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The height of irresponsibility!

April 18, 2008

* 29 without Questions
* 5 DAP MPs did not submit a single question for Parliament – apologies 

29 MPs did not submit parliamentary questions!

“I am glad of all details, whether they seem to you to be relevant or not.” – Sherlock Holmes

The headline above was the title of the email i received out of the blue from my cyberbuddy, Sherlock.

Sherlock don’t usually write me but when he does it’s usually about a matter of great import. And i agree with him that when 29 out of our 222 Members of Parliament did not submit their parliamentary questions recently it sure is A MATTER OF GREAT IMPORT – AND CONCERN!

It is definitely the height of irresponsibility!

W … T … F …!!! i screamed (in my head.) This cannot do … what was this bunch of idiots thinking? Don’t they know their first and most important responsibility as members of parliament?

Sherlock was absolutely spot on when he titled his email the way he did. i will go one further. i will expose these sluggards and give them a dress down so bad they’ll remember never ever to repeat the same mistake in future. And for those MP wannabes, to serve as an example of what-not-to-do.

Hey, you, MPs of the most slothful kind, what were your motives in standing for your parliamentary seats election during the just completed 12th General Election?

If your collective answer is ‘to serve your respective constituencies’ then you must be the biggest LIARS in town. Not submitting your parliamentary questions – not even one for the 28 April maiden session? – is hardly indicative of your passion to want to serve, izzit?

No excuse. You should all resign from your MP-ship and be happy with your life-long pensions. Heck, the rakyat has to bear this burden for the rest of your lives, too, right?

We do not need seat warmers in Parliament. We do not need people who are there for the position and perks and insist on being addressed as YB wherever they may appear. We do not need slime balls / ovarians in the august house. We do not need opportunists, period. Get out if you have any dignity!

Parliamentary questions are where MPs prove their salt. The more penetrating questions they bring to the table the more we’ll know our MPs truthfully understand the problems that are besieging the rakyat and country. The more penetrating they are the more the people who are in positions of responsibility will be kept on their toes!

Not even one question?

Why, if national issues are beyond you, then ask lah why the roads, drains, rubbish, street lights or traffic lights are ‘out of order’ in your constituency! But then again, if you are only capable of such questions, then you should move your asses to the local councils instead of park yourselves in Parliament. On second thought, no, you should just give up altogether and crawl back into the hole where you emerged from.

i am so hot under the collar you won’t believe it. Especially with those MPs from Pakatan Rakyat. There are two names in particular whom i am especially peeved with. i shall not name them but you’ll have to do your detective work in this blog for i, and numerous others out there, have given time and energy to help ‘promote’ them to be where they are now. As for me, i could have kicked myself.

MPs who do not submit questions are akin to blur sotongs. Besides not knowing their jobs they are also devoid of ideas. For no ideas equate with no vision. And that’s a dangerous position to be in when you are supposedly law makers.

When one also cannot tell a good law from a bad one, what makes one thinks one knows which one to throw out and which one to vote in, let alone come up with new ones to keep up with the times? (A shiver just ran down my spine. Just hope it’s not a forewarning of ominous events to come.)

The guilty Pakatan Rakyat MPs should be taken to task by their leaders for this dire dereliction of duty. If the government-in-waiting wants further mass support to invoke “change for the better” this dream just cannot happen when you operate in this kind of no-questions vacuum. Clueless MPs, i would think, would be liabilities rather than strengths to their party, constituents and country.

i call upon DS Anwar Ibrahim of PKR and YB Lim Kit Siang of DAP (yes YB, you do have a delinquent prominent academician in your midst) to do the needful and quickly correct the situation before the rakyat wise up to this height of irresponsibility. The damage could be irreparable.

Notice something? i did not mention YB Tuan Guru DS Haji Hadi Awang of PAS. Why, PAS MPs names were not in the dirty list. Not one. Says a lot about the quality of PAS MPs, huh?

At this point, let me also raise a few questions that have been bugging me of late. i hope to be enlightened by the knowledgeable readers who do read my blog:

  • Is there a difference between a NGO and a politician?
  • Do NGOs make good politicians?
  • Does a NGO know how to shake off his or her NGO’s ‘mentality’ once he or she becomes a Member of Parliament?

i admit these are not easy questions to answer.

i guess the closest one can get to answering them would largely depend on whether one is still drooling with mother’s milk from the corner of one’s mouth or one has graduated to the single-malt hard stuff, or, if one truly knows the difference between masturbation and real sex.

Alright, alright, here’s the list, aiyoh …

1. Abd. Rahman bin Bakri – Sabak Bernam – BN
2. Datuk Haji Wahab bin Haji Dolah – Igan – BN
3. Dato’ Dr Abdullah bin Md Zin – Besut – BN
4. Ahmad Lai bin Bujang – Sibuti – BN
5. Datuk Anifah bin Aman @ Haniff Amman – Kimanis – BN
6. Abit Joo Hulu – Rajang – BN
7. Ding Kuong Hiing – Sarikei – BN
8. Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin bin Mohd Jarjis – Rompin – BN
9. Dato’ Dr James Dawos Mamit – Mambong – BN
10. Dato’ Seri Mohd Radzi bin Sheikh Ahmad – Kangar – BN
11. Dato’ Sri Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah – Mukah – BN
12. Dato’ Seri Rafidah binti Aziz – Kuala Kangsar – BN
13. Datuk Dr Tekhee @ Tiki Anak Lafe – Mas Gading – BN
14. William @ Nyallau Anak Badak – Lubok Antu – BN
15. Datuk Haji Yusoff Bin Mahal – Labuan – BN
16. Charles Anthony a/l R Santiago – Klang – DAP
17. Er Teck Hwa – Bakri – DAP
18. Hiew King Cheu – Kota Kinabalu – DAP
19. John a/l Fernandez – Seremban – DAP
20. Prof Dr P Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy – Batu Kawan – DAP
21. Abdullah Sani bin Abdul Hamid – Kuala Langat – PKR
22. Haji Ahmad Kassim – Kuala Kedah – PKR
23. Chua Tian Chang – Batu – PKR
24. Gobalakrishnan a/l Nagapan – Padang Serai – PKR
25. Dato’ Kamarul Baharin Abbas – Telok Kemang – PKR
26. Manikavasagam a/l Sundaram – Kapar – PKR
27. Dato’ Rashid bin Din – Merbok – PKR
28. William Leong Jee Keen – Selayang – PKR
29. Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad – Hulu Selangor – PKR

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  1. anonymous permalink

    Bloody hell! A waste of public fund to get them elected. IamaMalaysian, you mean none of them could frame a single question for a minister to answer? As a layman I can immediately post a very simple question for the Minister of Transport: Do the Minister intend to abolish road tax for motor vehicle with less than 1600 CC capacity?

    If I can do it just like that why can’t those MPs do it? If they feel that it is so difficult then they are not fit to be MP. Just resign immediately. GAJI BUTA sahaja!!! None of them can be forgiven for their failure.

    Iamamalaysian, thank you for highlighting this horrible facts to us. Please make sure that the respective leaders of these MPs be also reprimanded for allowing them to stand under their respective party’s ticket.

    Good job. You are a responsible blogger. We need blogger like you so that this nation can progress.

    Great Stuff

  2. wak segen permalink

    “Hey, you, MPs of the most slothful kind, what were your motives in standing for your parliamentary seats election during the just completed 12th General Election?…” if u donno…for the rm6500 allowance..+++ = rm20000+ laa…wat else…cari makan maa….

