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i’m knocked out cold

June 21, 2008

You can’t be serious about this!

Nevertheless, pray tell, why???

Stories here, here (subscription required) and here.


From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. TEHSIN permalink

    yes, can’t wait for the real story to come out…does it seem to you that the people accused are kinda extra quiet….hmmm…or is it just me?

    najib seems to be going around giving his usual half-baked statements on half-baked plans to the press like nothing happened…

    whatever pun, those involved are pure evil, having no sense of humanity at all towards this defenseless woman, slaughtered heartlessly in a jungle in a foreign nation..never has this kind of atrocity happened before anywhere in the world…

  2. great article thanks for posting it.

  3. Indeed like father like son…

    much more than we asked for!

    if we dont target them, who else?

    we dont have other choices?

    Do we?

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