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The power of X

February 10, 2008


This coming General Election, use your X wisely – for it has power!

  1. X has power when you write it inside the square
    (see picture – when your X marking goes outside the square, they will call it a spoiled vote)
  2. X has power when you don’t waste it
  3. X has power when you go to the polling-station on election day, rain or shine
  1. X has the power to put the right representatives in our Parliament
  2. X has the power to put the right representatives in our State Assemblies
  3. X has the power to STOP the wrongs we want fixed and CHANGE things for the better – for the people – for the country
  1. We do not have another 5 or 50 years!
  2. We do not want to be CHEATED again and again and again!
  3. We do not want to SELL OUR VOTES for short-term gains …
    (RM50, school bags, kain pelekat, bicycles, sewing machines, chicks, kerbaus, last-minute paved roads, piped-water, electricity, telephone lines, stall licences, EMPTY PROMISES, etc., etc., etc.)… and be FOOKED for the long-term!
    (harga barang-barang naik …
    petrol naik,
    toll naik,
    gas naik,
    tepung naik,
    gula naik,
    susu anak naik,
    minyak naik,
    sewa naik,
    bas sekolah naik,
    duit persekolahan naik,
    electrik naik,
    air naik,
    telefon naik,
    gas masak naik,
    roti canai naik,
    teh tarik naik,
    paper naik,
    rokok naik,
    income tax naik,
    apa-apa tax naik,
    cukai pintu naik,
    cukai tanah naik,
    bas naik,
    teksi naik,
    lrt naik,
    parking naik,
    interest naik,
    ubat naik,
    hospital naik,
    baja naik,
    racun naik,
    jaring ikan naik,
    dan lain-lain …)

  1. We want Rule of Law, Justice and Democracy
  2. We want a Responsive and Responsible administration
  3. We want Malaysia for Malaysians!

We want CHANGE for the better –
We will VOTE for CHANGE for the better!

The power of X. Use it.

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  1. rocky's bru permalink

    We are the X-Men and X-Women. They won’t know what hit ’em. All those motherXXXers will be X out this time. Save for a few. I’ll get my list out soon. My wish list of MPs for the next Parliament.

    Or why don’t you start a list bro? Like your Merdeka list. Who should be elected and who REALLY should not.

    – Hmm, nice thought, bro. Give me a few days. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Darah naik…?

    Boleh membawa kepada “naik hantu”! (blow up/show tantrums)

    – Itu pun kira, bro.

  3. but too many xxxxxx would blow your kisses away. Put X where it has power. My cheeky PAS friend said that as a muslim he will not put an X…a cross…he will put just a circle. He took it back when I threatened to douse him with single malts.

    – Lucky for your friend. Anyway, doused with single malts by zorro will be a treat ain’t it? i am a willing victim.

  4. Ya, Power of X! We hope the citizens will vote with their rational brains.

    – i think, this time around, Malaysians are better informed and some have woken up!

  5. hard-t permalink

    X also known as X certificate or X classification hahaha.
    tq bro makan pagi tadi.

    – Betul lah cakap you, bro. And you are welcome … small matter.

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