,000.

    Multiply that by 5, bros and Tony could win the jackpot!

  5. Hey bro,

    I think I recognise that ‘finger’. It kinda looks familiar. In a good way, of course.

    Call me, Ms Finger. You have my number.

    Ok. Gotta blog hop and look for more photos on 10-Eleven.

  6. BERSIH Rally success proof:
    BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 1
    BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 2
    BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 3
    We have to BERSIH-kan Malaysia

    Whoops, Zam, Minister of Mis-information, whoops I mean Information, how does the foot taste in mouth….. Eat your own words… Slap your own face.. Oh yeah, Zam your eyes are not playing tricks on you….

    LOL…. :-D

  7. adam and eve permalink

    i’m so damn proud of all u guys and gals

  8. realist permalink

    great m another one of those ‘dont mess with bugis, they are tough shit’ mentality.. sighh..
    anyway, the march..

    you people just played to the hands of the opposition parties. who do these 40K or so demonstrators think they are representing? who? all us rakyat?? sorry to break yr bubble, but that day, you were pawns of the opposition.
    sure the opposition claims that BERSIH consists of 60 plus Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and a small “insignificant” number of 5 Opposition political parties, making this a “non political ” rally. i hear that all the time from those in favour of the rally.
    that statement is nothing more than political tactic made up by the opposition, a cunning and manipulative one. the obvious outcome of such rally is more ppl voting for the opposition. and you all would hv just played into their hands.
    they hype the crowd with feel good statements, use the king (who was horse riding in trengganu tht day) to raise the emotions of these pawns , instructed their members (the bulk of protesters) to not waive party flags to reinforce their claim tht this is a rakyat rally not a political one, repeatedly harp on all the bad things BN has done ( which they have – yes im not a BN supporter) , with the extensive news coverage from tv3 to al jazeera, the opposition hit a home run this time. great publicity , and hopefully more angered voters and fence sitters voting for them.

    yea yea , i hear u ..of 60 plus non govt org only “insignificant” 5 opposition political parties, or in percentage terms, 7% of bersih is opposition parties.

    ok so tell me , so tell me why is it that 5 out of 7 delegation that went to to hand the memorandum to the King were leaders of opposition political parties?

    sorry to break yr bubble, im a rakyat. u did nothing for me except made a 1/2 hr journey turn into a 3 hr journey thanks to traffic and roadblocks. enough of your ‘we did it for malaysia’ and yr ‘daulat tuanku’ guys didnt gv an ass abt the tuanku when they were beaten to the ground by DrM. and u didnt do it for malaysia, you did it for the 5 ppl out of 7 that went to see the king… who was in trengganu horse riding.

    – Despite your claim that you’re not a BN supporter, how come i get the feeling you’re parroting the de fact law minister? Who r u trying to kid?

  9. Yo bro,


    Realist came here too, huh.

    I guess the c-ts are on the move again, just till they get their next paycheck.

    – You couldn’t have been more succinct, bro.

  10. realist permalink

    assure u , i have nothing to do with them.

    but i understand whr u r coming from. anyone not with u , is one of them…sighhh

  11. realist permalink

    and as much as i hate umno, i have not much respect for the opposition. tht is the problem us fence sitters are facing…
    do u think anwar raised through the ranks in UMNO by being clean?

  12. rosance permalink

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    i got a chance to listen to her songs and interview at our local radio station, alchemy…

    i pretty like her voice, but can i know how could i get her album? is her site, but i dint show where cant we get her album

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