  3. Hey,Good People!
    Out of the 29, 15 are BN.
    DAP & PKR ! Wait ,lah! Slowly Slowly Catch the Monkey!
    It is a Parliamentary Convention that you dont reveal all your cards at one go.
    Please! Understand the system – YB William Leong is a trained Barrister! I have seen him in action!
    And people,please allow the first session & first wek to go & watch the fireworks!
    PS: I will be posting this on my blog:

  4. Texas168 permalink

    Before everyone gets excited about the MPs not submitting questions, ask yourself what is the use if the Ministers that we have are Nazri, Nor Yaakub, Krismudin, etc. Waste time asking them questions. Just change the government to Pakatan Rakyat.

  5. Yes, we need questions..doesn’t matter if it is stupid or not. On the other hand, will there be any good answers for it??? I can’t wait for the first sitting…

  6. lee permalink

    Some being raw first timer-DAP/PKR give them a chance to get the feel of the August house. As it goes along I am sure there will be a plenty on the platter.As for the BN goons maybe waiting for the fun to begin as bocur,one-eyed,etc………-rewrite

  7. dolah bodoh permalink

    Of course we expect questions that’s their job, it is not for them to worry about whether answers re forthcoming … dont give bullshit like they are not showing all their cars lah….you can all submit the same question to force an issue for all i care but do your work. if not the next time we don’t choose you.
    For those of you who still don’t get it, its no longer about BN or PKR !!!! its about us the people.

    If PKR can do the work we vote them if BN reforms itself and becomes the best thing since sliced bread (no matter how unlikely that may be) we vote for them

    It is about us and how we make sure we get the best out of the Government

  8. novice101 permalink

    One voter’s reaction and opinion!

    My reaction on reading this, is one of total disbelief! Countless questions flooded my mind. How can this happen? How can this be allowed to happened? Why on earth, do these people offered themselves for election, in the first instance? What motivated them, then? How can the motivation disappear so fast? Do they have any principles or are they just plain opportunists? Who do they think the voters are – just brainless idiots! Are these newly-minted MPs aware of the duties and responsibilities of a MP? Have the parties they represent play its proper roles?

    Do our opinions still count with these parties and these MPs? I have decided to overlook this. I will attribute this negligence to the inexperience of the parties and the MPs. I will even offer an excuse, on their behalf – too much demands with too little time!

    But just in case they mistake my magnanimosity for stupidity, I will issue them a warning – no more seat-warming from now on! We voted for you to represent us in parliament, so work you must!

    For the leaders in DAP and PKR – your delinquent statistical percentages are 18% and 29% respectively. These do not speak well of your sense of responsibility! I cannot discern any difference between your MPs and those from the BN. I voted for you because I want to have a difference – I want you to provide the check and balance in parliament! Please show me you are up to the tasks.

  9. Gagak Putih permalink

    Regardless of whichever political affiliation these MPs are from, it is the height of irresponsibility of these MPs who did not field a question.

    Don’t give the excuse ‘not showing all their cards’, etc crap.

    Looks like rakyat made mistake selecting lazy people into Parliament.

    Or maybe, horrors! These MPs do not know what they are supposed to do!!!

    Next GE, we must ask MP candidates what, how they intend to do in Parliament and most important of all, do they know what to do in Parliament.

  10. It is slightly unnerving to think that 29 out of 222 MP’s do not know what to ask in Parliament. They are the “wakil rakyat”, if they have no idea what to ask, then they could always go back to the rakyat and ask what they want to see get done, or explained. They are Members of Parliament, but also the People’s Representatives. Their questions should reflect on what the people want to know.

    If these 29 MP’s don’t even understand the most fundamental issues involved, and can’t even show some dedication in what is to be th first Parliament session, then it just shows how unreliable they are.

    Is it safe to assume that for these 29 MP’s, all is so well and fine that there need not be questions to be raised?

    A big disappointment, whether or not the MP’s are from BN or from PR.


  11. jbhlee permalink

    C’mon. Judge them after period of time. Just because we have 222 parlimentarians, we need all of them to submit questions? Can they not exercise collective consultation with party members and questions if similar need not be put through. Submit for the sake of submitting? I agree that MPs must raise questions but I would say give them some time. What if an MP submit dozens of question…he passed the test?

  12. La Cha Mau permalink

    iamamalaysian……alo alo i say, pls do not get emotional and overtly excited about nothing. If I were elected as a MP, I will likewise do the same. I will never reveal my hand. MPs must make it a point not to make the Govt go on the defensive and prepare the answers but instead ask them orally during question time. The resultant fireworks is definitely more explosively beautiful. Sun Tzu once said, “Masturbate directly in front of your enemy’s woman and ensure that you release your full load BEFORE you ravish her”.

  13. Good one, bro.

    This is what can happen when the selection of candidates are driven by party leadership and/or policies.

    The vetting process is flawed due to:

    a) no transitional process in place e.g. young local ELECTED councilors who can be ‘promoted’ onto a higher level of public accountability as an MP should be. Trained elephants come to mind.

    b) the short 2-3 week period between the dissolution of parliament and polling day whereby there’s a mad scramble to put up suitable candidates by political parties. I’ve personally heard an eleventh hour offer for a state seat to someone I know by DAP with a demand for an answer within 30 minutes! They got “NO” as an indignant reply. And of course, BN plays the ‘who wants to be my machai’ gambit on their aspiring not-so-bright candidates.

    I’ve said this before – There is no difference between a BN donkey and a PR donkey in parliament. And now we know why.

  14. carteblancheleeway permalink

    Even many politicians in India derelict their duty.. The main of many MPs sitting in the parliament seem to not to discuss the issues of importance but to critcise government, even on some of the very good measures taken by govt.

    Many policitians in India recently critcised 123 agreement drawn betweeen India and US without even knowing what the agreement is all about. And a very lame excuse to such ignorance which a 10 grade student will not buy was “Our party asked us to do so”…

    Do we really live in a growing democracy?

  15. I could suggest some questions which are:

    1. How many deaths have occurred in National Service camps aqnd out of camps to date, inclusive of trainers?

    2. Who are the cronies…oops the contractors involved in the upkeep of the camps, the food caterers, the uniform suppliers, the transport suppliers eyc etc?

    3. Any of these cronies…ooops what’s wrong with me…related or linked to UMN… oops again politicians?

    4. How many Ministers children have attended NS training?

    5. If exempted, why?

    6. Can it be made compulsory for all Ministers children to attend NS training?

    7. How about scrapping the whole nS program and utilising the money for education scholarships?

    8. What is the racial composition of the crony…oops and double ooops contractors ? Give the numbers.

    9. How many brawls have there been in NS camps between the racial groups?

    10. How many rape case have occured which the public is not aware of since the inception of this program?

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Just wait for the fireworks to explode

  17. Good expose bro.

  18. ness permalink

    “Why, PAS MPs names were not in the dirty list. Not one. Says a lot about the quality of PAS MPs, huh?”

    spot on, man!

  19. Joe Tan permalink

    I vote for Chua Tian Chang at Batu

    I wonder is he only good at street demonstration ???

  20. BodahNsombong permalink

    Just ask la, whats the latest bail out by Petronas?

    Oops! Whats the latest purchase of Petronas? Big, over 3 Billion ringgit! Tu pun mau ajar ke?

  21. LSW1965 permalink

    Regret to note this. But for those first timer MPs, please give them time to learn. They may not fully know the rules, procedures and working of the Parliament. I would suggest that their respective party holds intensive course for them before Parliament convenes. Everybody has to learn.

