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“We are what we are,” says kickdefella

August 27, 2008

Go here and find out why our Jalur Gemilang is flying upright again!

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  1. Malaysia 64 permalink

    Bro, saifool want to paint his ass for free anyone interested pls call 1-800-444-sodomi ask for NAJIB

    – Fools are best left alone, bro. Kalau tidak nanti rub off on you lah. hehe –

  2. Eric…wah you also blog fast for Ramadhan ke? I read on shar’s. Very respectful of you…you would make a good Muslim…I am sure the UMNO fellas still up to dirty tricks during Ramadhan…I also want to post good things only lah…thanks for the reminder!

    – We are all born Muslims, are we not, Tehsin? Just that some of us don’t go about hanging the fact on our sleeves. Any holy month should be respected no matter what and if all of us can accept that then we would not be overwhelmed by all these convoluted self-deceptions that are further complicating the issue. Anyway, it would be good for you to do likewise and take another break. Keep on doing what you do. You make a lot of sense and there are people who love to read your work. i am one of them. Take care and God bless. –

  3. Wah! What is this? Some form of self-censorship, Sir? Anyway, YOU have just reminded me about upcoming puasa too… Haha.

    Anyway, bro’, appreciate the hard work you’ve been putting in for THE cause, especially from helpless souls like me who cari makan outside the country and too chicken to contribute himself.. not too mention also too kedekut. So he relies on Private Ewoon to wage the battle for him… :)

    My respects laa,


    – Glad to be of service, bro (tongue in cheek). We want a better deal for all. It doesn’t matter what colour our skin our blood will still be red. What pisses me off is why should some of our brothers and sisters, because of their political lineage and patronage, are grabbing and plundering for themselves only while the rest of us are left fending for ourselves. This has to stop. i have always exhorted hiding behind the ketuanan rhetoric to marginalise those that these corrupt ones are supposed to benefit is the cruelest cut of all. i am glad these marginalised ones have woken up and realised the hypocrisy and are fighting back. If i can be so bold to say, bro, should push come to shuff, you’ll take a bullet for me. i, without being arrogant about it, will do the same for you. Take care, Swampman, especially your back pain. See you when you are back some day. God bless you and the family. –

  4. ya, i agree wholeheartedly with you that we are Malaysian beyond race , colour, gender, and religion.

    i sincerely hope my malay, chinese , indian and others will live happily in this country, and not like what they say only “tumpang”

    When we can be equal, then we can contribute with our hearts and souls for our motherland, and also then the best of brains will not elope to other countries and prosper them..

    we must learn the lessons from history but we must not make the same mistakes as recorded in history……


    Jalur Gemilang: A Symbol Of Our Pride

    Aug 31, Malaysians celebrating the 51st anniversary of the country’s independence. With the event only days away, the Malaysian flag Jalur Gemilang can be seen flying proudly lining up the streets apart from
    at government and public buildings, houses as well as commercial complexes and premises in this city and other towns nationwide.

    Malaysians, in general, understand the meaning of the colours and features of the national flag but not many exactly know how the flag came about.


    According to the National Archives, the flag of the Federation of Malay States was officially unveiled on May 26, 1950.

    With the consent of the Malay Rulers, a special committee was set up to organize a competition to choose a design deemed suitable to be turned into the official flag of the Federation of Malay States.

    The competition drew 373 entries. Out of these, only three made it to the final list and were presented to the Malay Rulers for a decision to be made.

    Hence, on April 19, 1950, on the advice of the Federal Legislative Council and after being consented to by the Malay Rulers, the design of the existing national flag was chosen as the official flag of the
    Federation of Malay States.


    Initially, the colour of the flags star and crescent was white but on the advice of the Malay Rulers, this was switched to yellow to mark the royal colour.

    On May 26, 1950, the flag made its first official appearance when it was unveiled at the Sultan of Selangor’s palace in Kuala Lumpur.

    Among those who were present at the ceremony were the Sultan of Selangor and representatives of Malay Rulers like Abdul Wahab Abdul Aziz (Perak Menteri Besar), Datuk Mahmud Mat (Pahang Menteri Besar), Datuk Onn Jaafar (Johor Menteri Besar), Nik Ahmad Kamil Mahmud (Kelantan Menteri Besar), Raja Ahmad Raja Endut (Perlis Menteri Besar), Tunku Ismail Tunku Yahya (Kedah Menteri Besar) and Datuk Abdul Malek Yusuf (Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar).

    At 9.38am that day, the British High Commissioner for Malaya, Sir Henry Gurney, hoisted the Federation of Malay States flag on behalf of the state dignitaries. From that moment, the Federation of Malay States had its own flag that became the pride of the nation and its citizens.


    According to the research held by the National Archives and based on documents of the Clerk of Councils , The Council Chamber, Kuala Lumpur as well as that from the Johor Public Works Department, it was believed that the designer of the Federation of Malay States flag was Mohamed Hamzah, an architect with the state government of Johor.

    The flag was named the Malaysian Flag in conjunction with the creation of Malaysia in 1963. The 14 red and white stripes signify the 14 states in Malaysia while the star also depicts 14 tips. There was no change in colour from the original flag.


    In 1997, the Cabinet decided to name the flag Jalur Gemilang, a name for all Malaysia
    ns to treasure, respect and be proud of.

    The then Prime Minister Datuk Seri (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad officially named the flag Jalur Gemilang at 11.58pm on Aug 30, 1997 at the Merdeka Square, here.

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