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Outrageous! Outrageous! Outrageous!

July 28, 2008

UPDATE 30 July 08, 10.00 a.m.: A very interesting comment, left by a purported ‘Anonymous’ whistle-blower working inside Hospital KL regarding the hospital’s medical report, at Susan Loone’s blog here is most revealing. i have reproduced it below. Have a read. Things are getting pretty exciting by the day, i tell you …

Anonymous (14:21:4 8)


I would like to write the following statements in the name of GOD whom I believe.

I am a goverment doctor in the rank of consultant working in hospital Kuala Lumpur. I know personally the doctors who examined Saiful on that day -28 June 2008.

The so called medical report mentioned in the NST is a fabrication or imagination by the UMNO paper. There is no such medical report submitted to the polis yet.

When examine Saiful, the specialist could not find any signs of Saiful being sodomised. Saiful was very cheerful, unlike real sodomised patient who will usaually very sad and disturbed.

Saiful was subsequently admitted to the ward and observed for a day. He was completely well in the ward and not emotionally disturbed.

Please let RPK know of this.


i can’t believe this is happening! This is outrageous!

According to Raja Petra here, there was no evidence that Mohd Saiful Bukhari was ever sodomised by anyone (confirmed by two separate medical examinations and reports on the same day) and yet the police hounded Anwar Ibrahim and arrested him and detained him overnight like he was a terrorist most vile.

Now i want to see the police demonstrate the same efficiency and seriousness. Go and arrest Mohd Saiful Bukhari now for scheming up the accusation and making a false police report!

Mohd Saiful Bukhari is the one in blue.

The police should ferret this liar out like a rat! Hound him day and night! Arrest him and detain him like he’s a communist terrorist who is out to blow up Putrajaya!

But it seems there are more rats than one. For what happened to DSAI with regard to this sinful accusation, the IGP and the Attorney General would also appear to be implicated. Why are they not doing their real jobs? Who are they really working for? Who are they trying to protect?

But what’s even more vile and outrageous was what happened and is still happening to the doctor who first conducted the examination on Mohd Saiful Bukhari and found that there was absolutely no evidence that his (Saiful’s) arse was ever penetrated. Here is the evidence:

Pix courtesy of suarakeadilan

For doing his honest job, according to Raja Petra, Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid of Hospital Pusrawi was “picked up and detained for three days” because “he refused to change his report to implicate Anwar.”

If this is not a conspiracy to bring down DSAI, then i don’t know what is. Do we have a case here for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be called for?

And now we hear that the good Dr Mohamad Osman has recently “taken his entire family and has gone into hiding because the police are looking for him and they want him to change his medical report.”

This is outrageous!

Are we living in a police state? i pray to God that He will protect and keep Dr Mohamad Osman and his family all the days of their lives. i also pray to God that He will take vengeance on the conspirators for their guilty acts as He has promised by His words.

This latest revelations have created more questions than answers and i hope the powers-that-be can quickly resolve this matter and put it all behind us. The ACA should be brought in and entrusted with the task.

1. What was Mohd Saiful Bukhari’s motivation?

2. Who was behind (and i don’t mean the sodomy bit) Mohd Saiful Bukhari’s sinful accusation?

3. Was Mohd Saiful Bukhari paid to do what he did?

4. Where is Mohd Saiful Bukhari now?

5. How come Mohd Saiful Bukhari never appeared for any press conference?

6. Why is it Mohd Saiful Bukhari’s police report is still not made available to DSAI’s lawyers?

7. Will Mohd Saiful Bukhari be arrested and prosecuted?

8. Will all the conspirators connected with this case be brought to book?

i shall wait and see what ensues from here on.

And i fully agree with Raja Petra that “Civil society movements, NGOs and the Malaysian Bar Council must not remain silent.” Up to the task, people?

It’s all mind boggling! It’s all sinful! It’s all outrageous! * ptui *

(malaysiakini, subscription required, also carried its report, here. Or you can read the same report by clicking here.)

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  1. The denial by the police of arresting him did not answer the answer if the document is true. The MSM spunned the story by not going for direct answers. I am impressed with this doctor’s perseverance. Then i read that he is actually from Myammar. Mighty strong chap, knowing that the whole family maybe in jeapordy because of his action. He gets my support for being principled.

  2. longman permalink

    let us pray for his safety… some close friends have to be notified whether he is in safty state or not… who knows… police already arrested him…

  3. i believe…thousand of Malaysian find this outrageous

  4. Outrageous it may seems, but that is a fact of life in Malaysia. Nothing is impossible – even to the most unthinkable of thing. Otherwise Malaysia would not to dubbed as “Malaysia boleh” for nothing.

    Even before the revealation of the medical report, by and large, Malaysians would have thought that it was all a conspirary to put Anwar off for good. Nobody believes it. No one would buy his complaint that he was sodomized 8 times. Why? He didn’t enjoy the fun during the 8th time that he decided to report. So, he enjoyed the 7 times?

    Do you think the police would be so efficient in investigating and subsequently arresting Saiful? Don’t even dream, as Saiful was used as a pawn in the bigger political war. If he’s punished, he would bring down the PM-in-waiting along. This thing won’t happen, unless there is a green light from the PM himself, otherwise forget it.

    I think the PM is so dumb that he can’t see who is behind the conspiracy. Or he just pretends to be “sleepy” all the times?. He has something up his sleeves.

    That poor doctor!! He becomes a victim of circumstances.

    Most likely outcome of the investigation: No case. Case close – very typical of our government.

  5. I think maybe he write to say somebody sodimise him. Maybe not Anwar but anwar also like sodomy. Many Anwar friend say Anway like backside like in school day Anwar like play backside his freind.

  6. If the doctors dug deeper, they could have found cucumber DNA.

  7. Saiful is a victim? or Earn a million?

    Politics are never about the Rakyat! Is always about power!

    Anwar isnt the perfect candidate for PM but is there a better one?

    Hatred is what makes the world full of love!

  8. mwrmmg permalink

    man…. why do we have to believe this anonymous confession.

    This is surat layang. even SD is difficult to believe nowadays.


    tahyul as for now. Unless somebody can analysize this to be genuine . anyone???

    Vice versa, somebody could just confess witnessing or Peeping Tom the sodomy event.

    That would be even more outrageous!

    The medical report prove one thing which contradicts Anwar’s claim of a conspiracy. Anwar’s lying?

    Or maybe Saiful made a big mistake consulting the wrong doctor instead of supposedly a conspiring one. hence bringing down the government.

    So which one is Outrageous?

  9. I read that piece at Zorro’s blog and now I see it appear here too.

    If what the medical consultant said is truthful, then it can be empirically observed that this government cannot be allowed to continue to rule.

  10. Edward permalink

    Dear Blogger,


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    Please come forward and help me. I would greatly value it.

    Thank you.

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  11. Malaysia 64 permalink

    Bro, my dick is getting bigger and bigger every day! You know where that ‘saifool’ is?

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