    Asking questions is not the only job of the MPs. Having just elected, they have to attend to their respective constituency’s needs including setting up office, engage assistant, attending to members of their constituency who come for advice or help and etc.

    Just give them a chance and don’t write them off now.

  22. anonymous permalink

    Good job bro. It is a coalition of all parties so not so bad-lah. Yu must give chance lah sidikit. Don’t hantam like that. They will cry.

    Joke aside. Sending in questions is one of the most important, if not the most important task of an MP. If doing such a simple task is a problemtehnwhat else can they do for us. I believe many of us can frame 100 of questions for them to ask if and if they ask us to do them.

    If you said that this is the first time that they have been elected so we should exfcuse them. haro! Loh Guo Burne, the video clip expert, Nurul Izzah and a few others were able to do it why can’t these 29 do.

    Good for you Loh Guo Burne and Nurul Izzah. At lest you are not with the 29 idiots, who only know how to take salaries only.

    They should be ashame of themselves.

  23. You hit them right between the legs!

  24. bloodyhellspeakup permalink

    hello elected frens of DAP AND PKR (forget about those BN)….enjoyment celebration long gone already…plse buck up and do the needful. I bet sure in your kawasan there is alot question to ask…..plse go to the ground and talk to the public in your area. Get your ass up and working.,..or coming next election you guys wont be on my list anymore…me as man on the street can come up with hundreds of question…why cant you guys….plse learn something from tony pua..who opened to the public about what to ask… my ..hello cuti sudah habiz….time to work -out..my2 this bunch of malaysian never guys are WAKIL….paham….haiya…geramnya…pulas telinga baru tau

  25. sinnersaint permalink

    i’ll only comment after the debates starts…. then we have a measurement on our elected MPs…. if we have given the ruling coalition 50 years, when are we pressuring the newly elected PR MPs to be SUPERMEN/WOMEN…. lets give em a chance and there’s enough time ie 4 yrs to “judge” em.

    btw i’m not a member of any party….. i’m for HUMANITY.

    Thank you

  26. anonymous permalink

    If Lim Kit Siang never criticised Pak Lah, Khairy, Kamludin, scomi, ecm libra and the like, what wrong if the MPs did not submit Parliamentary questions.

    So it is ok. Leadership by example. If the whole country knew about all the Pak Lah’s scandals but Kit Siang not aware. so the same lah with the MP not submitting questions. Kit Siang was not aware of the obvious scandals of Pak Lah and the MPs not asare that they had to submit Parliamentary questions. Two kali lima.

    Never mindlah bro. This is politics Malaysian style. The public will still blindly support eithrer BN, DAP, PKR when the time come. It is due to this attitude and thinking thats’ why the politics in Malaysia is very shallow. The politician like Pak Lah, Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar got away with murder. All they need top do is jsut lie and the public will jsut believe them.

    Glad that you expose these lazy lots. I hope that you got your facts right otherwise Karpalk Singh will jump on the band wagon to sue you like whast he intedn to do to the judge who ticked his lawyer off for being late and failed to submit their submission. This Karpal Singh is just a joke and has already passed his expiry date.

  27. Prachai permalink

    I don’t think we need to jump around at this … It is the first session so let’s see how things work out first. By the way, you are assuming that asking a question is better than not asking one. But asking a stupid question wastes everyone’s time, so just by saying someone has submitted a question doesn’t really say much …

    Waiting can also be an action. I won’t say the PR are derelict at this point, but if they persist in say the coming next few sessions, then I will.

  28. Frank permalink

    I have a different view.

    Not necessary that all back benchers must ask questions.

    What is needed is focus ie specific issues.

    You don’t want a fish market chattering in Parliament.

    Generally the party whip will make a list of quesctions to be asked of Government, so as to keep the Parliament sessions focus on a limited range of issues of greater public and national interest.

    There should be more questions of national interest than local constituency issues.

    Usually the party leader will decide what issues to give focus to each day or each session and allow members to top up with constituency issues.

    There are more parliamentary sessions in the next 5 years. The Hansard will let us know whether we have elected dumb and deaf wakil rakyats.

    No, I would not be too bothered if most MPs don’t ask questions. Rather more important, WHAT questions are being asked.

    For this Parliament, the senior MPs should help out the newbies on how to frame questions and type of questions to ask so as not to waste parliament time.

    Don’t expect good answers or clever answers. Some questions are meant to be political land mines, and do not solve rakyat problems.

    I would take it easy for this first parliament session.

    Stay cool folks. It is only the first session. More to come.

  29. trossseven permalink

    maybe some of us might say, give them a chance, they are first timer, yup, we should give them a chance but with us as their expenses?

    this article suits the purpose of check and balances needed for all the MPs, because it is our job to watch how our politician do their job for US!

    maybe they dont have any questions to ask, hell, i give them plenty:

    Government projects and its contractors should be listed in the media for the citizen to see,criticize (for pro and cons) and acknowledged, how can this be implemented and can it be done within this year?

  30. ultraman permalink

    I think it’s bloody unfair to judge the opposition MPs this way, especially the first time MPs, given that this is the first session of parliment.

    If this is the first time I’m stepping into parliment as an MP, I’d rather watch and listen first. I’d be paying some attention to learn parlimentary procedures and protocols first. Otherwise, when I make a fool of myself, I’d embarass my party and the people who voted for me.

    You armchair critics/voters should learn not to be so trigger-happy and so quick to condemn the MPs, some of whom seem to have dedicated their career to fighting for your rights, against all odds.

  31. Hey, pls give PR MPs a chance…..its their first time……anyway, y dont we gauge PR MPs only by the 2nd meeting?Its fair for them to get the exposure first….then they can ask perhaps more logical and quality qs???Some are fast learners, some are slow learners…..However, BN MPs should all be gauged by their first meeting….coz they are old people running old party of 50yr old…..BTw, what qs did Khairy proposed?Najis?Pak Lah?They are the VVIP of Malaysia who shld proposed a more logical qs to help the nation…not something like Tengku Faris ideology on Ketuanan Melayu…..Am I rite?PR MPs those who did not submit the qs shld hentam meja together all when any BN MPs propose racist qs,answer,ideas……PR MPs btw are not racist compared to BN MPs, so we should forgive them……PR MPs are opposition MPs who should know when to and not to hentam meja……according to the Constitution, any 15 oppositions regardless of whatever the amount of opposition MPs who hentam meja will get the qs or even the idea out from the topic…..and for ur information….this is my first time blogging under…… pls visit my website and gv me suggestions or even teach me what do i need more in my blog to get my blog listed on the side of Malaysia Today or any PR websites similar to MT……thx a lot…….anyway, BN MPs are goons who will get contracts/bonuses being the running dogs of UMNO who will deal with undertable……pity,pity,pity BN……..whereas PR MPs are not affected by the act of sabotage of BN MPs……jz look at Guan Eng running Penang… clean and thrifty……thats the kind of MP we need right????So the issue of MPs not submitting qs, PR MPs should learn to improve their current skills not thinking so much about everybody submitting qs, as long as sufficient qs that make sense and impt matters more rite???any view u can jz put a comment on my blogspot…..more advise from amateur and professionals are needed for people like me who are beginners in blogging……thx

  32. madulebah permalink

    Ask about education system; choose primary alone will provide you with more than 222 questions to ask. Please.

  33. I am also a Malaysian permalink

    I have no IDEA why I am a Malaysian is getting hot under the collar, are you advocating asking questions simply for the sake of asking questions, there are over 200 plus MPs, if all are going to do the asking and talking, who is then going to do the listening. With over 200 plus MPs, there will be many questions that maybe duplicated, listeninbg and not asking questions does NOT mean my MP whoever he is – is not doing his job, so stop making a big DEAL over NOTHING.

