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What a prick

May 13, 2008

39 years ago today our nation’s history took a turn for the worse.

Then we began to rebuild our beloved soil in the name of equality, unity and progress.

Culminating in us celebrating our 50th independence last year and recently on 8th March voting in our 12th parliament.

Say what you like, Malaysia has come a long way.

So let’s take stock and ask ourselves some hard questions.

Are we more equal as a people today than before that fateful day?

Are we more united?

Has the country progressed for the better?

As for me, despite the vision and all the good intentions we had put into place, it still pricks me to see that our resources are still being plundered by a select group, our people systematically being divided and the country being screwed every which way possible.

What a prick. What gives? What has gone wrong?

So please excuse me while i ask this of all those who had been responsible for, one way or another, the state of affairs that we are now in …

To find out, click here.

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  1. pakbesar permalink

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  2. I think it’s about time that we got over the euphoria of the tsunami and ask these questions.

    Since GE2008, there’s been talk of change. From PR, there’s been talk that there will be defections, and the PR will form the government soon. From BN, we hear about reforms and changes, and listening to the people more.

    Honestly, I feel that we have yet to witness any of these changes that we anticipated after the elections.

    GE2008 was the beginning of something big, but it’s only the beginning. Those “select few” are still abusing whatever power the have to their advantage, despite them shooting off about how they are serving the country and us.

    It took us 50 years to see that we needed this change. I’m hoping that we don’t need to wait for another 50 years before we see the change.

    Are we more united?
    Honestly, I don’t think so.

  3. equality and unified nation starts at home. If the parents, uncle, aunts, grandparents are a bunch of racist… somehow the kids will be one too.

    We should knock the s#it out of the racist parents brain so that we can have a better tomorrow!

    Same goes to the leaders, if we are being showered with remarkable remarks such as ” I shall bathe this keris…” well I don’t want to go there… then tell me how can we unite? Leaders to the people are like parents to kids… lead by example! bapak borek anak rintik

  4. mwrmmg permalink

    In the UAE and most oil rich GCC countries, a foreigner can live there for like three generations, ie with their children born there, They will never be granted citizenship nor privilege.

    The locals in the UAE are like 30% of the total population. There is no democracy and the locals are well taken care of their sheikhs. Like getting a million bucks or villas when they get married. ( its an encouragement do expand the population)

    Foreigners can’t even own a property. Just rent at very high rates. ( until recently, but only at certain areas – due to the real estate boom )

    In other words, if you’re not an emirates, you’ll get squeezed.

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