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Kalimullah, Wong Chung Wai, the 4th-floor-boys and their ilk should resign!

March 12, 2008

Zam, Kalimullah, Wong Chung Wai, the 4th-floor-boys and their ilk caused their masters to lose big time in the 12th General Election.

They are no longer relevant.

They did not know how to read the ground and advise their masters. They did not know how to strategise for them. They did not know how to campaign for them.

They failed miserably despite their ‘might.’ But now we know it’s all so hollow.

They tried writing some of the campaign materials themselves (though one could now be confirmed as a habitual plagiarist who knows no shame) but they missed the proposition like happily imbibed beer lovers who missed the urinals.

The end results?

Wet pants. Wet feet. And wet floors. Very messy and not flattering. Worse still, the stink lingers.

Zam was long gone but, like a fool who believed in his own invincibility, refused to see the writing on the wall until he was finally yanked out the door on Saturday night, March 08.

For the rest i have mentioned above, if you have any dignity left, please pack up and leave. You have lost touch. You have no clue as to what you are doing and what works. You are no ‘goliaths’ and the ‘davids’ of bloggers beat you to the punch – with so little.

There is now a clamour for the PM to resign.

For me, Badawi should stay and take this opportunity to totally purge the rot and make good the promises he made us in 2004, beginning with the cabinet, judiciary and police.

Let God be his guide and witness; never the SIL. In fact, if Badawi sees it fitting to lead him out to pasture for the mess that he is largely responsible for, Badawi should.

It’s still not too late PM. Do it and you’ll be the rakyat’s hero. You can be our Bapak of Change and i will sing praises for you.

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  1. mwrmmg permalink

    Wong interview with lim guan eng…
    Its the first question…
    Without any experience working in the state or Federal Cabinet, how do you expect to run the state? Arlene

    Lim: When we talk about experience, I always say that I don’t have experience in corruption and misappropriation of funds. So it is with that attitude – that if we are honest and have a sense of integrity, we have the ability and capability to do it. Of course it is a learning curve but if based on good principles, values and governance, I think we can benefit the state and get things done.

    Now, i think all corrupted people don’t have any experience in corruption, that is before they are corrupted.
    If they have experience they wont get caught. Is this guy going to get caught?

    The reason our friend here has no experience is that he was of no interest to anyone… till about a week ago.

    lets watch

  2. When all the official documents and files of the previous BN state governments were cleared, it is obvious who were the corrupt ones.

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