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Dear YBhg Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim

August 27, 2008

i hope this will be short and sweet.

my heartiest congratulations on your hard-fought, well-deserved win.

Even though the odds were against you i had no doubt you would win. Even if the majority had been a single vote i would still celebrate as though it’s godsend. i applaud all who had sacrificed and worked hard, one way or another, to get you into parliament – en route to Putrajaya – but my praise is reserved for the good people of Permatang Pauh.

You may have been their ‘favourite son’ but i don’t believe they went all out for you because you are one of their own. i think, though they may seem to be simple folks, their smarts belie their surface rustic simplicity. Deep inside me i believe the people of Permatang Pauh are fair and honest folks who can tell the difference between lies and truths no matter who spins them. i would even credit them with a better sense of right and wrong than most of them who currently adjudicate in our courts.

All said, YBhg Dato’ Seri, the only reason you had the overwhelming support of the people of Permatang Pauh is because the rakyat believe in you. In your words. In your mission. In your sincerity.

To undo all that would not take much. Just renege on your promises. Khairy and the whole BN machinery may not have had succeeded in “burying” you but i trust the rakyat of Permatang Pauh – and all those who threw their support behind you inspite of threats to their personal safety – will not fail.

Count me in as one of those others who also rooted for you inspite of what i have regularly been reminded of your historical past. From here on all you have to do is betray my trust and give me reason to believe that you have lied about your “New Dawn For Malaysia” promises and i will be one of your fiercest critics. As much as i was fervent in supporting you, be assured of the same degree of ferver when i become critical of you.

From where i stand now and gazing towards your direction, i trust this would not be necessary.

God bless you and keep you on your journey in bringing about A New Dawn For Malaysia.

Thank you.

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  1. Amen to that, brother.

    – Thank you, SU, for concurring. –

  2. Ewoon you really got guts saying this to DSAI. He had barely reached his front gate, got out of his car, arriving from Permatang Pauh and had to read mails like this.. on Day One…oops on Day Zero.

    A blogger’s job is never done.

    – It’s got nothing to do with guts, bro. It’s got everything to do with what is right, not who is right. –

  3. nuriman12 permalink

    I applaude you for your comment on the outcome of the recently concluded election. The signs are clear since the nomination day that DSAI will capture the parliamentary seat of Permatang Pauh. Just the the working machinery of BN are blind fro not being able to translate the early signs.
    The issues being raised by BN are blown out of proportion. The media gave to much focus on these issues believing that the people will be swayed. But it turned out to be the other way round as these provocative issues resulted in a sway of votes for DSAI.
    Now that DSAI is in Parliament, there are certain MPs who felt the feverish. The individual that they wish to bury is infront of them, leading a party of outspoken opposition candidates.
    The 16 of September is eagerly awaited. Will a new chapter in the political history of Malaysia be written. The people has spoken. The leaders should listen. After all it is the Government of the People BY the People and For the People. God Bless.

    – Thank you, brother. God bless you, too. –

  4. Eric, spot on and brutally honest. Join us for Candle Light Suppper tonite? Bring your two (or three) girls along.

  5. abd_malik permalink

    assalamualaikum dato,saya seorang yang sangat memerlukan bantuan dato.boleehkah saya mendapat pinjaman dari dato?sebanyak rm5000?hubungi saya 0134136253 tolonglah….

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