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Psst! Samy asked to resign today, kah?

February 2, 2008

Sign that the GE is as close as your bedfellow.

Not sure if this is enough for the incumbent to bring in the 2/3 majority votes.

Maybe when more heads roll? Maybe …

Ah, we shall wait and see. Interesting times are ahead.

Meanwhile, go and read where i got hint of my ‘dream’ here.

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  1. pixieworld permalink

    Two Prime Minister opening “shady” joints in a prominent mall of the city. One sells you the bread of unrighteousness, while the other poise itself to be the chief supplier of royal robes to royal rascals.

    The rivers of Kuala Lumpur look muddier than usual, its filth has new Barisan contamination. While sons of padi farmers and former tin miners and Indian plantation workers struggle to put bread and clothes on, the emperors reign supreme with razzle dazzle.

    The emperors demand that that Malays must only vote Barisan, Indians are told you will regret it if you don’t, while the Chinese are are given crumbs to keep them begging for more. Who will take the challenge to stand against the emperor’s intimidation?

    The skies over the twin towers and like a vengeful dragon, while the stage is set for electing the champs the emperors have instrumented their triump. Let the east winds blow, let the warm rains of Kedah cleanse from within.

    The only reason for corrupt emperors to reign is for their subjects to remain shackled and intimidated. Rise up and let the drumbeats begin. This time the people will not let the pernicious floods come in.

    Though the Staid Times and the Fallen Star spin doctors blow smoke in our eyes, we will not let Datuk Wong and Kallimullah revel in half-truths, selective denials and lies.

    Tuesday as boycott day of mainstream government papers is having a reasonable impact. A news vendor even asked me if Tuesday was a day people read each other. More power to u Rocky, standing with you on this and let’s add another day to it.

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