  34. 20. Prof Dr P Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy – Batu Kawan – DAP

    This is a professor.. what a shame

  35. nkteong permalink

    It is a bit too harsh to judge the MPs for not asking question this early into the Parliment. Please give them the benefit of the doubt first, but make a note and monitor them. There would be many questions to debate on. This is only the start of a long process.

  36. These people ( component parties of PR ) are just saving their questios for the second round.You people please do not get excited so early.The actual disappointment will be the answers and not the questions.

    Our ministers level of intelligence is wellknown and that’s why there is no live coverage for the parliamentary meeting.The one who poses the question usually vomit blood in parliament.

    You can’t be too serious in parliament when species of the lowest level are everywhere.

  37. Ibnu Khuzaimah permalink

    There are 2 categories of questions, written and oral. Normally, written questions were given answers in writing where as oral were debated.
    The first seating took days to debate the Yang Dipertuan Agong address.
    I don’t care if they submit or not. Importantly they must be able to take part in debates intelligently. Apparently they can become the support voice from the many Q’ submitted by their peers. Give them the chance this time

    29. Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Bin Ahmad – Hulu Selangor – PKR

    I can forgive the rest coz they are newboys or rookies. But this one. He was ex Selangor Deputy Menteri Besar and exco during Tyson’s period. (correct me if I’m wrong.

  38. Professor Dr. P. Ramasamy is the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang…you can’t blame him for not submitting a question..that’s overkill isn’t it?
    The man’s got a whole island to take care of

    and i think this whole article smacks of overkill..please-lah…

  39. panca permalink

    Certainly these MPs deserve some riled-up! There should be any question of not doing your homework and the keyword is…be prepared! Of course, I am talking about these Pakatan Rakyat that were voted to Parliament.

    You have to show more than any average good manager as in your course of your duty(we have NO hope from BN anymore, we have heard enough), you have to prove your worth, diligently for the People.

    But I am glad for now, that the MP that I voted for CHANGE in PJ was not in the list of those who didn’t submit!

    Keep It FIRE UP, Pakatan Rakyat!

  40. Tq for alerting us that there are MPs who do not take their job seriously, the raise the plight of the people to the law making body. Confusius said, if you ask question, you will look stupid for a minute but if you dont ask, you will be stupid for the rest of your life.

    Ketuanan Rakyat @ Makhal Sakthi

  41. smokinlala2002 permalink

    What is the big deal of not asking questions during the first session? Come on. They need time to warm the seats and mind you, is it written in the parliment rule that, MPs must asked questions for the first session.

    Blur Sotong you or them….

  42. anonymous permalink

    what type of mentality do we have? If you are opposition ok lor. If your are BN MP then we must angry lor! what 3rd class mentality. I see readers are still finding excuse for Professor Dr Ramsamy, Penang Deputy MB. Ramasamy should be crucified withno sympathy whatsoever. The reason being that he could have asked his his staff in the Timbalan MB office to help with the questions.

    The other two MP that cannot be forgiven are Tian Chua and William Leong Jee Keen because they are the so-called top leaders of PKR.

    Some of you made it as though it was extremely difficult to frame 10 oral questions. Please do not be emperor apologists. They are not up to mark. They don’t have the right attitude. May be they are fit to be NGOs.

    They have a mentality problems. They do not take their MP work seriously. That’s why they took it easy without realising that they are now MPs and they need to act for their constituents.

    Lim Kit Siang must be fuming mad over this. What to do when you select cronies for the sake of contesting the elections in order to prop up your own position in the party.

    Of course, Anwar should be mad over this too because his boys are no different.

  43. ano permalink

    I really, really, wanted to give them a chance. I want them to take part in the debate, and observe how the taiko do their work at first.

    But at the same time, it was damm embarassing when the monkey KJ *did* submit his questions (irregardless on the question) and Tok Guru Hadi Awang also did his job, remember, this guy was hospitalised last week! Not to mention Lim Guan Eng and TS Khalid who got a State to run.

  44. coolooc permalink

    – comment deleted by administrator –

  45. Looking at the full list of the 29 MPs who did not submitted the questions before the dateline, it is interesting to note some of them are seasoned politicians and former ministers. It is obvious that these seasoned politicians and former ministers are not really interested to take part in the parliamentary debates and their interests are only in making money and looking after their personal interests. These people should never be given a chance to be elected again.

    For those who were newly elected this time around they may be excusable and if they are to repeat the same mistake, they should be shown the exit door, and in the next election get others who are more interested to contest their MP seats.

  46. Unfortunately, my MP (Ahmad Lai bin Bujang – Sibuti) is in the list!!

    Note: Nice to note, none of the PAS MP in the list. :-)

  47. par permalink

    I just want to put some questions

    1. How many got JPA scholarship -breakdown in catogories-medicine, engineering, pharmacy,law, bio-medicine etc.

    2. Give the names of the students who received it. List it out in the media like who received the AP’s.

    3. What amount was dispersed and when was dispersed.

    4. How many have graduated and what year they graduated.

    5. How many did not come back from overseas. Why? What was JPA doing all this while for not monitoring them.

  48. Richard permalink

    Its the first session so no need to go around shouting about it.

  49. anonymous permalink

    Good for you. You are a famous blogger now. Front page in the Star. Sin Chew Daily on page 4. Great Stuff. Now the MSM had to take note what the blogger do.

    The Star had to take notice. If not it is like the Sleepy Head, who is still sleeping and thinking that the country loves him. The country hated him except the msm loves him. The 4th floor boys should advice the Sleeping Head that his game is over.

    Now how about exposing people like Vincent Lim , the 4th floor supremo?

  50. Rakyat56 permalink

    Coolooc, if you have nothing to contribute, shut the f#@k up.

  51. will be an opposition voter when i turn 18 permalink

    15 out of the 29 are from BN of whom some had experiences as MPs. Do we see that on Star’s front page? Hell no! Instead the virgin MPs of the opposition yang kena KAW KAW.

    Haih, wtf MSM.

  52. Yes there is absolute truth and I am glad to hear you believe this

  53. Mohamad Fadhil permalink


    The MSM found out about this piece of news from the blogs! Except that The Sunday Star didn’t specifically (or maybe intentionally) did not mention your blog by name. But good job anyway. Thanks must also go to your friend Sherlock who provided the item.

    Anyway, you may notice that the Sunday Star article did not list the the 29 MPs. In the follow-up article they concentrated in getting the responses of the PR MPs with only 2 MPs from BN being quoted.

  54. anon permalink

    The elected representatives work for the Rakyat, not the Party. As such, the Party works for the Rakyat.

    Here is an evidence where the elected representatives have forgotten their promises to the Rakyat. The BN candidates promises to do this, ask that. And the same with PR candidates.

    All have promised one thing – all the candidates promised to WORK HARD FOR THE RAKYAT ie their voters. Thus, there is not excuse for them failing to submit their questions. This is a very important event.

    Excuses like “no time”, “not aware”, “been very busy”, “its part af a strategy”, etc etc are nothing but excuses. As elected representatives, they should NEVER forget this – we elected them to represent us (Rakyat), NOT to represent their party, NOT to represent the government, NOT to represent anyone else. We put them there, so dont give us excuses like that. I take it as a personal insult.

    No matter whether these elected representatives are new to the place, there are other elected representatives that are equally fresh in the Parliament and they have submitted their questions. Who cares if the same question is being asked by others. If the same burning issue affects by more than one constituency, so be it. Ask away. It will show that not just one constituency is interested in that issue.

