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World not accepting US dollar, American banks not allowing cash withdrawals, attempt at world population reduction

July 25, 2008

Thanks again, Matthias Chang, for the headup!

This is scary.

Everything in America is falling away and there does not seem to be a solution in sight except for them to start World War III by attacking Iran to cover up or deflect their failings.

The experts predict that the great depression they foresee happening is going to be worse than the one that happened in 1929.

And don’t for a minute kid yourself that what happens in America won’t affect us. In fact, what the American administration has been doing has an eerie parallel with ours. Nobody cares. Nobody wants to listen. And nobody is telling the truth.

The saddest part has got to be what is happening right at our home in Malaysia right now, right this minute – nothing.

The shits gonna hit the fan and our administration is still in dreamworld land. Clueless as usual. Almost 5 months on after the general elections, each and everyone is still trying to outfox the other. Desperately trying to be relevant. Desperately trying to cling on to power for as long as possible to satisfy his or her own greed.

Nobody is minding the store. The rape and plunder continue. The country is on auto-pilot and all its citizenry has ahead of them is imminent crash. But these hapraks are not in the same plane as us! They have planes, flight schedules and destinations of their own; some even have their own boats!

So what do you and i do in this vacuum of leadership and responsibility?

We fend for ourselves that’s what! We will seek real information wherever we can to give us the true picture of what is really happening and hopefully somewhere there’s a parachute built in.

For a start, you and i can listen to George Green’s phone interview that took place a week ago on July 16 with “Conscious Media Network” to know and understand the depth of the problems paralysing not only America but also, soon, the world. Heck, the demons are already scratching and clawing our doors to break in!

Who is George Green?

Here are his credentials: A former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher. A frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. He is publisher of “Handbook for the New Paradigm” written by the ET’s. He is President of Global Insights, Inc. George Green has spoken to 1000s of people through his lectures and has appeared on numerous talk shows and TV shows telling his story.

Now, click on the link below and listen to what he is saying about the current economy and financial crisis in his disarmingly quiet and almost nonchalant tone of voice. i suggest you sit down because it can get heady.

Want to know more and how it all began?

Now, watch this interview of George Green when he spoke about “The Big Picture – An economic forecast for coming times” that was broadcasted in November 5, 2007. This is Part 1…

Here’s Part 2 …

Please God, save us all.

  1. tehsin permalink

    Ah…I was just going to rest this weekend..and now you scared me….

    – i am sorry tehsin. The truth needs to be passed on. i had for months entertained what George Green advised. Not the part where i would have loads of cash to buy and store gold but the part where i would start growing some of my own potatoes and vegetables in the small patch of my garden. We may be out of our jobs soon and our cash may not buy us as much, reminiscent of our parents’ days during the Japanese occupation.

    Our cars need not run. Our tv need not work. Our internet unplugged. Our electricity shut down. But we do have to eat, don’t we?

    And i have never heard of this George Green until i read about him on Matthias’ blog. Scared? Don’t be. Just be prepared. –

  2. Melvin permalink

    BN absolutely refuses to be ready for the worst. Instead, Abdullah Badawi wants to throw another snap election in September just to stop Anwar.

    And when the real disaster happens, the first word (Matthias said before) that comes out of the people’s mouth is UMNO.

  3. If this country were a company, all the Ministers would be sacked. Wait a minute, that would make us shareholders won’t it? Cool.

    I will then take position as Finance Minister and replace Badawi. The issues I will look into are:

    -reduce the petrol price to RM1.50 per litre. Why? This inflation we are facing is cost-push inflation more than anything else. We must tackle the source without delay.
    -work with Home Minister, etc to carry out stringent checks on traders to decrease prices within 6 months
    -Monitor the petrol price decrease above which will probably result in economy deflation. Then introduce expansionary fiscal policies to stimulate growth.

    Main objective will be to stimulate personal wealth. Wealth increases, standard of living increases. When people are happy energy is concentrated on production rather than street rallies:

    -revamp the personal income tax structure so that the highest tax band of 28% is brought down to 20%.
    -abolish the in-waiting GST system.
    -don’t approve funds for procurement of submarines, tanks, and other defense equipment for the next 3 years. Yes, the Sukhoi too. Channel funds in to expanding the LRT system to Puchong, Subang, Nilai, Klang, etc. Continue the Penang LRT project.
    – no funding for the damn dams in East Malaysia. Expand the Bakun capacity. Environmental damage should be confined; capex return should be maximized.
    -sit down with Zeti on the monetary policies. Decrease bank reserve limits, buy government bonds to stabilize money supply if needed.
    -reduce corporate tax to 16%
    -review IPP contracts. Allocate funds into renewable energy. Tax breaks for private R&D firms into renewable energy.
    -brainstorm forward plan when petrol dollars run out. Review Petroleum Act
    -no more hiring of foreign translators; work with Education Minister encourage multi language learning in primary and secondary schools.
    -work with Tourism Minister (not the stupid Azalina) to reinvest revenue (2007- RM46b) from tourism sector back into the sector itself every year. Target Malaysia to become a Dubai-like city in 5 years time. MU players will then buy houses here. ;)

