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The “hard landing” of 2008 is waiting to crash through the roof

January 20, 2008

Since early November 2007, i have started to make references to the financial issues that were emerging and sweeping across the globe.

my hope was for us to be aware of the disastrous economic tsunami that was going to reach our shores and be prepared for the eventuality as we grapple with the social-political issues that were also overwhelming us at home.

The day of reckoning, as much as i hate to admit it, is as close as outside our door or just hovering over our roof.

(Matthias Chang will finally be vindicated and have his last laugh at his critics. Good on you, Matthias. And before i forget, Matthias, when will you apologize to bloggers for your sweeping derogatory name-calling?)

Whether the hit bursts through the front door or crashes through the roof – it really does not matter – the result will just be as shattering. Hopefully, there will be enough pieces remaining for us to pick up.

So far we have been artificially spared the full impact due to one and only one reason. The coming erection election.

But even then the seepages are getting more difficult to control as each day passes. What with the prices of daily commodities and many other life-affecting utilities and services sinisterly forcing their way through and the authority being caught with its pants down, not knowing what and how to contain the onslaught and pressure.

How much longer can the petrol price increase be held back? How much longer can the General Election be delayed before more peaceful civil protests are held and the DSAI factor kicks in? How much longer?

Obviously, PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration and his Barisan National alliance already have their work cut out for them. Even the Oxford smart-ass and his coterie on the fourth floor will be clueless as to what to do as they toss and turn before they too will be swallowed whole. And it’s fair to say, anyway, not that they have been doing a sterling job all this while.

The financial enemy is already banging at the door and the general election round the corner. Two of the most pressing matters waiting to happen that will ultimately decide who will remain standing and who will be buried. The picture looks equally gloomy for those who are in power and for those who put them there.

As they say, one can fool some people some of the time; not all the people all the time. Man can plan unrighteously, too, but God will dispose.

Hah, i say, you can run but you cannot hide. You had the opportunity to make good your promises and fix the ills facing the country and the people but no you chose to ride on the status quo and make hay while the sun shines. Instead of becoming a hero you rather take the fall and be the butt of every Malaysian’s joke and the recipient of their angst. Every dog will have its day and yours is not too far away.

Can one’s palm block out the whole heaven? Can one act as though one is God?

Running around like a headless chicken trying quick fixes here and there are not going to work either.

How much can be done to appease the masses? How much can be done to root out corruption, reinstate true justice and democracy? How much can be done to give foreign investments the confidence to flow back in? How much?

Try as you may, it will be a case of too much, too late. It will be a case of “we the people do not trust you any more.” It will be a case of too many missed-opportunities.

It’s sad. Very sad. Our leaders could have done the right thing and put in place all the right institutions and instruments to help the people ride the imminent tsunami. Equally, we the people would have pulled together to help our good-governing, transparent and corrupt-free government prevail against all calamities.

We have fcuked up big time. The artificially delayed “hard landing” will be merciless. The aftermath will be even more catastrophic should we continue to put clueless, selfish and arrogant people in power … in the administration … in the parliament.

Would we want to continue to fcuk ourselves up for the years to come?

Do you think, after the election, we won’t be fcuked up some more because we continue to believe in the lies and spins and still put the wrong people in the right place to look after our national interest?

You decide when you cast your next ballot.

i can only say: vote wisely. Vote very, very wisely.

You can read what’s already happening in our southern neighbor and see if you’d agree that the “hard landing” is just waiting to bust through.
Go here.

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