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‘Bocor’ MP from Kinabatangan must think we are stupid

July 8, 2008

This idiot of a Barang Naik party backbencher Bung Mokhtar Radin is at his worse again!

Pix courtesy of The Sun

Never mind he had insulted all female Malaysians including his grandmother, mother, wife, sister, daughter and every female relations of his, when he made that famous ‘bocor’ statement in Parliament last year, now he has insulted our intelligence.

Follow the story and you can choose whether to get mad at him too.

As reported by malaysiakini, he “is said to have made an obscene gesture in the Dewan Rakyat today that was caught on the ‘live’ television broadcast – but he denies it.”

Then this ‘bocor’ MP told TheSun outside the House that he did not make the gesture, described as the ‘palm hitting a clenched fist’.

“No, I did not do that. I just did this (hitting his palm on the back of his other hand). I (was) angry with (Gobalakrishnan). He called me bodoh (stupid). (So), I called him bodoh back. What’s wrong with that?”

Can you really believe that he hit his palm on the back of his other hand instead of a clenched fist?

Not me lor. i think even a Standard 1 kid would have said, ” You think I stupid, ah?”

Why not let us view the tape that is with RTM 1 so we can put the issue to rest? (Found this: now ask, did he or did he not?)

Which also reminds me that Barang Naik party VIPs are prone to obscene gesture of this kind. Remember that MB of Pahang, Adnan Yaacob? See lah the video below.

‘Nuff said.

* If you are not a subscriber of malaysiakini (only RM150 a year, approximately 42 sen a day), you can read the complete story here.

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  1. Bung has swear to take up the Obor and become the joker of parliment.

  2. Malaysia 64 permalink

    Bro, tell me what new about this? what to do, MEREKA MASIH LAGI KERAJAAN but not for long i hope?

  3. His explanation was so lame that I didn’t need video proof to know he was lying his guts out.

  4. what type of people usually behave like this and it is understandable?….. lets say guys who are samseng, gangster, tarik kereta, along… who else?

    Cast your vote at:

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