    Not to worry, we’ll economically die standing. Cornered to the wall, the frustrated public will create unrest. There will be more protests than production. Street demos will be violent; police crackdowns will increase. Human rights issues will escalate, paving way for US intervention. The US steps in with trade sanctions; making price of machinery & equipment too high to invest. Industries will then fail. Without an economy inflation will rise to 60%- babies will starve because infant food will be too expensive or non-existent. Malaysia, in years to come, will be the best example for thesis writers, scholars and authors on how a country would fail.

  4. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    MC- the the anti-semite political hack. God save us all if everyone takes MC seriously

  5. Sell gold, buy silver. Bigger spread mah!

    Hey bro, catching up on George Green on Youtube can be rather entertaining coz you’ll start with economics, then alien life, later on.. the mysteries of the books of revelation leading to neutron bombs and somewhere along the line, strange creatures and giants. The Tibetan codes on nuclear fusion found in 1904 was awesome.

    But the chill factor remains. Constantly.

    Oh well. Back to blog hopping.

  6. delvi permalink

    Hi ewoon,
    Your revelation makes my hair stands on its end. Should we be that pessimistic?

  7. Ewoon,
    Young Malaysian pilots in search of greener pastures in the middle east chose to be paid in USD. With the value of USD decreasing they found their income to be decreasing monthly in ringgit terms. He really feels the crunch as the reduction goes by the thousands.

  8. Born2reign permalink

    oneworldmaybenot and delvi,
    I hope by now you are more hopeful than terrified. Warren Buffet is very happy this Mega Sale season. He has started his shopping spree. You still have time to retain your purchasing power if you act quickly.

    Imagine a RM400k house will go on the market at RM100k
    BMW 5 series 1 yo second hand value RM20k only
    Land at 50% discount.
    Sound money is King!

    This is the grand sale shopping spree for those with good sound money (precious metals, stones) and those who are debt-free are waiting for. I remember in 1997 Kancils were selling RM10,000 cash for 5 units!

    When 30%-50% of rakyat lose their jobs, and they still have mortgage and car loans to pay, first they will sell their gold and silver and diamonds – precious metals and stones price do down. The smart investors will be buying in glee.

    If they stil cannot repay loan, houses and cars and business entities will go cheap, cheap, cheap – property prices go down.

    Later when the currencies crash, gold and silver will rise. < 6 months, 12 months, who knows?

    Unlike paper money and shares, gold and silver are not sthg politicians can create out of thin air, thereby maintaining their purchasing power.

    I don’t like Mattias either, but I gotta admit he is not stupid and he has done his homework. If you don’t agree with him you better have a better alternative. You better finished cleaning your own backyard and minimise exposure. Don’t mix politics with your rice bowl. Don’t hope for Anwar to save you, or wait for your boss to save you, or wait for bailout from Bank Negara (in fact the more BNM prints Ringgit, the higher inflation will climb and our ringgit will be toilet paper) or wait for IMF. Don’t wait.

    Since 1997 gold price has increased 300%. Gold Chart since 1982:

    The very very sad fact is that at least you and I have the opportunity to google and research on the financial future and make some changes. The lower income to hard core poor will be the hardest hit. By then they may need to burn the Ringgit money to have fire to cook porridge. I pray that by then our poor won’t be succumb to send their daughters to work as foreign maids.

    By then are we in position to lend them a helping hand? Are you prepared? Don’t expect the govt to help. Don’t be as stupid as Mahathir, blaming Soros for 1997 crisis, when it was his own foolish (in)decisions. So Bodowi has started blaming Anwar for the slow economy, but you and I have mouths to feed.

    p/s BTW I’m not pro-Matthias, but pro-wealth retention. I don’t want to see my good honest neighbours stripped of all they have saved.

  9. wayne permalink

    So George Green is a former investment banker, now publishing books written by ET’s? WTF is wrong with you people that you could ever go so low as to look to this money grubber for advice about anything. Don’t you get it (Investment banker = money; Making predictions and giving 1000 lectures = money). You sorry sons of bithces need you heads examined.

    Here are his credentials: A former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher. A frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. He is publisher of “Handbook for the New Paradigm” written by the ET’s. He is President of Global Insights, Inc. George Green has spoken to 1000s of people through his lectures and has appeared on numerous talk shows and TV shows telling his story.

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