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The truth hurts; it also brought out the best in us

April 28, 2008

The best of the best and the best of the worst in us, that is.

This piece is written in reference to the preceding one regarding 29 irresponsible MPs who did not submit their parliamentary questions for the first sitting of the 12th Parliamentary Session which begins today, 28 April 2008.

The best of the best were those who accepted the truth and quickly proceeded to institute damage-control without wasting moments. My hat off to DS Anwar Ibrahim, de facto leader of PKR and Pakatan Rakyat, and YB Lim Kit Siang, leader of DAP, for doing the right thing. They went public with their apologies here and here, respectively. I guess leaders will be leaders and that’s probably why they are the acknowledged best amongst their own people.

The best of the worst, on the other hand, came in varied forms.

The mainstream media like The Star and Sin Chiew Daily, true to their shameless nature, tried at first to claim the story as their own when it first broke. Don’t they realise the power of blogsphere? Hardly any untruth these days can hide for long given that information today travels at the speed of electrons to those who have embraced the internet. But the real losers, i must admit, are sadly those who still habitually rely on the mainstream media for their daily ‘news’ fodder. They are made for one another i suppose – one laps up spins and untruths for their daily fill while the other fills up their coffers by dishing out their daily lies.

The Star, in particular, i have a bone to pick. Given their stature as the No.1 newspaper in the country, they should have been aware of their journalistic moral responsibility (now let’s not get cranky here, people) and given credit where it was due. Short of labelling them as thief and plagiarist, they almost got away with the ‘crime’ if not for a gentle reminder from our pre-eminent blogger whose blogsite is rocky’s bru. The Star finally attributed their front page story to this blog (albeit only in their online version) within the hour of being ticked off. Thanks rocky for your vigilance and keen sense of justice.

The truth must have really hurt. How else then does one explain the noise and fury that were generated within the mainstream and alternative media for about a week? What more, this blog was not spared its share of acerbic criticisms for spilling the beans. For the duty i had no choice but to do, i have been called many unsavoury names. Labelled a turncoat. And accused of accepting bribes from BN.

Let me declare to my detractors this. i am made of sterner stuff. You can level at me any name and accusation you want but i know who and what i am. And avarice is definitely not one of my traits. Sorry to have disappointed you.

Let me say i do not relish the fact that i was the truth bearer. i relish the fact that no MP challenged the accuracy of the facts. All credit must go to Sherlock for his fine detective work.

The truth hurts. It was meant to – especially for our Pakatan Rakyat MPs. Dereliction of duty to your constituents, who went all out against the odds to help vote you into Parliament, so you can represent them and voice their concerns in the most influential house, was nothing short of betrayal. You can offer all kinds of excuses you want but a wrong is a wrong. Not only have you betrayed the people but you have also betrayed yourself. i hope all delinquent MPs will be happy to live through life knowing that their non-submission of questions will go down in history. The hansard of your maiden session, for some of you, will somehow, i am sure, serve as a shameful reminder for eternity. Wished you had fore-knowledge of this fact, huh?

As for the best of the worst award, it belonged to the negative commenters of this blog with regard to the article. As Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today had often observed, i too found it a tad amusing that most readers did not really know what they were reading. The ‘negative’ ones especially will miss the forest for the trees.

In the article, for instance, did i pick on Pakatan Rakyat MPs alone? Definitely not. Otherwise i would not have had included the 15 BN MPs’ names in the list. i did not see it fit to belabour their dereliction of duty, yes. Honestly, as have and had been consistently proven by the BN MPs’ words and deeds all these years, can we really expect any good to come out of them? i was only disappointed that only 15 of them were sluggards given their ingrained bad attitude and reputation. Just one head count more than Pakatan Rakyat – what a let down, really.

Also, as far as i am aware, Pakatan Rakyat MPs todate have not voluntarily come out into the open (or in their blogs) on their own volition to own up to their misdemeanor and exhibit dexterity in damage-control. If they are worth their salt, this would have been an excellent public-relations opportunity to prove their mettle. Alas, it was an opportunity lost. i dread to think of the barrage of excuses that would be forthcoming now, should there be any.

