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“This is a silly statement, unbefitting of a prime minister.”

January 16, 2008

The above is Matthias Chang’s comment on our Prime Minister’s recent blab regarding our economy when mr. snooze stated the following in The Star on Sunday, 13 January 2008:

“The rise shows there is confidence in our bourse and our economy, which is at present booming. We continue to attract investments from overseas …”

Matthias may have hit the nail on the head regarding our no.1 civil servant’s smart in our economy and investing gambling in the stock market at this point in time.

Had been similarly there myself years back and got burnt.

Read why Matthias is right on the money when he says you should avoid the local bourse like the plague. And, as for me, never listen to one who sleep-talk. Go here.

From → Malaysia Upclose

One Comment
  1. I sold off all my stocks on 11th Jan. Coincidentally the market started the bear run. I think the downside risk is high.

    Pak Lah has to call for an election soon before the whole stockmarket collapse.

    – i hope you got out in time unscathed. The collapse this time round will be devastating.

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