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“Killing two birds with one stone” by Raja Petra Kamarudin

August 2, 2008

UPDATE, 04 August 2008, 1.10 p.m.: “Today, the chemists at the Chemistry Department and the doctors at the HKL are going to be subjected to immense pressure. They are going to be pressured into amending their reports to implicate Anwar in the allegation that he sodomised Saiful on 26 June 2008, the day after he met Rodwan in room 619 of the Concorde Hotel. Thus far, the chemists and doctors have held firm and have refused to fabricate any evidence. They stand by their report that there is not only no evidence that Anwar has sodomised Saiful but there is also no evidence that Saiful has ever been sodomised. – Source of excerpt here. –

UPDATE 10.10 p.m.: Wow, Saiful Bukhari (is it really him?) has a blog now! Thanks ‘The Dandelions’ for the headup. To go to Saiful’s blog, click here.

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The story just broke and it was time-stamped Saturday, 02 August 2008 16:41.

In this article, RPK gives us his analysis and some real insights into the alleged Saiful Bukhari’s sodomy case which you can never hope to get anywhere else. i am merely reproducing it here (sorry Raja Petra, i have not sought your permission to do so. Should i?) knowing how difficult it can get these days to log onto Malaysia Today when a good story breaks.

The link to the article by Raja Petra Kamarudin at Malaysia Today is here. Or you can read it in full, in its original virgin-state, below.

The following police report was made at 5.45 pm on Saturday, 28 June 2008, by Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan (IC no: 850706-01-5687), who turned 23 last month:

Saya, Mohd Saiful Bukhari b Azlan, ingin melaporkan bahawa saya telah diliwat oleh majikan saya. Perkara ini berlaku tanpa kerelaan saya. Kejadian terakhir berlaku 26/6/08 di Unit 1151, Kondominium Desa Damansara, Jln Setia Kasih, KL. Oleh itu, tujuan laporan ini dibuat untuk mendapat pembelaan dan keadilan keatas diri saya. Saya juga berasa bimbang dengan keselamatan diri dan keluarga saya jika perkara ini tersebar luas di khalayak ramai. Majikan saya Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim – Ketua Umum PKR.

Yes, that police report was made at 5.45 pm on Saturday, 28 June 2008. By why did it take that long for Saiful to make his police report? Let us retrace the steps that led to this police report.

At 2.30pm on Wednesday, 25 June 2008, Saiful met Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) II Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof in room 619 of the Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to this secret meeting, Rodwan and Saiful spoke on the phone at least eight ( 8 ) times.

In fact, they can’t really remember how many phone calls it was. They say it was at least eight times although it could have been maybe ten or twelve times. But who’s counting anyway? Eight, ten or twelve doesn’t really matter. The crux of the matter is: they spoke over the phone many times prior to meeting up in room 619 of the Concorde Hotel — a ‘secret‘ meeting that can’t be very secret if Malaysia Today knows about it.

We must remember one thing. Rodwan is the same police officer who was involved in fabricating the 1998 sodomy allegation against Anwar. Rodwan was implicated as the man who illegally took Anwar’s specimens, which subsequently mysteriously reappeared as ‘stains’ on a mattress. It was so apparent the mattress was planted as evidence the judge subsequently rejected the mattress as evidence and ordered that all references of it be expunged from the court records.

That was all it took. When they realised that the mattress was hurting more than helping their case, they threw the mattress out of the court and deleted all records of it ever appearing in court. And, all of a sudden, the mattress no longer existed. It vanished into thin air. It ‘never appeared’ in court although for weeks it was paraded in and out of court for the whole world to witness.

This is what lawyer and Parliamentarian Sivarasa Rasiah had to say about the matter:

“In 1998-1999 trials, Anwar experienced the phenomenon of fabrication of DNA evidence. We had SAC Rodwan illegally removing DNA samples from forensic custody. In cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses it was exposed that DNA taken from blood samples was planted on the infamous mattress.”

“When confronted with this fact the prosecution amended its charge and persuaded the judge, Augustine Paul, to expunge the entire DNA evidence from the record, preventing Anwar’s lawyers from responding.”

