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Najib, what will you do to help us avert this coming global disaster?

October 6, 2008

UPDATE, 2.25pm: Matthias now asks – “Is our money safe in our banks? If the monies are insured, is the insurer financially sound to meet the liabilities?”

If what Matthias Chang is telling us below is inevitable, Najib Abdul Razak, as the new Finance Minister, better not blink. Or else all blame will fall right onto his lap and he can kiss his premiership goodbye. Worse still, he may also go down in our history as the shortest-serving and most inept finance minister (which, to be fair, is not his fault entirely).

Did Abdullah Badawi do a number on Najib? i don’t know and i can’t really say. But the passing of the baton on the eve of impending great financial uncertainty do stink, won’t you agree? Best of luck Najib. Failure to help safeguard Malaysians’ fortunes and our livelihoods is not an option.

All our hopes hang on you. Don’t fall asleep now, you hear (hate to see you being the ‘fall guy’). And better get up to speed on what Matthias is warning us about that’s going to explode soon on your watch as our new FM …

Global Red Alert: US Will Not Be Able to Service Its Debts By H2-2009 – Market Shut Down After Declaration of Force Majeure

By Matthias Chang
Saturday, 04 October 2008 06:30

This is the most important Red Alert to be issued by me.  Do not take my word for it. Verify my facts and analysis, word for word, paragraph by paragraph, as your fortune (if any) and more importantly your family’s livelihood depends on you taking all the necessary steps now to avoid the inevitable pain that will follow.

All the signs are there that the Bush regime may impose stringent measures before the year is out, and if not, his successor will definitely do so when he assumes power in 2009. This will take place, at the earliest, by year end 2008 and latest by H2 – 2009. This is a given.

You have the means to verify it. Do it now! Google it before you read the next sentence. Once you have verified the same, you will be scared, very scared as I am now. We have an urgent duty and responsibility – that is to warn every American citizen as the first priority, and then fellow citizens in your country. This is because the impact and consequences will be global.

US Has Not Been Servicing Its Debts For Years

Sometime ago, before the Beijing Olympics, I had warned that the financial crisis would unravel rapidly after the Olympics, as China could not afford a calamity before and during their version of the greatest show on earth.

We are now witnessing the U.S. economy’s slippery slide to the financial hell hole.

Not many Americans are aware that the US has to service annually, debt-interest to the tune of US$400-500 billion! Being in perpetual deficit (both trade and budget), the only way that the US can continue borrowing and paying its ever increasing interest burden is by borrowing in larger and larger amounts from the central banks in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Additionally, the US banks have been insolvent for years but they were able to cover up their bankruptcy because Alan Greenspan and his masters in Wall Street and Thread-needle Street were able to come up with an incredible Ponzi scheme – the selling of financial toxic wastes (CDOs, MBS, CDS etc.) which enabled these bankrupt banks to fleece both central banks and private investors, and create digital profits by fraudulent creative accounting and corruption of politicians in Congress!

Everyone was borrowing to pay off the previous debts and interests.

In 2000 / 2001, the US economy almost collapsed and the false flag operation of September 11, provided the pretext and the opportunity for the Military-Industrial-Financial Complex to wage a global war (the “War On Terror”) to avert the financial crisis – the massive US debt default. The Bush regime was able to delay the crisis for seven odd years.

China, Japan and other major central banks, given the then prevailing circumstances, accepted the status quo and grudgingly allowed the US to be in default and to part-pay the interests due on past debts and the monthly new debts to pay for the war in Iraq and other misadventures.

China realized that unless she accommodated the US predator, her economy would suffer a major blow and even a war with the US. Bush’s challenge that you are either with us or with the terrorists, was and is directed at creditor countries and served as a warning not to ditch the dollar and derail the US controlled global fiat money / fractional reserve banking system. To the Bush war cabal, any attempt to call a default would be considered a “terrorist threat” on America.