    So elected representatives, do your job. We put you there, we can put someone else there. We did that in PRU12, remember?

    Note: I choose not to use the term MP for these people, to remind them and us who the are really supposed to be. Otherwise, they might think they are members of a fancy club.

  55. gems permalink

    29 out of 222? That’s about 13%… Not to downplay what seems to be some very concerned comments about your MPs, but here’s what pass for “acceptable behaviour” on my side of the world:

    There are only 41 seats and currently the split 26/15. The Opposition Leader was susupended after a row with the Speaker so it’s now 26/14. The Chief Whip wants to resign his seat to force a by-election and the ensuing campaign but for 90 days the Parliament will be 26/13… And all the Government needs to pass some laws that infringe on human rights is a 2/3 majority…

    Oh and on some days the Opposition just boycotts Parliament and don’t sit. The Government says they act “repsonsibly” when they pass bills without debate…

    Classic case of getting the leadership we deserve.

    Trinidad, West Indies

  56. lizardyeo permalink

    Great job! Truth kills in this world of cheats. Get rid of the cheats and let truth prevails.

  57. Cleared permalink

    Anwar Ibrahim too acknolwdged this list and apologised on behalf of the “lazy” MPs.

    NB: I will say they were not lazy and irresponsible but somehow events overtook them. I think we need to be easy on them particularly the new ones. Hope they will improve. Some of them also have too many duties and some are not married to be reminded of their spouses. (lol)

  58. balan nambiar permalink

    You people bloggers made us vote for this so called MP’s.Make sure they do the job…!.We just watch u blogger’s whether u all choose the right MP’s.I remind u all “Barking’s dog won’t bite”.May be some of the MP’S attending Bahasa malaysia Tuition! for improving their bahasa…
    Any good work on your expose…Just monitor these fella’s.We know what to do with this so called Rakyat Champions..and mute…Makkal koral konon….!

  59. tok guru paliment permalink

    Don’t be stupid to rush questions and judge from that. No paliment can answer all the questions in the first sitting, even SPM exam paper with 60 questions takes 2hrs to answer. What the Fuck is wrong not to submit question if my fellow party members are 1st on the list to submit and follow by me?

    Get on with life, guess you don’t have one!

    Chua Tian Chang – Batu – PKR, you have my support! Don’t worry you will have another 22 years in Paliment, you will have a lot of oppotunity. Not asking question but more for giving answer. :) Read my lips.

  60. rafiq permalink

    Just in case the unthinking or noncreative MP’s need a mind, let me give them a clue. 1 JUN 08, Govt’s going to implement new safety belt law, requiring back passengers in a car to to ‘BELT UP’. Anyone of the MP’s realise that thousands of malaysians are going to be victims of the law. How can you belt up 3 to 4 passengers sitting at the back seat when the new cars only come with two safety belts. What about the hundreds of thousands vehicles esp. old vehicles on the roads without these facilities. Carrying more then two passengers at the back seats is very common in MALAYSIA, especially rural areas. This is common in Malaysia where old and the young travel with their parents, grand parents, friends and family members. We are not a developed country so please dont compare this country with some SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, JAPAN etc coz these countries have excellent transport system compared to MALAYSIA. Our transport system is not even 20% close the the system of these countries. THINK MR. MP. THINK MR PRIME MINISTER.

  61. Akop Terek permalink

    Well, eventhough it is rather quite early in judging these MP’s capability to serve their constituencies, this serve as a reminders to them not to take the vote of the people for granted. Especially to those MP’s from PR, it is not too late to show that you are really capable to execute the highest task expected by your voters. Otherwise, please do not dream of ruling the whole country, eventhough you have aready 4 if you keep on neglecting your reponsibility.

  62. Hey bro,

    Now the MSM (theStar) picks up lead from your blog and unashamedly publish it on the front page. That must have hurt big time for them. But no attribution to you lah, man.

    And as usual, their story was skewed towards the PR MPs.

    Speaking of which, check out this story –

    Meanwhile, if Sherlock is busy, can I borrow Watson ah bro? Got a ‘durian’ story I wanna break…


  63. Mohamad Fadhil permalink

    Aha! The Star online has already put up a link to this blog at around 4pm Malaysian time.

    Check out the latest comment by A. Asohan at Rocky’s Bru.

  64. Erratum…

    A. Asohan, theStar’s new media editor admitted a remiss on their article. He mentioned it at Rocky’s posting at 4.05pm (local time).

    Yer now quoted on their on-line version, bro.

    Is this the beginning of a ‘beautiful’ relationship between the fourth and the fifth?

    *Wahhh.. yer famous… errr, bro.. can you get back down to earth ah*

  65. Justice 4 Altantuya permalink

    yes……we need answers for
    what is the crime rate overall esp. rape cases
    murder, snatch thievies,
    distribution of Government Scholarships for overseas studies -breakdown among the races-unofficial figures put it at 30,000 for Muslim Malays & 1100 for non-Malays ?
    Jobs in Government Depts/Ministries,Embassies all dominated by One race 99% i.e. Malays
    How many minority races esp.Indians die whilst under Police Custody & what is the result of on going investigation for the outstanding cases?
    What is the state of health of the Hindraf Leaders currently held under ISA unjust detention?
    MPs from Keadilan-Pas-Dap please help the Rakyat with all these questions-we need answers .

  66. venkat permalink

    it is good you asked the question. As it was reported in the star, many are novices are did not realize they had to post the questions many days ahead. But it is good to keep them in their toes nonetheless.

    I think they should be ready by next time. By the way poor Gopalakrishnan is in detention. Of course we also have limited if any expectations from the BN MPs.

  67. venkat permalink


    There is a proverb that one should never write letters when angry and I think that goes for blogs too.

    In your posting straight went for the attack instead even considering if there were any worthy reasons or valid excuses that could give them the benefit of doubt. We would not absolve them of not asking question, but we will not be angry if we realize they are new to the system. It takes a little bit of time to get settled down.

    Sherlock obviously did not have all the details, did he.

  68. BoysOwnBloggers,EnoughAlready permalink

    >>Sun Tzu once said, “Masturbate directly in front of your enemy’s woman and ensure that you release your full load BEFORE you ravish her”.

    What!!!??? So this is the Great New World of blogging????? Same old machismo crap!!!!

    To all you Oooo-Big-Bad-Ass-Bloggin’-Boys:
    It ain’t just BROs who are reading and writing. So keep your lanchau to yourself, unless n until you are asked to whip it out.

    BAd Ass Sister.

  69. sarawak permalink

    thank you bn. 8mp nothing to do from sarawak.

  70. Dr Zoidberg permalink


    Pardon me for saying this too directly, but I think that you are also an irresponsible blogger (and you might have not noticed that), first by whacking the few first time MPs when you know that they have so much still to learn. Why not whack those two timers or three, four or five time MPs from BN ?

    Then, you allowed to use your article to whack those first time PR MPs on behalf of BN. Seriously, I must say this article of yours do not merit your self-proclaimed title of “I Am A Malaysian”. And I’d really advice you to keep your article neutral, lest it is used by irresponsible people for their own gains. It’d be really a good idea if you could admit your knee-jerk reaction, then advice theStar to pull down their spin-off, shameless articles and admit their even worse knee-jerk reaction.