There were, in fact, other so-called ‘damaging evidence’ that they created against Anwar to convince the public that he is indeed guilty of sodomy. In time, Malaysia Today will parade these witnesses and reveal this evidence to demonstrate to the public that the slime-ball IGP and scumbag AG, plus their slithery minion, Rodwan, fixed Anwar’s ass good and proper (pun intended).

Now, Rodwan met Saiful three days earlier and these two exchanged at least eight phone calls. Nevertheless, no police report was made until Saiful had visited two hospitals — three days later. Why engage in eight phone calls and have a secret meeting with Rodwan in a hotel room, and only after visits to two hospitals does Saiful make his police report?

Let us look at the timeline again.

1) Saiful and Rodwan speak over the phone at least eight times over a few days.

2) At 2.30pm on 25 June 2008, Saiful and Rodwan meet in room 619 of the Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

3) On 26 June 2008, Saiful’s ass allegedly gets ‘raped’ by Anwar.

4) At 2.00pm on 28 June 2008, Saiful goes to Pusat Rawatan Islam (Pusrawi, a ‘halal’ hospital) to complain that he can’t shit. He tells the doctor he can’t shit because someone buggered his asshole — whereas that would instead have made it easier for him to shit.

5) The doctor peeps into Saiful’s asshole and discovers that his asshole is still as virgin as Raja Petra Kamarudin’s.

6) The doctor then suggests, for purposes of the police report, he goes to a government hospital for a second opinion.

7) However, instead of getting a second opinion, Saiful goes to the pondok polis at the hospital to lodge a police report. Sources in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) say that no second medical examination was done whereas the police say it was. Considering that the police report was made within an hour or two after Saiful left the first hospital, it is highly likely the hospital is telling the truth while the police are lying.

It must be noted that Saiful met the police BEFORE the so-called sodomy act took place. The sodomy was supposed to have happened on 26 June while Saiful met the police on 25 June. And it was not until 28 June that he went to hospital and made the police report a couple of hours later. And all this culminated not only after the secret meeting in the hotel room on 25 June but after eight phone calls as well.

If Saiful was sodomised, would he not tell Rodwan about it during the secret meeting in room 619 of the Concorde Hotel on 25 June 2008? And why in the first place did they meet in secret in room 619 of the Concorde Hotel on 25 June 2008? Should they not be meeting in a police station or in the police headquarters? And, most important of all, would you not want to meet the police AFTER instead of before the so-called sodomy took place (never mind whether the meeting is in secret in a hotel room or conducted the right way, in a police station)?

Would anyone in his or her right mind believe this latest sodomy allegation? Okay, I said ‘right mind’. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants the police to charge Anwar while the Cabinet is against it. The Cabinet feels there is no evidence, not only to convict Anwar, but even to charge him in the first place. But Abdullah wants the police to pursue the case and to charge Anwar. As I said, no one in his right mind would believe the allegation against Anwar but then Abdullah is not a person known to be in his right mind.

And why does Abdullah want so much for the police to charge Anwar? Simple: because his Deputy, Najib Tun Razak, would invariably get dragged into this whole mess. The police have recorded both Najib’s and his wife’s statements under Section 112. So that means Najib and Rosmah would both have to take the witness stand to testify during the course of the trial. Once that happens, everything will flow freely like shit through an asshole that’s been sodomised.

During the course of Anwar’s impending trial, Malaysians will be told of the link Saiful has with Mumtaz Jaafar. Malaysians will also be told who Mumtaz Jaafar is and what her ‘special’ links with Rosmah are. Further to that, Malaysians will be told about the relationship between Najib’s Special Officer, Khairul Anas, and Saiful — and the less than manly reputation these two buggers had while still in school. Yes, the excitement and kinky sex that is going to spill over from this trial will cause Astro to lose a lot of business.

The Anwar sodomy trial will hurt Najib more than it will hurt Anwar. At the end of the trial the court will declare that there is not enough evidence to secure a conviction. It will be a long five or six years but eventually Anwar will be free. However, during the course of the five- to six-year trial, Anwar will have to sit in jail because he will be denied bail. Yes, Anwar will be free in the end, but only after spending five to six years in jail without bail.

Najib, however, will not get off that easily. Anwar will contest the Permatang Pauh Parliament seat and will win. His majority will be even larger than Wan Azizah’s on 8 March 2008. And this is because Anwar will be contesting the by-election from behind the walls of the Sungai Buloh Prison. And everyone knows he does not deserve to be prison — so he will garner massive sympathy votes.