Back to our ‘negative’ commenters. i sometimes wonder if they knew they would be exposing their intelligence or the lack of it in the process of leaving a comment. Trying to defend the indefensible was the dumbest thing to do. It would not make you look good nor the MP whom you were trying to defend. In your earnestness, either you would come across as an ignoramus or a blind supporter behaving like a clueless, misplaced, emotional fan or groupie. All in all you would look the bigger fool.

i cannot be certain if our Pakatan Rakyat MPs had so quickly learned the art of employing the service of cyber-troopers like their BN counterparts, or, supporters of theirs had taken it upon themselves to act like them (cyber-troopers) unilaterally. But what i was certain was that though many comments were left with different nicks they originated from the same IP address. There was even an instance when 5 ‘negative’ comments under 5 different nicks were posted consecutively that originated from the same IP address. All i could conclude was: what a bunch of sore losers!

But the most outstanding ‘best of the worst’ if i may say so had to be commenter number 118 with fucai as his nick. The height of his stupidity almost left me ‘speechless.’ i said almost because i could not hold back a retort and broke silence. You would have to go and read it yourself to find out how i lashed out at him with gusto and glee.

To all ‘positive’ commenters, i want to say thank you. Thank you for seeing the forest for the trees. Thank you for supporting the truth. Thank you for being like-minded. Thank you, even, for coming to my rescue and bailing me out! ;-)

Have a good day, all. May our Pakatan Rakyat MPs have their day of glory in Parliament today and may they forever seek, uphold and fight for the truth.

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  1. Waaaah, a bit belated from me, but when I read all the 120 comments (!) in your previous post, I too was beginning to lose the forest for the trees. Ha-ha…

    Agreed, ewoon. let’s give the PR MPs a chance. And come next GE, those who don’t perform – whether PKR or BN – will face the consequences. So PKR, the people are counting on you to not abuse this trust.

    – Halo bro, lama tak jumpa. How has the swamp been treating you? Should catch up someday. –

  2. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    What do you expect? Brickbats comes with the territory of blogging like other socio political commentators. If one taruh, expect others to taruh it back to you]

    – By all means taruh but do it with facts. Don’t do it stupidly like an idiot. –

  3. blthong permalink

    You mean people who did not agree with you are “ignoramus or a blind supporter behaving like a clueless, misplaced, emotional fan or groupie”, whilst people who agreed with you are “supporting the truth” for “coming to my rescue and bailing me out”. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the same philosophy subscribed to by our beloved BN asses. How interesting…

    – Haros, do you really understand what you read? Go read my post, again. It’s not going to be different from your first reading. Then tell me if i should call you stupid or you yourself own up to it. Sheesh! –

  4. wakakakaka

    MSM… is really shameless now

    nOt only reporting gomen sided story but also stealling blogger story!

    Really can’t be saved!

    – High-five here, Edi. Thanks for visiting. –

  5. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    There’s a fine line between fact and fiction depending which side one is viewing from

    – Fact is fact. Fiction is fiction. When one cannot tell the difference, one deserves to be suckered. In this instance, on which side of the line are you on? –

  6. It doesn’t matter whether MSM or Blogs post the critical issues first or later; what matters is that the public gets to read news and received information and this way, the people will be well informed.

    You did a good job on the 29 MPs issue and the blogsphere acknowledged it; it doesn’t matter that MSM wants the credit.

    – Well said, Mave. The MSM in this country is beyond redemption. i wonder why many still continue to read them and make them commercially viable. Thanks for visiting, my friend. –

  7. I guess in a way, the truth hurt your detractors, as you call them, a little too much. Perhaps defending them (the MPs) was the only way they could convince themselves that they still voted for the best people to represent them.

    People learn from their mistakes. But they won’t learn from mistakes unless someone points out the mistakes to them.

    You’ve pointed out the mistakes of the MPs in your previous post. Let’s hope they learn from it.

    You’ve now pointed out the mistakes of several people who leave random comments without first thinking things out. Let’s hope they learn from this too.


