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The fear of one Anwar Ibrahim

July 16, 2008

Read Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Press Statement released on 17 July 2008, here.

UPDATE, 17 July 2008, 10.30 am:
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim released on police bail.

LATEST: “Raja Petra Kamaruddin is to be charged with criminal defamation – he has been ordered to surrender at the Kuala Lumpur contingent police headquarters (IPK) tomorrow at 10.00 am,” as reported in malaysiakini.

UPDATE, 7.30 pm: For latest press statement on Anwar Ibrahim’s arrest from the Office of Anwar Ibrahim, click here.

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was on his way home after a cut-short meeting with the ACA this morning when he was arrested at approximately 12.55 pm today.

He was at the ACA’s office to give statements concerning his police report on allegation of fabrication of evidence regarding his ‘black eye’ incident in 1999.

Dato’ Seri, apparently, had earlier asked for permission to take early leave from the ACA so he wouldn’t be late arriving at IPK KL at 2.00 pm later.

Days before the drama would unfold, i had this nasty feeling that the police would somehow want to show their ‘power’ before the deadline was up for Dato’ Seri to show up.

i was mildly surprised they didn’t jump him after the debate at Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka last night. Perhaps not under the glaring flashes of cameras and within sight of first-hand witnesses of a crowd of journalists and supporters.

So my hunch was right. But when the police did make their move today 1 hour and 5 minutes before the time was up, it seemed, they were not acting without the urging of an ‘invisible hand.’

Say what you like … someone, somewhere, somehow is frightened as hell of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

What with the court order (issued on a Sunday?) to prevent Dato’ Seri to be anywhere within the 5 km radius of Parliament on Monday (two days ago), when a motion of “no confidence against the PM” was awaiting approval by the Speaker of the House. The over-the-top police road blocks to lock the city down and out for a greater part of the same day. The warrant of arrest for Dato’ Seri despite the fact that black-and-white confirmation was given to the police stating that he would be present on the appointed time and day. The denial by the police that they never received the said letter. The subsequent strongly worded statement issued by the police themselves intimating threats against Dato’ Seri.

To think that when all the time Dato’ Seri’s detractors have been parroting that he is “irrelevant,” it did not prevent one shit-scared ‘apparatchik’ to unleash every apparatus within the administration’s control to apprehend one man.

If this is not likened to the working of a communist state it is darn close to a police one, if you ask me.

“No one is above the law.” “We are governed by the rule of law.” “The law applies to anyone who has committed a crime.”

If only these ideals were strictly and whole-heartedly enforced without fear or favour, we would not have had anyone big or small, connected or unconnected, datuk or tun, dare commit the crime or crimes he or she so blatantly do without the blink of an eye.

Matthias Chang did confirm in his no-holds-barred article here that there are two economies practised in this country. Would i be far wrong to draw assumption that we also have two sets of laws and administrations governing the country? You tell me.

This blog was started on the premise that it would live by this truth: “what is right, not who is right” and it is with this in mind that it pleads for the executive, the legislature, the judiciary, the police and every individual that has the power vested to ensure that the rightful and needful be done to ensure justice prevails.

At this point of our history, and, with the imminent global financial, economic, subsistence and geo-political turmoil waiting to explode, we do not need to commit suicide by allowing the latest Anwar Ibrahim episode to degenerate into anarchy.

There’s really nothing to fear but fear itself, no matter where one’s loyalty lies. And never let it overcome us. Never.

Cool heads. Cool administration of the law. Cool justice. Let them be our guide at this fragile moment.

So help us God.

(For ensuing developments of this latest report, please go read malaysiakini here.)

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  1. Malaysia 64 permalink

    Bro, They can fear one ANWAR tapi jangan lupa PR! We will make them lose their KONEK, shit you not BRO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hehe. I really thought they would arrest him at the debate yesterday. I can’t believe BN timing. Public tension is already at an all-time high.

  3. tehsin permalink

    Yes, Eric…May God help us now. Only He can save us from the coming calamity that everyone can see except our leaders, because we are sitting ducks, unprepared.

    Everything you said makes sense to most of us, but unfortunately it just rolls off those in power…they will never change., they will never listen, they will never learn.

    We have to get them OUT.



  4. Lat Parit Raja permalink

    Bugger UMNO! Bugger Mahathir Kutty (that’s his real name, no shit!) & Bugger Najib, too!

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