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How to cancel out the impending petrol price increase

January 1, 2008

nobuynolies-black.gif Courtesy of Whattahack

Last night, SMSes were fueling rumors that one second after the demise of 2007 we would be slammed with a 30 / 50 sen petrol price increase.

Well, the good news is we have been spared for the moment.

As sure as the sun will rise in the east, the petrol price will increase one day soon, whether we like it or not. And i will hedge my bet that it will be sooner than we expect. The erection election will be of no consequence.

There’s no escaping it. And there’s no point losing sleep over it. It’s only a matter of time for our No.2 had already alluded to the inevitable a few days back.

It’s a matter of time before we see motorists jamming petrol stations yet again to fill up and try save some Ringgit. A matter of time before prices of commodities spiral out of control and we find we have less on the dinning table. A matter of time before we really feel the squeeze and for someone to tell us to change our lifestyle one more time.

So enjoy 2008 while you can. Try to hang on to the euphoria of the New Year eve’s celebration that you’ve blown good money for. A hard landing is heading our way.

i for one will not be waiting for someone to tell me to change my lifestyle. i will be proactive. i will begin by feeding myself with real news. i will cancel the Daily Liespaper as of 1 January 2008.

Our main-stream newspapers have compromised their duty to the people that they have descended to become mouth-pieces for lies and spins. They are not worth the newsprint that they’re printed on. They are not worth our time. They are not worth our money.

Consequently, advertisers will have to re-think their media strategies to deploy their advertising expenses. When advertisers do not reach their target audience it’s money down the drain. That, too, has an effect on the final retail price of the product to us consumers.

When one cancels out the Daily Liespaper, one also cancels out the propaganda and the reactionary anger. The money saved will help offset the soon-to-happen petrol price increase. That way we cut ourselves some slack.

With the savings, i will subscribe to Malaysikini for RM100 a year and also read Malaysia Today as well as Rocky’s Bru for free and for a marginal increase in my electricity bill. And it will be wholesome without the lies and half-truths.

Just do the math, people. You’ll be surprised to know you’ll have change to spare for the ikan bilis to go into the tumis.

Happy New Year 2008. *tongue in cheek*

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. I really don’t think that the price of petrol and diesel will go up anytime soon; it’s election soon and it’s political suicide to do it now. Petronas is a net gainer and could be able to subsidise; afterall if they didn’t, then that money will go someone else pocket through the legitimised corridored projects.

  2. Haha.. “daily liespaper”. Love this post bro’. Looks like your sharp witty repertoire can only grow in leaps and bounds in 2008! They’d better be afraid… be VERY afraid. Again, sorry for your recent loss…

  3. One way in the economic view to cut down on the petrol cost would be the current rate of ringgit vs dollar. Back before 1997, our rate is somewhat somewhere between 2.5 and 2.7. Imagine saving approximately 20% of subsidies if the rate is allowed to rise faster than expected, but we have to be careful of the volatile drop if there is buying of dollars later on.

    Another way to save fuel, according to someone is:

    1. Refuel only in the mornings. This is because the petrol is denser in the morning and the amount will show up lesser than filling up at night or afternoon.

    2. Don’t fill when a tanker is at the station. There will be dirt in the oil content that will affect your car engine.

    3. Always fill up when your petrol reaches half-tank this is because you would give the tank less air space for rapid evaporation.

    4. The oil squeeze nozzle has three settings, high, normal and low. Setting to low do sometimes prevent kickback of petrol back to the source line beneath the station.

  4. wyyi permalink

    reading your blog now…very very deep…don’t understand most of them..:D

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