    At least, allow these MPs to give reasons for their failure to do so. I understand that you are only concerned with our MPs but at least please be fair. Like somebody said, it is still too early to judge these MPs, and even one sitting will not possibly permit all 222 MPs to ask and get satisfactory answers to their questions. I need not to go into details here – a Parliament sitting is not only for QA session but also you have to remember that with like 82 PR MPs in the House, it’s going to take even longer time to debate and pass new/amended laws, now that BN can’t simply ignore those PR MPs anymore. And finally, ever consider those monkey MPs from BN and those shameless, monkey-like shouting matches ? Not like that’s bad things (except for the racist and sexist remarks), but the point here is you gotta take into consideration how the House convenes and its limitations and its endless peraturan-peraturan, and how some MPs are more burdened than others and that’s why they forgot to compile or ask those million-dollar questions.

    Also by the way, did you ever ask your MP to ask questions for your behalf ? If you can write a blog, surely you should check on your own MP first before you write. Blogging requires you to support your stories with facts and proofs as well, just like how you write a dissertation. Most bloggers seem not to have that and write on their whims (correct me here if I’m wrong), and please tell your friend Sherlock that his detective skills are still setengah-masak saja. Please don’t simply churn out half-baked stories, ok man ? You gotta improve !

    Cheers !

  71. sinniah permalink

    22 LSW1965 wrote

    “Regret to note this. But for those first timer MPs, please give them time to learn. They may not fully know the rules, procedures and working of the Parliament. I would suggest that their respective party holds intensive course for them before Parliament convenes. Everybody has to learn.

    Asking questions is not the only job of the MPs. Having just elected, they have to attend to their respective constituency’s needs including setting up office, engage assistant, attending to members of their constituency who come for advice or help and etc.

    Just give them a chance and don’t write them off now.”

    I will agree with you.

    Some of the MPs mentioned here, especially the DAP MPs
    have not been sitting done quietly. One of them had surgery to his back ache problem a few days before the nomination day and YET he was walking around without revealing his health to the rakyat. Lets not hit them without really knowing what stopped them or what prevented them. Many of them are still yet to settle down. Some dont even have a proper service centre. Where are the rakyat in providing the support. We whack them without knowing why.

    I observed how there were already “vultures” around some of these new MPs. Not realising that the MPs only get an allowance, there were many prepared to become PA’s but asking a big fat salary amounting to almost half of the MP’s allowance. How do you keep track of your job when they rakyat still want them around for “longkang issues” and yet expect them to send in questions.

    The same rakyat never questioned the ex BN MPs. 50 years you dont question and yet today you question not realising the new MPs, especially Charles and Ramasamy have been doinf the questioning even before they became MPs.

    Charles Santiago has been at the forefront of the “water priviatisation” issue long before this and the ex-Gerakan leader even quoted this publication in Parlaiment long before Charles became a MP.

    WALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES before criticising

    Walk a mile in my shoes
    just walk a mile in my shoes
    Before you abuse, criticize and accuse
    Then walk a mile in my shoes

    Now if we spend the day
    Throwin’ stones at one another
    ‘Cause I don’t think, ’cause I don’t think
    Or wear my hair the same way you do
    Well, I may be common people
    But I’m your brother
    And when you strike out
    You’re tryin’ to hurt me
    It’s hurtin’ you, Lord how mercy

    I am saying this because i have been a volunteer PA to a former ADUM way back in the 80s. Its not easy to be an MP or an ADUN when you first start.

  72. Fuck everybody here!

  73. mikebravo permalink

    Maybe those in the list are still holiday or in busy celebrating their victory… Wake up bros’ Goby, Tian and others… in the keADILan……….

  74. hanny permalink

    Teruk nya…memang BN expected lembab but PKR and DAP and reason bagi memang tak masuk akal..tak cukup masa, tak tahu, kelaur pergi toilet and terlalu busy. Worse still the DEPUTY CM of PENANG pun tak submit!!!!!!

    Korang elected to help us rakyat not to be lembab unless you all memang lembab. Menyesal vote Alternatif

  75. ron permalink

    Tien Chua you suck man!! big time!!! you just talk alot but useless!!

  76. lisa permalink

    Take only a few minutes to submit a question regardless whether it is heard or not but you must al least try lah. Opposition do you think you can be MP and collect salary without any work. Dream on and wake up and do the work or GET OUT

  77. lisa permalink

    Too add …no effort to submit questions but want to lead the country ..scarrrryyyy
    New Cabinet for the Barisan Rakyat:
    Prime Minister – Anwar
    Deputy Prime Minister – Lim Kit Siang
    Culture Minister – Farish Noor
    Defence Minister –
    Education Minister – Nga Kor Ming
    Environment Minister – Teresa Kok
    Finance Minister – Tony Pua
    Foreign Minister – Ramasamy
    Health Minister – Tan Seng Giaw
    Home Minister –
    Information Minister – Jeff Ooi
    Law Minister – Teng Chang Khim
    Manpower Minister –
    Sports Minister –
    Technology Minister –
    Trade Minister – Khalid
    Transport Minister – Liew Chin Tong
    (Penang Chief Minister – Lim Guan Eng)

  78. anonymous permalink

    I am surprised that a few readers seemed to be upset by your expose. Must be their blind supporters.

    Some merely beg for sympathy on the ground that these are the novices. Granted that but they are many young MPs who performed their duties by submitting their questions. I can think of a few of the first timers and they had no problems in doing their job. They are: Nurul (Lembah Pantai), Lim Lip Eng (Segambut), Gobin Singh (Puchong), Loh Guo Burne (Kelana Jaya), Sivarasa (Subang) and many others.

    If they (new comers) can do it, I cannot understand why can’t MPs like Professor Ramasamy (who could have got his staff to do it for him), Tian Chua and others do this simple task. It was all due to the sense of priorities. Stop finding excuses for these irresponsible MPs and they got caught with their pants down. Just accept responsibilities and say sorry like gentlemen.

    It was most unfair to put a blame on IamAMalaysian for exposing the 29 in this blog. Thank you IamAMalaysian for exposing such things and you are in fact doing a big favour to the 29 and their respective leaders like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) and Lim Kit Siang (DAP) who will ensure that they will not do it again.

    Keep it up. You have done a good job. Even the MSM (Star) had to copy your story but did not give you the credit. Just irresponsible journalism by MSM. To be upset by your expose and then jumped into defending the indefensible is also irresponsible and smacks of arrogance.

    Just carry on to expose such things in your Blog. We are appreciative of you. Long Live IamAMalaysian. You should be conferred with Datukship for doing a great service to the nation! Prepare yourself for the next GE and we will support you all the way and we know you will submit your questions unlike the 29.

  79. DANIEL TAN KAH BENG permalink




  80. DANIEL TAN KAH BENG permalink



    COME ON ?


  81. Leon permalink

    OK, dunno if any of you bought a copy of The Star? I bought a copy after so long, and this story came out in the headlines. What peeved me was, the full list of the 14 PR wakil rakyat’s were published, but none of the 15 BN members, apart from a token quote of Anifah Aman was up. Responsible journalism, my foot!

  82. BodahNsombong permalink

    Oops! Juz heard Samy slams Toyol’s demolition of Hindu temple 2 days before Deepavali despite his appeals.

    Thats an example of leaders working for the people thou’ not elected.

    So to those elected, pls work for us now or we’ll replace you come next election lo.

  83. Noparty permalink

    jbhlee isaid : <>

    Bro ,
    Personally i do expect each and every single one of them to ask at least one question . Not for the sake of submitting , but for the sake of Rakyat . While campaigning , there have been so many issues raised either by BN or PR . What the ebst way to discuss all those issue raised , the Parlimen ! Of course , you might said that quality rather than quantity , correct , but having the responsibility of being an MP , cant you just think of one quality question ?

