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A monkey called Khairy

November 14, 2007

i was blog hopping and this caught my attention.


A monkey is on the loose!

… so claimed this commenter kakitidur.

Here’s just part of his comment to whet your appetite …

– start –

Dulu saya ada bela se ekor beruk. Lain yang di suruh lain yang dibuat. Lama-lama geram tak tahan saya hantar balik beruk tu kat hutan. Tetapi saya ingat beruk tu dah keluar dari hutanlah. Nak tahu nama beruk belaan saya tu….

– end –

Go here and find out more why this animal has become a SIL’s favourite word.

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. Kekeke…very cool. There you have it, Zam acting as a fool for the world to see, Nazri calling us pondans and Khairy calling the citizen beruk. Given a choice, I like the beruk more.

  2. Beruk to appear on Astro Al-Jazeera 513 tonite! See what happens when Al-Jazeera don’t feed him his bananas!

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