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“KLCI will crash to 900 and below …”

June 30, 2008

Matthias Changwhom i cannot claim to know personally, nor, even if i do know him, would i shamelessly proclaim that i know him longer than anyone else as if the assertion carries qualified authority and patronage over his persona – is not someone most Malaysians will endear themselves to, for reasons only known to themselves.

Let me declare, too, that i do not necessarily agree with everything that Matthias writes about but when he does write on a subject that makes absolute sense to me i will not hesitate to take note and proceed to share his wisdom with others.

One can choose to agree or disagree with my judgment and one’s inclination either way will not in any way influence my conclusion nor my desire to continue propagating the message.

Should one somehow oddly hold the view that helping another person to transmit his or her belief, work or action is an act of “prostituting oneself,” then so be it. Remember, one is at liberty to give one’s opinion but one should not be so quick to forget what most people generally equate that with – the nether orifice of one’s anatomy which everybody has one.

It is a given everyone has choices to make. Let’s exercise those rights, without fear or favour. As for me, i will choose to write or share whatever article i have a preference for – responsibly. The reader, by the same token, can choose to read or not read, as well as, choose to agree or disagree with what has been written and expounded – exercising his or her democratic right.

As with the warning given by Matthias in the heading above, he did also add “Ignore this at your peril! Pak Lah screwed it Big Time.” He could not have put it any plainer, any simpler. No idiot could have misunderstood the crux of the communication, either.

Hate him or love him, here’s a man with a message for us living at the edge of perilous economic times. Signs of the global financial tsunami are already long-arrived at our doorsteps making their presence felt and ominously waiting to burst through to wreak unprecedented damage and havoc. (The time last i read, Matthias predicted the crisis will happen within 90 days beginning 27 June.)

The escalating worldwide food shortage. The ever increasing pressure of rising fuel prices and its knock-on effects on prices of our daily essentials. The on-going currency war. The impending war against Iran, and, more. These are what will squeeze us further. These are what will destroy livelihoods. These are what will decide who will be left standing in the end.

Yet, we have a CEO who is still clueless as to what to do to steer our country and economy. And worse, he continues to abet our financial institutions with fudged economic health and statistics, encouraging them to keep on foisting their toxic investment packages to unsuspecting punters so they can go all out for the final kill.

Go, read why Matthias Chang is saying what he is saying here. Remember, he did warn, “Ignore this at your peril!”

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  1. I totally agree with you and Matthias..i have long felt impending doom..we need drastic action by the people…

  2. Wahlauweh, bro.

    Yer been reading the heavy stuff.

    Buy gold now and double your investment sooner than any other economic module.

    Or cash is king and wait for ‘cheap’ forced sale assets for longer term gain but must have some discipline and patience lah.

    Bloghouse.. this Sat 5th?

    – See you there. Won’ miss it for you, mann. –

  3. I posted another piece by Matthias a while back…also really good…

    The people were responsible for the last tsunami…and now I think we need another one…a bigger one…and we do not an election for that, because it is too late…the people’s power and voice is stronger than anything else….

    We should demand that the King speak out, maybe temporarily suspend government…kick out the BN…put in an interim PM..Raja Nadzrin would be accepted by all (Anwar has his detractors, Najib has C4 painted on his face, Pak Lah is a zombie, Khairy is too greedy)…

    We must make our voice heard…I am disappointed in the monarchy, just sitting by and watching this country crumble…they are too removed from the people and the reality of life for the rakyat to feel the fear, the urgency and the impending doom that we all do…our children’s future is at stake here…

    Time for the people to rise… and force action, Eric. Time to make our voices heard by the last line of defence…our King. We must find a way SOON… because this government has totally lost credibility and direction and respect.

    The people must rise and reclaim the country. Petition the King, Raja Nadzrin (maybe more accesible) and to use their discretionary powers to save the nation.

    – Well done, tehsin. We can only try to do our best. It seems we’ve been shouting and the words are lost on deaf ears. We will prevail, yes? –

  4. I totally agree with mathias, its gonna be a fuse blow out time.Large fund managers are already out of the game and are slowly pushing off their holdings and some are about to, thats when a free for all takes place. Meaning you cant park at a price and wait for it to be sold. They will just throw as though its nobodies business.
    Ours is a ballon economy, everything is propped up.
    When the bubble bursts, a lot of people who are in the market will go down. Some , will be wiped out.
    Just you look at the value of the GLCs , its now known as “PENNY STOCKS” Only the family owned companies who are well managed are keeping their head over water.If there is the domino effect, doomsday chaps, can be expected.
    I agree with EL ZORRO, not this time, when one is desperate ,anything is fine, as EL ZORRO said, it could be a set up and an excuse for ML,NOC etc to take over and invite MUGABE to do the honours.WELL SAID EL ZORRO! You are right on!

  5. As at this minute KLCI down 14.15 points. GLCs on the losing front. Mampus small retail players if you are not on the sidelines watching. Make a bit using technical analysis possible but never take positions now.
    Hats off to mathias ,your statement stands correct. Down Down down the alleyway we go.
    Local GLC fund managers will try to prop up but the beams are going to break at the seams or rather bolts and nuts.
    If you dont get a decent dividend on your EPF savings, you know what happened.
    Wither your savings soon.
    Bn must step aside for the better of malaysian economy.
    Mis advised, mismanaged rascals are running the show, what do you expect?
    equine RM bunkus, time RM bunkus, Mrcb bunkus,kps bunkus,ranhill bunkus,kencana bunkus, aiyaaaah a whole lot of bunkus, tmi bunkus,

  6. tomtom permalink

    Check out this old man at I personally admire his courage and determination to withhold his rights and stand up against one big giant. Won’t it be cool if some bloggers write/comment about his problem?


    KL BURSA dropped 20 over points on opening bell.
    BURSA SUSPENDED for morning session, hope so.
    Big throw down.
    Lets buttfuck the market

  8. sorry i jumped the gun !
    Bursa suspended due to tech. problems.
    I believe the direction of the market will be downnnnnnnnnn.
    My online system shows yesterdays closing. Sorry again .

  9. Malaysia 64 permalink

    KL BURSA serupa najib punya konek sudah jatuh!!!!

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