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Zam, Zam, you are still as stupid as you come

March 10, 2008

What can I say.

Zam, you are the real goblok speaking through your other end. A former minister of misinformation who just does not make sense. I cannot make head or tail of what he is trying to say (was he interviewed in English?) How did he get to become what he did previously? He gives that cabinet post a bad name.

That post that he used to head, anyway, was a cruel joke on him. Trying to control information in this information age? What a laugh. Even people like Kalimullah and Wong Chung Wai and the others, i think, are beginning to realise their spins are futile in this day and age. Or am i giving them too much credit already?

Hint: Whoever is going to be appointed to the post in the new cabinet line up, please reject it. You will look stupid. Better still, ask the PM to delete that job.

And this bodoh is still making threat, too. We should have a law to outlaw this kind of talk “The people may have to pay a price for their decision” and put people like him in jail (not ISA, okay) for he can appeal for leniency for his stupid threat against our national security.

My advice to Zam is to go quietly and not make a further ass of himself. Sheesh! (Hey, Zam, maybe you should blog now and believe in your own lies and spins. Nobody will read you anyway. Your bodoh could be infectious.)

Think i have been too critical? Go ahead, just read what he has to say in The Star today:


Zam: Protest voters cause defeat

SUNGAI PETANI: Former Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said protest voters among Indians and Chinese caused his defeat in the Sungai Petani parliamentary seat.

“It is not that they love Parti Keadilan Rakyat or PAS more that they voted against me,” he said, adding that Indians who were loyal Barisan supporters turned against him due to certain dissatisfaction.

“The Chinese showed their resentment because of the economic backlash they often complained about,” he said in accepting his defeat.

“So, PAS and PKR should not be overly proud of their win (in Kedah),” he said.

“The people may have to pay a price for their decision,” he said yesterday. Zainuddin lost to Sungai Petani PKR chief Johari Abdul by 9,381 votes, with the latter garnering 33,822 votes against Zainuddin’s 24,441


From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. Actually, what he say was true, in some way.

    Firstly, the people hate him and wanted him out. So even we put a dog as a candidate against him, the dog wins too.

    Secondly, by observation of the new state of Kedah and Hadi Awang’s comment today regarding Islamization of Kedah, it will cause some discomfort to the people who are used to the free society. Unlike Kelantan which is almost 98% Muslims, Kedah had more than 30% non-Muslims and even Muslims themselves suffered nausea with Hadi Awang’s statement.

  2. Dah kalah…kalah lar….

  3. Syahredzan Johan permalink

    Maverick SM, your facts are incorrect. Check NST today and you will see that Kelantan has 57.6% Malay voters and 35.5% Chinese.

    Kedah, on the other hand, has 76.3% Malays and 16.1 Chinese.

  4. ong seebau permalink

    Don’t worry about Hadi Awang statement-lah. I am a frequent visitor to Kota Bharu and to be honest I still can enjoy drinking beers and also Bak kut Teh there in Kota Bharu, there it is also not surprise to see Chinese coffee shop selling drinks and the Malay stalls selling food in the same shop mainly to the Malay customers. Can you see Malays drinking in a Chinese coffee shop in Selangor or K.L?

  5. javabean permalink

    Ala zam… u just can’t get over his ‘erection’ result being bigger than yours kan?

    price? they have some one to worry bout it now don’t you worry… you go on back to kindiegarten like a good boy eh… pick up from where you left off before you became the Information Minister…

  6. anon permalink

    no way kelantan has that many chinese – its about 2-3%

    maybe 25-30% in kota lama state seat, and that’s the only seat where it is that high

  7. bayi permalink

    Crudely said, the Chinese have a say for such people. They eat through their a*se and shit through their mouth!

  8. mat kodiang permalink

    adey zam,since now you’re no longer a minister you can now go back to selling cendul like before.after all, you could do nothing else but wrote shit just like during your journalist were then the master of ampusana,ampusini through your writing. as a minister,you were just another blundering and highly paid government clown….

  9. the pits permalink

    Thank you, people of Sg Petani. You did your duty as Malaysians.

  10. the taste of defeat was extra bitter for zam bcos RTM did all it possibly could to whack the oppo, even right below the belt. but all the jabs were no longer potent enough to bruise, let alone knock the oppo down.

    so long, zam. you’re out.

  11. zamzam permalink

    My name is zamzam and that is not nice o . k Bye whoever u r

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