    – Will they? Would they? Often times these kind would often look the other way when the delinquent is one of them. What has happened to the good old practice when it comes to one of our own who steps out of line we’ll be harshest with him/her? That’s the way my mother brought us up to believe because her reasoning was this: “Me hurting you is better than them doing it to you. Because they could maim or, worse yet, be fatalistic.” –

  8. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    – Fact is fact. Fiction is fiction. When one cannot tell the difference, one deserves to be suckered. In this instance, on which side of the line are you on? –

    Whose side am I on? Hmmm….You mean either with us or against us….sounds familiar….. like George W Bush? :)

    – It’s not WHO but WHAT – FACT or FICTION! You are really as dumb as your ‘hero’ Bush. –

  9. Mamak Penang permalink

    It what your friend in Taiwan said “truth is like will hurt you but the fruit is very tasty”…especially if it come from Balik Pulau…so let it be..Somebody must tell the truth even it hurt but it will cure them in the future…So thanks to you!

    – Thanks for dropping by. i love durians but never had those from Balik Pulau. They can prick me but i will still devour them all the same. Chill. –

  10. And I will join you, Ewoon.

  11. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Looks like Bush is YOUR hero, because you give bouquets for those who agree with you and curses for your detractors: “Either you are with us or against us” remember? Differences in opinions are essential for a healthy democracy. Maligning your detractors with curses and profanities does not bring respectability to the blogosphere it deserves. An open civil discourse is what this country needs which has been blocked by BN all these years.

    – Judging by the above comment, this repartee is beginning to descend into a ‘ school kids’ tiff.’

    oneworldmaybenot, who are my detractors and when did i ‘malign’ them, except for commenter 118 fucai who wanted “all Pakatan Rakyat members to demonstrate in front of (my) house”? i hope you can answer this, for you have not being able to answer my first question.

    (As for fucai’s suggestion, not that i minded the move nor felt threatened by it. i wished it did happen and that would have given me an opportunity to tell everyone off right in their faces. But for fucai to stupidly suggest something that i knew he had zero chance of pulling it off just tipped my balance for tolerant dissension. No right-thinking, delinquent MP nor any responsible PR’s supporter was going to expose himself/herself to more derision from me and be made a laughing stock. i will take on the crowd if need be and i am not one known to run away from a good fight. Defending the indefensible is a lost cause right from the start and one shouldn’t even think it.)

    Sure, i took offence with irresponsible MPs, especially those whom i supported and continue to support. i don’t expect them to be able to do everything in their capacity but i expect the minimum of the most important of duties. Members of Parliament are members of parliament and their first duty should be dedicated to parliamentary work. If clogged drains, uncleared rubbish and other minor issues in their constituencies are their priorities then they are in the wrong place. There is a fundamental difference between the ‘mind’ of an NGO and a law-maker and unless our MPs realise that, they will not do justice to their electorate’s votes and would have neglected the larger national issues that affect the rakyat and country to the core.

    “Differences in opinions are essential for a healthy democracy.” Couldn’t agree with you more but holding a different view for the sake of being outwardly argumentative is frustratingly unhealthy. It wastes time, energy and doesn’t lead us anywhere. Opinions have to be sensible, tenable and in context. Otherwise the sound and fury generated become just noise that is not much different from the squeals of madmen. Blind herd mentality often becomes just that. That’s why the stand “either you are with us or against us” has also got to be embraced with as much care and responsibility. It’s exactly this blind adoption of ‘you are with us or …’, too, that the BN today is drowning in its deadweight of denials, bullies and arrogance.

    i support “open civil discourse.” BN is not the only one guilty of ‘blocking’ it. Malaysians at large are just as guilty. We have generally not learned to debate intelligently. Most of us have so many chips on our shoulders we have allowed emotions to take over our brains. More often than not, it’s not what is right but who can shout louder, has more gang members and a bigger fist. Malaysians, really, have a long way to go with open civil discourses. But i am optimistic.

    oneworldmaybenot, i can tell you mean well and your skill in the language is above average. i urge you to exercise your ability to appraise a piece of writing and also learn to read between the lines. Also know where i was ‘tongue in cheek’ when i was meaning to. Heck, i even gave a clue with a wink!

    Did i not write ‘The Height of Irresponsibility’ with a heavy dose of dramatics?

    Whether the answer here is Fact or Fiction, too, – you decide. But the last person on earth you should go to ask for help is Bush.

    Have a good day. –

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