Meanwhile, the Umno division elections will be held simultaneous to the Permatang Pauh by-election. And Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah will garner more than 60 nominations, enough for him to contest the Umno Presidency. Getting the nominations is the difficult part. Once he gets the nominations, he can get the votes. That is the easy part.

As soon as Tengku Razaleigh wins the Umno Presidency and goes on to become the new Prime Minister of Malaysia, he will ask the AG and police to stop messing around. If there is a case against Anwar, then well and good, throw him into jail. If not, then stop wasting the taxpayers’ money and drop the case. That will be what Tengku Razaleigh will do. And he will come out smelling as sweet as a rose while Anwar will bounce back stronger than before they bounced him into prison. Tengku Razaleigh will then call for a truce with the opposition and propose that all unnecessary politicking be suspended so that everyone can get down to the business of running the country.

The economy is in bad shape. The country is on autopilot. No one is running the country or appears to be in charge. 100% of the time is spent with one side trying to topple the other. For the good of the nation, this has to come to an end and Tengku Razaleigh will call an end to all the crap.

The non-Malays will be happy with Tengku Razaleigh at the helm. Currently they are not happy, not only with the way the economy is going, but also with the failed attempt to set up a new Malay-Islamic party that Umno mooted. Umno wooed PAS and tried to get them to merge with Umno. Umno was even prepared to consider merging the two parties into one and to allow Islamic laws to be implemented in the country. Not only was Umno prepared to offer PAS the posts of Menteri Besar but also the post of Deputy Prime Minister. And Abdullah even put this in writing.

But hold on. If PAS were to be given the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, where would that put Najib? And if Najib is no longer the Deputy Prime Minister, then how can he take over as Prime Minister in 2010? And Abdullah put this is writing so that the PAS leaders could table it at their central committee meeting last Thursday.

Now does that explain why the PAS Youth Leader said that even if Umno offers them the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, PAS is still not interested in merging with Umno? It is because Abdullah DID offer them the post of Deputy Prime Minister. PAS was not speaking hypothetically.

Yes, that is how to kill two birds with one stone. In one swoop, Najib and Anwar can both be neutralised. Then Abdullah will be rid of two thorns in his side. Maybe. Maybe not. There is still the issue of whether Tengku Razaleigh will get more than 60 nominations and whether Anwar will win the Permatang Pauh by-election. Any or both those happening would change the entire scenario. Whatever the case may be, though, one thing is very clear, Najib will be out of office, one way or another. That is certainly predictable. It is who will be in charge thereafter that is fluid.

No, this is not a case of Anwar being set up for a fall under false allegations of sodomy. It is about Najib being dragged into the mess and being fingered as the dalang behind the conspiracy to set Anwar up. Sure, Anwar will face a temporary setback. He will spend five to six years in jail and then will be declared not guilty. But Najib will be sent into retirement for good. This is not about Anwar. This is about Najib. And Najib has not awoken to this fact yet. Poor thing.

– By Raja Petra Kamarudin –

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  1. tehsin permalink

    Killing two burungs with one stone..I think I mentioned that to one big guy with long hair…so many different combinations since then..i forgot which was mine…I think same one…ugh…too many assholes…and they all look alike lah Eric…I also confused…

    Saiful’s mum was an acquaintance of my good friend…they were very close…like family and she believes none of Saiful’s story…one thing for sure…AMBITION AND GLORY..even if it meant ass pried open for whole world to see…and what the hell is “plastic” inserted in his butt anyway??

    Takkan lah he doesn’t know condom from plastic…or maybe he sat on a plastic fork?

    I just hope they all go and rot in hell soon, Eric, so we can move on.

  2. mwrmmg permalink

    looking at the sequence of meeting, i can only imagine one thing. To make sure they nab anwar for sure. Maybe they were planning a trap. Maybe the police had a hand planting videos this time. I mean, the mattress didn’t convince anyone last time.

    Maybe the officer was advising how to play or lure Anwar into the trap – what else can explain the purpose of phone calls and meetings, if the crime never really took place.

    just MY imagination, not RPK’s

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