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Zam’s “wall newspapers” prove his ‘brilliance’ yet again!

November 30, 2007

Who would have thought of such a novel idea but the de fect minister of information himself.

The thinking is so absolutely out-of-the-box, out-of this-world and so brilliant that Einstein would have looked like a complete idiot standing next to him.

Here’s what he has proposed according to a report by Malaysiakini:

“The Information Department will begin putting up newspaper clippings at public places in the country beginning next year in a move to bring about a more informed society.”

And according to Bernama, “These ‘wall newspapers’ are aimed at encouraging the people to read and learn of the latest developments in the country and abroad.”

i just love this man. He is thinking of our best interest all the time. Even when he’s out of the country and especially when he’s not on Malaysian soil that’s when he does his best thinking.

Sure, i would read newspaper clippings by the roadside with the heat and the exhaust fumes and all that. The 10-point size type really appeals to me and will make it such a breeze to take in all the local and world news in one centralized location.

Yes. Zam has finally shown us his true colors. Yo, folks, can you all please, from now on, stop calling him “stupid”?

i wished i had thought of the idea myself. Don’t try to stop me if you should see me kicking myself as you pass by, okay. i cannot forgive myself for letting pass such a simple yet ‘brilliant’ idea.

i may have let Zam beat me to the idea but, never mind, i’ll give him all my support and just maybe he’ll give me the contract to put up all these wall newspapers.

This is my licence to print money because … “A civil servant, Fadhilah Abd Manan, 30, said the government’s initiative should also be taken up by the private sector.”

Hei, Zam, apa khabar? i am private sector, can get licence or not?

You can read the full report of this news here.

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. I was told we cannot avoid 2 things in life, death and tax, now I have to add on “stupid people” to the list. I think a hole or bulldozer is not good enough, will need an excavator to dig a mine and drown him. Welcome to the world of dumb and dumber. If he was a woman, he’ll be called a dumb blond, so since he’s no woman, he’s a dumb ass. sheesh…the things our Minister do to us, and I thought he’d shut up after his mistake.

    – Got lead to borrow excavator? hahaha

  2. Arse always talks through the ass. he won’t be long there… I bet!

    – i think ‘fighting’ hard to stay in. Got to show still got ideas what, even if they are coming from the other end.

  3. ewoon, you also going for the contract…like that how lah….I have no agency like yours to pitch for this contract….you get it you pass on to me, can or not. I buy you more beers ok….on a monthly basis. Now we have to recruit migrant workers to paste and de-paste every day. I also heard Chendol Mhdin wants in personally….one cendol stall at every empty wall. God help Malaysia….MBPJ wants to put up more boards for this.

    – Can, no problemo. Cendol stall also can. MBPJ can put up more walls also. All win-win lah. Everybody happy, mah.

  4. Hey, he’s onto something here. You know, back in the Renaissance, people used use this ‘wall of news’ idea so people passing by to read the news or books being printed.

    So, if anything, Uncle Zam isn’t so much stupid as he is 700 years behind in technology, invention and innovation.

    No wonder I can never understand him when he opens his mouth, he must be speaking Latin or something :)

    – Hmm, an ancient fellow. Speaking a different language all this while. That figures. hahaha

  5. patrick teoh permalink

    Hey ewoon, i guess he figured that if it worked for Chairman Mao’s communist China it should work for Malaysia too.

    Doesn’t it make you and I almost want to miss Tok Mat?

    – Almost … niamah!!!!!!!

  6. Bro’.. I think we’re better off not engaging that sorry case of an uninformed/mis-informed public servant. He should go. He’s done enough to embarrASS the country already. I think there should be LAWS against people of his ilk, what say you?

    – Yeah, let’s push our representatives to start asking for this law.

  7. Ewoon,

    I visit here everyday but your latest post is 30th Nov. only. Have you also being in Hiatus? or, is my computer giving me problem? I tried cleaning all the cookies and cache but it still Nov 30th.

    – My apologies, Maverick. Nothing wrong with your PC. New posting has to take a back seat for now. Work and family commitments have gone on overdrive.

  8. Kambing betul la Zam ni. What an unmitigated bodoh minister. Isn’t there enuff trees felled and paper wastage already?

    Isn’t DBKL already grappling with the huge problem of waste disposal in KL. Tambah lagi…tambah…jangan tak tambah.

    Takda strategi punya menteri. Somebody please sew up his lips!

  9. Merry Christmas, eWoon. Why no updates?

    – Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, Maverick. Update coming. Internet at home had also been down for more than 2 weeks. Last trouble-shoot points to a fried router.

  10. ewoon,

    Since there is no newer posting than this, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and all the readers of this blog:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    – Thanks,Biggum, for the favour. A Happy New Year to you, too.

  11. Penyayang permalink

    Please. Use moderate language..not like those who boo-ed and shouted ‘por dah’ at Samy Velu the other day. The loudest apparently were sari-clad females. What is happening to our country? Don’t these females know their place? What happens if Samy Velu loses his seat and really ‘por dah’? I hasten to add that’s not likely as he has many friends in the postal votes. But calling people ‘waste’ (i.e. sampah) etc is not good manners.

    – i see your point. Thanks for visiting.

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