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If not this general election, then when?

February 14, 2008




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Remember, remember, the power of X


Every Malaysian, who is of voting age, should be aware that he or she has the right to vote for any independent candidate or political party on polling day, which has been set for March 8.

It is also important for us to use our vote wisely.

And whomever comes into office after election day, especially if he or she is not worthy of the job, and you neglect to cast your vote, do you know that it is deemed that you would have also casted your vote resulting in him or her to be placed there? So let us do our duty and not be seen as partakers of and be apportioned blame for and ultimately suffer the ignominy of the saying “you deserve what you get.”

It would be an utter shame to have shirked one’s duty when one knows that every vote will count.

It is good to acknowledge that all registered political parties are GOOD political parties. What usually make them appear BAD, in the eyes of the public, are their irresponsible members who are corrupt, morally-decadent, self-serving, arrogant and negligent in their service to their constituencies and country.

It is so true of what our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir said in one of his recent press conferences that we should vote for a candidate and not his or her party. To him, it does not matter whether the candidate is a member of the then incumbent government; if he or she is irresponsible and derelict in duty, then that candidate should not get our vote!

This is also part of what it means to Vote for Change!

It is important, therefore, for us to remember that our vote should always be a vote for a candidate who is responsible, of high caliber, of high integrity and one who selflessly puts his or her constituency first. He or she should be duty bound to serve the people and not the party for it is the people who put him or her there in the first place to represent them!

Every Malaysian should also be aware that when the prime minister of the day has dissolved Parliament to pave the way for a general election, then this same prime minister and his administration technically become His Majesty’s, The Yang Di Pertuan Agong’s caretaker-government.

This will mean that this caretaker-government is not in a position to perform any executive function. It cannot and should not make any decision on behalf of the people of Malaysia unless it is for reason of national security e.g. our country is being attacked by a foreign power.

It is strange but true that many Malaysians somehow hold the view that a opposition party is an anti-government party. It is incorrect and there is no such thing as an anti-government party. But there is such a notion as a opposition party holding differing views and being critical of the government. Note too that there is a vast difference between ‘anti’ and ‘being critical’ and let not anyone fool you into thinking that an alternative or dissenting view can be otherwise but just that only being critical.

It is sad that the demonising of an ‘alternative view’ as being anti-government has somehow been largely the ugly work of our mainstream medias and their irresponsible reporting. For this reason, it is best to avoid them like the plague until they can show us that they have changed and rightly lived up to the burden of truthful news reporting without fear or favour.

It is also more correct to hold the view that a opposition party is His Majesty’s, The Yang Di Pertuan Agong’s opposition party. Which translates to the view that a opposition party is also an alternative government.

So start knowing for sure that the opposition parties and independent candidates collectively can possibly be our alternative government-in-waiting.

Let it be known to the power-that-be that it is crucial for the government of the day, whom the citizens have voted into office, to welcome alternative views throughout its term. Alternative views are never anti-national but ever positive for nation-building.

Beloved Malaysians for the love of The Yang Di Pertuan Agong, Country and Bangsa Malaysia your time has come to invoke positive change. Use your vote to effect the change we have been seeking all these years. Use your vote to send a message to the in-coming government of the day that we the people will always have the opposition as a potential alternative government to turn to.

Duh, the opposition is the alternative government.

Vote for change. If not now, when?

5 years to the citizens, who are constantly being deceived, plundered and abused by its government, is as good as an existence in misery for all eternity.

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  2. Short answer bro: never. It’s either now or never. And the saddest part is I can’t have no say in it. Simply because a self-proclaimed IT savvy country like Malaysia would not allow “e-votes” for us residing overseas. If I was in town working in the office and not incarcerated on a ‘floating prison’ off the coast of Borneo in a neighboring country, I would gladly fork my own money to fly home to try and make a difference.

    I just pray 99.9999 percent of clear and level headed Bolehsians will share our sentiments. I shall leave you and the rest to fight the good fight. The future of our children are at stake here.

    Take care bro.

    – You take care, too. And God be with you, bro.

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