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DBKL has to wake up and serve the rakyat

March 26, 2008

Just picked up the joint statement by the 10 newly elected MPs of Kuala Lumpur here.

The tsunami for change has swept through the country on March 8 and yet we still have people, and what makes it worse is that they are civil servants, who are resistant to change.

These people at DBKL have forgotten about their position and job after years and years of patronage, gerrymandering and corruptions.

DBKL. You are civil servants. You serve the rakyat. You are NOT beholden to serve the Barang Naik administration.

When you should be looking at – amongst others – clogged drains, uncollected garbage, pot-holes, broken street lights and rats-infestation of the KL communities, you have turned into bullies and ‘gansters’ serving the so-called haprak masters.

If you want to play politics, all you tak-guna(s) (hopeless fools) should resign from your jobs and get into politics. Then you’ll see how hard your ass can be kicked by the rakyat.

Datuk Bandar KL, may i remind you of the vision of DBKL which is “Ke arah menjadikan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, sebuah bandaraya bertaraf dunia and you can go to the DBKL website for a refresher course, here.

Stick to what you are paid to do and stop being an arse-kisser! You should be kissing the rakyat’s arse if that’s what you love to do for we pay your salaries.

And tell all your machais to stop harassing the poor rakyat who are trying hard to make an honest living and trying hard to keep their heads above the drowning rising cost of living.

Perhaps the rakyat should boycott DBKL by refusing to pay all the statutory cukais and dumb rubbish all over the mainroads in KL to help accelerate “KL into a worldclass city” as per the city’s vision.

Wake up, DBKL. Change your thinking. Change your attitude. You are not the master but civil servants. So go about doing your job like an obedient servant civilly.

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  1. clearwater permalink

    Hear! Hear! For real change to happen, we must bring back local elections. Let us take back power from the political appointees who think they owe their positions to their political masters. Let us, the residents of Kuala Lumpur, decide who we want as mayor to administer our city. Let openess and transparency prevail.

    Datuk Bandar K L – JUST DO THE JOB YOU ARE PAID FOR. Serve the public without fear or favor. Stop your politicking, you are not good at it. Your rice bowl has shrunk with the tsunami of March 8 and may even disappear altogether if you don’t adjust to the new dawn.

  2. bayi permalink

    There is a massive problem with the present system. Ten out of eleven parliamentary seats in Kuala Lumpur have gone to the opposition and DBKL is still as apathetic as ever! The staff there behave like they will get their gaji anyway, even if they don’t do their work! WTF!

  3. zhunxen permalink

    Hey hey you you, well when it comes to money collection they are extremely hardworking. Ask them to process some stuffs for you, “kamu mesti tunggu approval dulu ok?” and never get back to you. Worldclass city? we can achieve it. just that we dont have the world class administration to fit in. Just like our sports and our ‘technology’. First world facilities, third world mentality. Grow up la DBKL, MBPJ…etc etc

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