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Zam the goblok for the world to hear

November 13, 2007

Zam, our minister of no-information is now world famous. He has confirmed to the world that he is the real goblok – the real stupid one.

He can tell our mainstream media editors what they can print and they will heed his caw like lembu(s) filing into the abattoir reacting to barking dogs. Likewise, he can tell our tv stations what they can show … he can tell our radio stations what they can broadcast … but he can’t tell himself not to talk and behave like an idiot.

He should listen to himself speak. He should be ashamed of himself. Others with an iota of pride in them would have committed hara-kiri; but not this fool. He does not know any better. How does he keep showing his face to the public everytime he makes a dunce of himself? Where is his maruah?

Worse yet, does he know he has also insulted our neighboring countries? Does he know he has shamed us Malaysians worldwide? Where are we going to hide our faces?

Goblok, oh goblok, just listen to yourself making an ass of yourself here …

UPDATE: Go here for a transcription of goblok gobbledegook (titled The ZAM Rap by Kenny Sia), then find a place to hide your face. This is our minister of no-information … bodoh, bodoh, bodoh!

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  1. idris permalink

    It is quite pathetic, isn’t it. He could not answer simple questions. He was out of control and outright rude.

    I also sense his guilty conciousness when he kept repeating that we are niether pakistan nor myanmar.

    Apart from displaying that he is quite useless at carrying proper conversation, it also reflects that the govt really had no real answer or basis for the actions it has taken.

  2. tan368 permalink

    It’s logical for a half past six government to have a minister of information who can only speak in half past six English. Don’t you think so?

  3. penangkia permalink

    OMG… he is trembling.
    amazing… how fear can do to a person.

  4. Anonymos permalink

    Zam and Nazri are the same! I agree with tan368, they are members of the cabinet of the Half Past Six PM, who is a dreamer day and night!

    Let’s get these idiots out of government.

  5. I am offering myself for “national service”, as a favour to our country, or redeem whatever face we or Zam has lost. I offer him free English tuition classes, afterall, my children are very free during school holidays. Another oxymoron has “landed”, and there you have it our very Minister of mis cum no -INFORMATION babbling, sweating, shivering, stammering, confusing election with erection, talking to Al-Jazheera, all for the world to see and hear.


    But, I forgive him because I believe he was there at the rally, so he had teargas in his eyes and this poison has infilterated his brain. So, there you have it, Nazri has left his brain in Soyuz ( you know why we need to buy that junk), and Zam has teargas poison in his brain.

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