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Release Baqak of Penarik Beca now

August 8, 2008

UPDATE, 8 July 2008, 5.00pm: Bakaq released at about 4.00pm today. Thanks to the police that no harm came to him.

As reported at Kickdefella here

Bakaq Haq of the famous Penarik Beca blog was arrested last night at his home in Greenwood Park, Gombak. According to his wife, 4 police personnel picked Bakaq and his laptop around 11 pm.

… His lawyer, Hanifah Maidin who is also PAS legal adviser confirmed that Bakaq’s arrest was done under the Sedition Act.

… Bakaq is not a member of any political Party but a stern supporter of PAS’s Constitution to form an Islamic Government that shall be fair to all races.

We pray that the police will do a professional job and let justice prevail.
Let no harm come to him …

and RELEASE BAQAK without further delay!

*poster courtesy of mob1900

*** There’s more about Bakaq’s arrest here, here, and here. ***

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. Anwar was release on bail!

    She makes a huge different by doing wat is right!

    Judge Komathy courage is admirelable.

    Her action shows that we can make a difference by doing our job right!

    Judge Komathy… Salute Salute Salute.

    Hope there are judge who got the same courage for Penarik Becah

  2. the question is : can we trust him?

    His track record is not that good; years ago and now:
    1. The way his entourage is behaving ( the photographer incidence)
    2. The wayang kulit yang terlampau at the last couple of months
    3. The foreign connections
    4. The way selangor is run ( many promises not kept ; looks like change in packaging but ubat take berubah)
    5. The partial release of so called truth and the SDs ( viewed from different prospective can actually be called untruth)

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