    Dont give BF like , they are busy with their work etc , they already know what to expect when they became MP !otheriwse , dont stand for election !

    If its true that PR decide to have collective question then they should be no problem .

  84. Spartan permalink

    Oh come on… we in Batu had a lausy MP all this while from BN, now that we had Tian Chua,i thought we have had another outspoken parlimentarian, i was hoping that MP from Batu will voice the Rakyat’s matters in parliment and this happens, i just hope he will fight for our rights and show himself often in parliment asking question and not just sitting there like the old BN MPs of Batu we had, if pakatan MP are the same as the old BN, i guess i would stand for Parliment next GE, lol….hoah

  85. papa permalink

    While there should be no excuses, I beg to differ in my opinion. I would say, “Please give them a chance.”. Don’t just shoot them down in this manner. We do not use the rod the 1st time we discipline a child; likewise, we should not use strong languages and term them “useless” when it is their 1st fall. The mainstream media picks up this kind of GREAT NEWS quickly and usually tries to deliver the knockout punch. This is hazardous for the morale of both the MPs and the laypersons. No, nobody paid me to write this but I feel that even BN MPs that had 50 years for opportunity did not even do a close to average job on this; what more, this is the first for the new MPs. Enoughsaid, I would urge the related MPs to learn from this and realize that what the people want is action and not excuses. My parting word: DOWN with the politicians who say, “I want to win this and that.” and 2 THUMB-UPs to the politicians who take action for the people regardless of being a rightist or leftist.”. Godbless Malaysia!

  86. Malaysian Too permalink

    For god sakes, parliament doesnt only meet once in 5 years, there is plenty more opportunity. Stop making it an issue, the real issues are corruption, racism, abuse of power,etc etc. Not overlooking the deadline for submission, have some sense for the love of god.

    I agree MPs should be more vigilant, but its so harsh on the new MPs who are probably busy serving the rakyat in their constituencies by solving a lot of local issues. They have just started their tenure, they need to learn their new responsibilities and their area and it needs few months at least. People like Prof Ramasamy are probably getting their priorities right by concentrating on current plagues in Penang – remember he is also in the committee investigating land scandals, that our UMNO brothers have swindled.

    Thanks a lot for whacking opposition new MPs and forgetting about chronic parliament parasites like jarjis,rafidah and gang. Shame on you for protecting her.
    Now that Star has listed your blog in their paper, I can see your loyalty shifting, proud eh to appear in that BN newspaper. You have succeeded in making PR looking bad, although more UMNO there than DAP. Stop advising LKS and DSAI and reflect on yourself for being another BN stooge

  87. anonymous permalink

    Well said Malaysian Too, ini betul betul satu anjing BN. Because of this animal, PR get bad name. Im sure this blog is now owned by UMNO, haram.
    Haram Haram Haram

    Allah will punish this blogger dog

  88. Jack permalink

    Santiago, Tian Chua and Prof Ramasamy didnt submit question BUT they didnt get corrupted, didnt abuse people, didnt murder a mongolian, didnt demolish temples and suraus, didnt demolish people’s houses, didnt issue APs. Is this covered in your blog? NO Is this covered in THe STar? NO

    Latest rumour is that the blogger has been bought over by Wong Chun Wai for few million, as mentioned by a prominent blogger (click URL below). Not confirmed yet.

    Now go to hell, you BN slave, thanks for making their already difficult opposition life more miserable. This is what they get for serving among the rakyat and not sitting their aircond room and typing in computer. So you saying the corrupted Khairy is better than Santiago isnt it? You saying the the altantunya murderer is better than Prof Ramasamy? And you saying Kerismuddin is a better MP than Tian CHua. My farkin foot!

  89. Azlan_Klang permalink

    Blogger in memalukan, untuk menjadikan blognya popular, dia sanggup membawa padah kepada YB YB dari PR yang sedang berkerja tungkus-lumus di kawasan masing-masing. Sebagai contoh, YB Charles memang sudah lupa tentang soalan, tetapi tahulah blogger ini bahawa beliau setiap hari menghadiri mesyuarat bersama rakyat dan membawa pihak pihak yang berkenaan ke meja perbincangan dan seterusnya berjaya menyelesaikan pelbagai masalah. Inilah wakil rakyat, bukan Khairy yang menang dengan rasuah dan sekarang menjadi MP pujaan blogger ini.

    Hang blogger, saya dan rakan rakan saya mengikuti blog anda seperti dairi harian kita, namun inilah akibat sekiranya menjual nadi dan jiwa kepada Sang Wong Chun Wai yang begitu korup. Demi negara, ubahlah sikap anda yang begitu memalukan dan menjadi insan yang adil.

    HIDUP DSAI ! HIDUP PR! Undur Badawi ! Undur Blogger Khinzir!

  90. Penangite permalink

    I voted DAP and Dr Rama. Now he is deputy CM and good one too! Not like Rashid the land thief. Even if he doesnt ask a single question in parliament, which I’m sure he will the next round, we will still vote for him because we want him as a deputy CM and not one UMNO guy. He is clean and efficient so far. The other MPs can ask the questions, as DAP have similar principles and similar questions – is a well known fact that YB Jeff Ooi is Prof Rama’s man in parliament and hence can do the questioning. Meanwhile he can concentrate in the state and make sure we penangite lead by example.

  91. Comment 98,99,100 are rather harsh, and quite ridiculous, if I may say so. What have they based their comments on? And what’s this about the rumour of this blogger being bought by Wong Chun Wai?

    Rumour indeed…(read: rumour=untruth)

  92. Most of the opposition MP’s are first timers, give them a chance. The blogger of this site is a Mother F***ing BN supporter I think. Not a single BN MPs are reprimanded.

  93. IamaMalaysian2

    Halo deliquent MPs,

    It’s time for all PKR, DAP and BN deliquent MP’s to buck up.
    For some of us IAMAMalaysian, we can pardon all the deliquent MPs for not being able to submit their parlimentary questions and for whatever reasons they claimed.

    For the others IAMAMalaysian, we call it excuses. I strongly agreed with some IAMAMalaysian that for whatever excuses claimed, this is a national level thing. We need the deliquent MP to wake-up and demonstrate that you are capable to perform as claim during the election campaign.

    After all, we vote for change, not for no questions / actions.

    Caring for all IamaMalaysian2.

  94. Anonymous permalink

    most of our mp are incompetent

  95. Alo Everybody,

    Please back-off over the lack of submissions.

    Whilst you guys are sitting on your high horses, people like Tian of Batu was attending to floods among his constituents.
    I believe the Prof in Penang was also doing similar visitation. Although now perhaps he can understand why students get bogged down and cannot finish assignments and paperwork on time. We generally have poor time management skills.

    I guess the bulk of these 29 persons are in the same boat.

    By the way, whilst in the safety of your warm home, etc, Tian and some of the PKR chaps were arranging for the infamous Black/White 14 dinner/function. OR was it RPK’s wedding anniversary.

    Meanwhile the DAP guys have their own problems. CharlesSantiago has his hands full in Klang. I pity him.

    I have been made to understand that all the new MP’s are being overwhelmed by their constituents seeking assistance.

    So lets remind these MP’s but not get overtly emotional.

    Chill guys, take it easy.

    The battle has just began. We have a long campaign. We have to win the hearts of the voters, so that they will re-elect the MP’s & ADUN’s during the next elections.

    That’s goinna be TOUGH!

