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A wind of change sweeping through Selangor MB’s office?

March 4, 2008

These two are definite no-nos in any new pecking order of the Selangor’s leadership roll call – and they are not, phew – and the MB of Selangor should take credit for his bold decision.

It’s uncommonly done but i will, here.

i will give credit where it’s due for it’s truth to me and i’ll do justice to this blog’s banner.

YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohamad Khir Bin Toyo may have been attributed one too many mis-steps for the rakyat’s liking but i sense he does lend us his ears. Perhaps he is really not as hard-nosed as he may have been portrayed and as to whom exactly is to blame for this downside we may never get to the bottom of the truth.

The MB’s office, like any other high one i am sure, is definitely not without its share of detractors.


Still, YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Khir, please take a bow from I Am A Malaysian for not listing the two this blog has highlighted above in your nomination of candidates for this 12th GE.

For all its worth, it proves to me at least, your leadership in the state of Selangor is sensitive to the rakyat’s grouses and you are not afraid to make tough calls though it may be unpopular to some quarters. You have my respect and i sincerely hope you’ll be successful in your election and be able to continue exerting positive changes that come with your position. i’d also like to view your move regarding the two above as the start of a probable refreshing wind of change sweeping through the Selangor Menteri Besar’s office for the betterment of the rakyat, state and country.

YAB, let me end by urging your office especially not to view us socio-political bloggers as liars or pain-in-the-necks (we already have our share of unwholesome names levelled at us unfairly) but voices of the rakyat sharing our concerns. All we are intent on doing is to engage the establishment by highlighting matters on what’s happening and how unjust decisions and actions affect the masses.

Thank you.

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  1. mih permalink

    Got to agree with you there, Sir. But can Toyo keep the two out permanently? I doubt it very much. Still, I think this Mentri Besar listened to bloggers. Just google and you will find that Mr Deros and Mr Muhammad are two of the most unpopular Malaysians on the blog.

    Good riiiiiidance!

  2. Well, I do have to agree with you based on the factors cited here.

    I hope he is, what you hope to be; but as an MB if he had been blind to all those corruptions and mismanagement of city councils and district councils, and PKFZ, he don’t deserve the credit given here.

    There are much more which we seldom discuss about him. Maybe, it will open your eyes if you had business with the cronies; I do.


    Politicians are all the same, and they are all consistently unreliable , because if he is reliable then he will not survive as a politician, therefore is Kheng Yaik any better than Dato Seri Anwar; I can say for certain that one is no better than the other. What I am saying is that we do not need to know anything about any particular candidate. We really do not need to know whether he is a good man or otherwise; and this perspective runs counter to what everybody is saying about what this has done or have not done. It is absolutely pretentious to claim that we are able to correctly assess the character of Dato Seri or Kheng Yaik and determine who is the better man. I SUPPORT DATO SERI ANWAR and I live in Australia therefore what do I know about Dato Sari. I do not a thing about him, and that is the thing about politics, IT IS ALL ABOUT PERCEPTION. In fact from my perspective, I will vote for Dato Seri Anwar even if I believe that Kheng Yaik and that Dato Seri is a chameleon and Kheng Yaik is correct. As I had earlier said I do not need to know anything about Dato Seri because I deal with the democratic process, I vote him because he says that under his government, RACE POLITICS WILL BE ABOLISHED and I want that so I vote for him and I do not need to know how good or bad he is. PROVE TO US WHEN YOU ARE IN GOVERNMENT OR WE VOTE YOU OUT. We therefore need to start to vote for the opposition to start the democratic process. We need to throw or better destroy UMNO now.

    Dear my Chinese & Indian brothers, do not listen to Kheng Yaik because he is an UMNO dog and he will sell his mother or his wife to gain FAVOUR from the PM and UMNO. These are the UMNO dogs who hang out their tongues for CSRAPS THROWN FROM UMNO TABLE to the dining room floor. I spit on these MCA, MIC and Gerakhan dogs.

    Kheng Yaik says that it was Dato Seri Anwar who put in place all those provisions that retarded the progress of Chinese education and that it was he & Najib who repealed it; let us examine Kheng Yaik’s statement to assess the credibility of his claim. I will first call Kheng Yaik A LIAR and then I will go on to examine what I mean by that epithet. I call Kheng Yaik a liar because the minister merely implements GOVERNMENT POLICY. In fact all decisions made by the Cabinet are made binding all ministers as one as ministerial cabinet collective decision. What Kheng Yaik is talking about is government policy and such policy are by the very nature taken by the PARTY IN GOVERNMENT and the minister’s function is to implement the details that will make the policy work on the ground; only UMNO as a party can change such policy and it is disingenuous to say that Najib revoked it. Having said that it can only be true that neither Najib nor Dato Seri could by himself revoke what Kheng Yaik claims credit for himself and Najib.

    In this respect the powers of the minister controls only the details of implementation; but of course he has powers to grant exception in individual cases but not to change policy except with the agreement of cabinet. The Malaysian model of government mirrors that of the British. I anticipate that readers will want to ask me if ministers are so without powers then how is it that they can make money so corruptly; the answer to that question is in the power of the minister to approve contracts or such like. These functions belong to the Minister’s portfolio and they relate to “implementation. Therefore it is not true what Kheng Yaik says that it was najib who removed the offending laws that disadvantaged the Chinese.

