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“Cendol Mydin’s reply” after his fiasco with Al Jazeera and how he further shows his stupidity

November 28, 2007

Apparently our de fac minister of information (i prefer minister of no-information) has made himself scarce by going into hiding in London (why there?) and lick his wounds.

He has also purportedly written a letter to NST (wow, in English some more) to give his views on the self-inflicted fiasco of an interview with Al Jazeera.

Old Sea Dog, a constant contributor to Malaysia Today and one of my favourites, gives his rebuttals to our “Mydin Cendol” statements. It just goes to prove the continuing stupidity of this minister.

He doesn’t learn does he? If i were him, i would have wished for a hole and be buried in it to cover my shame. But not him. He doesn’t know any better.

Buat malu kita lagi!!!

Go and read the rebuttals here.

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  1. peng permalink

    I must give my comments on this piece! This is a real classic joke of the entire human time! After all the bashing, he has no dignity and brains but to refer to the fact that he is not eloquent! He is just so st***d to acknowledge his own floundering. Why dig a bigger grave to bury oneself?

    – He doesn’t know any better! If he has a tahil of intelligence in him he would not continue to show his stupidity. How did he get to be a minister of what? when he doesn’t even know how to manage information about himself. He gets stupidier by the day.

  2. aiya…since already people label him stupid, not wrong to continue the tradition, someone has to entertain the masses right? A hole only? He’ll need the bulldozer – PLEASE, for our sake.

    – Any lead for someone willing to do us a favour? hahaha

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