  96. Thanks for highlighting this. It is good to know that the voice of conscience is there. Thankyou.

    But sometimes, before we throw stones, it would have been great to check out what these MP’s have been doin.
    If you look up PKR’s Tian Chua’s web page, you will find that he was bz with visitations to his constituents who were affectd by the recent series of floods. (You are aware of flash floods hittng the city recently right?)

    In addition, we know that most PKR reps were involved in the SSC – Apr.14th event. UMNO was born in SSC in 46. In 08, PKR celebrated the “freedom” of DSAI. So time management among these MP’s was poor. Prioritizing has been rather amateurish.

    But lets not be calling out that the sky is falling, and everything is crashing.

    Chill out, take it easy.

    I think you guys should be more worried as to who is the new No.2 at the Back Benchers Club. It is Mr.Kinabatangan.
    My God, for BN MP’s to vote him, BN MP’s (inclusive of the women) are telling the electorate that Mr.Kinabatangan’s charades are ok.

    Get off ur rears’ and make noise please. Tell ur BN MP that this is a slap in your face.
    Especially the BN wanita MP’s.

  97. Hey bro,

    Quite a few PR apologists popping up to castigate you, namely the DAP and PKR folks.

    Don’t they realise that none of the PAS MPs were on the list because PAS have had the experience to
    ‘govern’ as compared to these newbies from DAP and PKR who are still struggling to ‘provide leadership’. And yet AI wants to take over at the federal level? Give me a break!

    So now yer accused as a BN blogger and paid millions by WCW… yeah, right! That will be the day, eh bro. Nice try, AMATEURS. Don’t be surprised if some of these comments were from the DAP/PKR MPs themselves or their machais, or maybe even BN MPs out to make mischief. Hahaha!

    Stay the course, bro. Do not falter nor be discouraged. Pro bono efforts with sincerity has its benefits which only a handful are privileged to experience.

    Meanwhile, please keep track of their IP and e-mail addresses.. for future use.. if you catch my drift. And tweak your ‘dashboard’ too.

  98. anonymous permalink

    Bro, there are many blind supporters of DAP and PKR here. Just ignore them because they don’t seem to understand what you are trying to do.

    You have clearly stated that you do not care about the BN MPs because they don’t represent you nor represent your aspirations. But you care for the PR MPs. You ticked them off for the good of themselves and PR. I bet you from now on none of the PR MPs dare to miss the opportunity of filing parliamentary questions. On this score alone, you should be commended for a job well done. The DAP (Chinese-based chauvanist party) and PKR should thank you for doing a good job in exposing their short comings so that they can improve themselves.

    If not because of you the PR MPs will be laughing stocks when they are exposed by The Star (the MCA/BN apologist).

    You have done a good job bro. The fact that The Star and SIn Chew Daily have quoted 29 MPs and not 40 shows that the MSM had to kow-tow to your blog. Of course, don’t expect The Star/Datuk Wong Chun Wai to give credit lor! He is a Datuk and you are not.

    Anyway a job well done. Your heart is in the right place. Please try those errant PR MPs like your own kids and whack them hard when you feel that they are out of line. Don’t those DAP and PKR blind supporters or the MPs themselves reaslise that they deserve a good bollocking for their slip-ups – cannot use irresponsible lingo otherwise the DAP and PKR supremos will get angry.

    Wake up Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Seri Anwar and accept that saying “SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE KID.” Please tell your idiotic supporters to understand the role of MP. They must make full use of their special priviledge to ask questions in Parliament as a form of formal check and balance.

    Haro!! Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Seri Anwar please tell your supporters to accept that “Iamamalaysian” cares for DAP and PKR that’s why he is critical in the hope that you all will improve. Instead you all behave like monkeys kena belacan.

  99. Anonymous permalink


    This blogger thinks he has discovered something in the magnitude of watergate scandal, stop embarassing yourself.

    These MPs especially Tian and Charles are prominent NGO leaders and have been asking questions for years. Many MPs have asked on their behalf and parliament is not the only venue for airing people’s grouses. After all it is a parliament that has incompetent ministers to answer them anyway. From my understanding, they have been working their arses off, attending to problems that have not been attended to by their previous BN MPs. Other MPs have said they missed the deadline, they are new MPs for fark sakes! Not everyone has a easy constituency to take care like Putrajaya or Kepala Batas.

    Always had respect for this blog, however it seems that some of the readers above are making sense. There seem to be a paradigm shift towards being a BN Blog, surely 15 MPs are more than 14 and only PR is getting blamed. I am really worried WCW has indeed purchased this blogger, there is word around among bloggers that this is true. Anil Netto and Jeff have privately said that this guy is now with BN since a million ringgit purchase.

  100. Shazman, Butterworth permalink


    I agree with 101 Penangite, hidup DAP!
    Hidup DSAI! Hidup Prof Rama! You dont need to ask question, you concentrate in Penang, let Jeff Ooi and Chin Tong screw BN!
    Soon DSAI will be back and then you answer BN! And my PAS brothers are there too!

    I and my friends have decided to boycott this blog if the blogger doesnt apologise for whacking opposition onli! I wont make accusations that this guy is a BN guy, i will wait for official confirmation

  101. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    In summary, ewoon, don’t provide ammunition for BN especially BN mouthpiece like the Star. Give the new MP 3 months honeymoon, then come out with rotan if they don’t perform.

  102. indeed, it’s very disappointing, and the MSM is certainly sensationalising it… not a good start at all…

  103. PatrioticMalaysian permalink

    Suddenly asking questions more important than performing on the ground. BN MPs been absent, been shouting racist and sexist comments, but hey they posed questions, nevermind the quality – according to this blogger.
    So the moral from this blogger’s bollocks is

    1.ask questions, even if they are some nonsense like this article and dont care about quality
    2.sell your conscience for money
    3. be sexist and racist, you are still a good MP if you ask cock questions

    People like Prof Ramasamy is trying his best to solve longstanding land issues and education problem and his incompetent assistant probably didnt even remind him, but yet according to this blogger he is not a good MP for missing the date, at least not as good as Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin or the mongolian murderer. Rakyat heroes like Charles Santiago is lazier according to this blogger than Pak ‘TIDUR’ Lah.

    I’m very disappointed with how this blog has whacked DAP people when more UMNO didnt ask questions. So how much did WCW offer?

  104. “Anil Netto and Jeff have privately said that this guy is now with BN since a million ringgit purchase.”

    Sorry I don’t know what this is all about. Which guy? What one million purchase?

    Never said anything like that.

  105. fucai permalink

    ewoon – better say sorry before we call all pakatan rakyat
    members to demonstrate in front of u house -to be lead by
    none other than our super hero MR. TIAN CHUA !!!

    This idiot’s comment is one i cannot resist a retort
    Make my day brother or you are a LIAR of the highest degree with zilch between your thighs should you renege on your promise. In your face: NO! I WON’T APOLOGISE. Don’t forget to sue, too, dickhead.

  106. It is sad these people doesnt learned from last election. It must be at least 1 questions from the people from their place. They should go down and meet the people often to see whats happening.

    BN Mps especially…
    DAP & PKR i dont want to say anything…

  107. ling permalink

    You forget – the above MPs are there to make up the govt. numbers. They have won their seats – that’s all they’ve been told they’ve had to do so for the rest of the term all they need do is warm their parliamentary seats and, in between sessions, have a good time in Ibu Negara at the expense of the poor taxpayers. Since when has any Sarawak MP said anything of import in Parliament, if ever?

  108. BN, PR both also the same, both also never get their responsibilities fulfilled.

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