    The democratic process is all about checks and balances; therefore how can there be checks and balances if our Chinese & Indian brothers keep voting UMNO. If UMNO knows that we are all their SLAVES then where is there a need for UMNO to do what is just in line with our minority interests ? We have like a bunch of fools fear reprisals and we keep voting UMNO so do we not deserve to be spat on by UMNO as they are doing even as of now? Our duty to our selves is to vote UMNO out because it has always been UMNO that has formed government. Do we not owe it to our children and their children to pressure UMNO to act in our interests or we will put them out of business. WE NEED TO START AT THIS ELECTION TO START THE PROCESS GOING. If Keadilan, PAS DAP do not act in our interest when they are in power then in the next election we can vote them out. We need to start and now is as good a time as any. VOTE KEADILAN, DAP, PAS FOR CHANGE !

  4. IN DEFENSE OF Dato Seri Anwar

    Hey! Dr Chandra Muzaffar are you trying to dazzle the poor Malaysians with your “Doctor” whatever that stands for; please la Doc. That Phd. Does not mean shit, It does not make you more intelligent and it does not neam that you are any smater than when you started. A Phd. Just means that you had taken an in depth study of one aspect of a subject and as a matter of fact a Phd merely leads to a career in teaching, Our Asian people are so awed by that Phd., thinking that these Phd. Types Know it all, nothing is further from the truth.

    Comrade Chandra to my way of thinking, and by your claims made against Dato Seri, I say that you are bloody naïve. We are all humans (I think so) and we have emotions and full of bias and prejudices; and above all we are in truth all racist. I am racist & you are racist, and the only difference between a Mahatma Ghandi type saint and an ARYAN Nazi thug is that most of us who dare claim that he is not racist (you can leave me out because I am racist) are those who’ve got a two bit claim to having higher education, a wanna be intelltual. Comrade Chandra says that Dato Seri in the past had been consistently not in favour of Chinese and maybe he is truthful, while Dr Lim Kheng Yaik claims that Dato Seri is chamileon and in Lim Kheng Yaik’s experience with Dato Seri he could be speaking the truth. Bearing in mind that we all carry a lot of baggage are we correct in our estimation of the man. We are all very complex and we are all driven by self interests; therefore what oue see is not really what is the man ! We can never tell what a man will do in all circumstances because what we see as the man is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Politics is all about perception and creating an IMAGE of the politician, and we just cannot know what the whole man is in truth. For Dr Chandra & Dr Lim Kheng Yaik to say that they both ahd worked with Dato Seri and that they know the man is ingenious. Both these Dr.’s are playing their support for the BN and not quite really to give an assessment of Dato Seri for what he is factually, because that will be beyond their capability. Having said that I say both of them are naïve THAT IS NOT HOW THE GAME OF POLITICS IS PLAYED. We can only take Dato Seri at his word and the issue is therefore ARE WE HAPPY WITH HIS PROGRAMME FOR HIS GOVERNMENT ? That to my mind is all that we need to ask and we will have to take him at his word; because we just cannot do otherwise. WE DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHAT IN TRUTH HE IS LIKE AND THAT BY OUR UNDERSTANDING HE WILL OR WILL NOT DLIVER WHAT HE HAD PROMISED FOR THE ELECTION. There is no need to go too far out of the way; ask yourselves what had BN promised for the last election (1999) and did BN deliver ? I do not think so !

    Dato Seri and the United Front of DAP, PAS and Keadilan HAS MADE IT THEIR PLATFORM that if elected he and his United Front will deliver a GOVERNMENT FOR ALL MALAYSIANS AND TO STEP BACK FROM RACE BASED POLITICS. That is what we must accept for the truth; and if he ever fail to deliver then the next election vote him and his United Front out. This is what will therefore develop into a TWO PARTY POLITICAL STRUCTURE. Is this not what we want, and what is the profit if we just not believe him and we merely take the word og the two Dr.’s both of them are pretentious and know it all. I say do not listen to them shooting hot air. VOTE OPPOSITION and let 2 party politics develop.

  5. ewoon, I suspect its because there is a clear rift between the camps in Umno. Really.
    I would not be so quick to heap praises to this former dentist.
    He was after all the key antagonist in ‘MB meets the Sun editorial team where he chided two very promising editor/sub editors for openly hitting out at PKNS. He even claimed that the money that PKNS paid in violation of the clearing of gazetted green lungs ‘ would go back to the state’s coffin!’
    Yes, its not a typo. Those who were there would attest to it!
    Thats no different from MB of Pahang with the reasoning that the purchase of CCC # no plate was actually going back to the government’s coffers (Khir, take note!)

    view here for the ground swell in support of the Rakyat’s demand for a change in givernment!

  6. Wind of change? I seriously doubt this. The man just don’t want any competition, I think as far as Mike Tyson is concerned since he may also have ambitions at federal level. A future PM perhaps?

    And what’s with this yapchongyee fellow? He has been spamming my blog too.

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