It was a brute’s message: Any threat of economic war would be countered by a hot war and all military options would be on the table, including nuclear war.

The Japanese Yen Carry Trade

For more than two decades the Yen Carry Trade was the main pillar that shored up the shaky foundations of the US controlled global banking system. The Japanese was feeding the hungry US banking system, knowing full well that it would be a matter of time, before the hungry US financial beast would choke on its debts.

Of late, there have been several articles in the American mass media singling out China as the main threat to the security and financial interests of the US. I beg to differ. The principal threat to the US is Japan. She has been, and will be in the future, the greatest threat to the US. This is because Japan’s war party never forgave the US for its disastrous defeat suffered in World War II and the humiliation of the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

But for China’s agreement to finance the US’s ever growing appetite for debt, the financial crisis would have erupted much earlier. The Japanese grand plan has therefore been delayed. But no longer! Why?

The End of The Road

Given the present state of financial health of the US, China can no longer sustain the massive handouts to the US without damaging its economy. This is also the situation faced by other central banks.

This is a matter of simple arithmetic and common sense as every honest banker (if ever there was one) will tell you. Interest is revenue. If interest is not paid, there is no revenue to the lender. It is the interest payments that will enable the lender to lend more monies to borrower as well as other borrowers eager for loans. Once a borrower fails to service the interest payments or service it adequately, the lender will have a cash-flow problem. In the result, the lender will not be able to lend or unwilling to lend further unless and until the delinquent interest payments are remedied.

In the present scenario, we are not even addressing the payment of the principal loan. If interest payments are in default, the lender can forget the repayment of the principal sum.

For all intent and purposes, the US cannot in the next 50 years at the earliest, pay off the principal outstanding to global central banks! And this is conditional on the US not waging any more wars.

Declaration of Default, Only Way Out

For the past 16 months, we have witnessed borrowers defaulting on their loan installments and walking away from their mortgaged homes, because it does not make any sense for them to continue making payments when the mortgaged homes’ values have collapsed to two-thirds of its original value or even worse.

The same situation applies to the US. America knows that it cannot pay the principal which is now in the trillions. It cannot continue to pay the ever increasing interests due on past debts and new debts to finance the deficits and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, why continue with the pretense that it is still credit worthy?

The Bush regime, and for that matter any other future regimes, will not be able to cut back on defence spending. The Military-Industrial-Financial Complex will not allow it. If any President attempts to do so, he would be removed from office by a bullet to the head or an induced heart attack.

Neither would it be possible to raise taxes to pay off the over-due interests as it has been estimated by several economists as well as Paul O’Neill that the taxes would have to be increased from the present 28% to 65%. No President can impose such a hefty tax and remain in office.

David Walker, US Comptroller-General and Head of GAO have warned repeatedly that the US could no longer service its debts beyond 2009! And he is being optimistic. I would say that by year end, the US would hit the dead end.

The recent US$700 billion “bailout” approved by Congress is an attempt to prolong the inevitable. Bush hopes that he can pass the buck to the next president. But I doubt it.

And if I am right, and the shit hits the ceiling fan, Bush will have no choice but to declare a force majeure, tell the world that US is in default and impose martial law to prevent social unrest.

To the skeptics, I would like to remind them that when President Nixon was faced with the demand by France that their dollar holdings be redeemed in gold, he announced to the stunned world that the US dollar would no longer be convertible to gold, as there were insufficient gold in Fort Knox to meet the demand.

And because the Western world was facing the threat of war with Russia (an engineered threat at that), countries outside the communist bloc all fell in line and kow-towed to the “mighty US paper tiger”!

Today, the US and the Western world are reaping what they have sowed in the 1970s! The chickens have all come home to roost.

Government protocols for economic collapse are all in place. All the relevant institutions have the necessary legal powers to enforce government decrees and edicts to ensure that when banks are closed and markets shut down, there will be minimum resistance or else blood will flow on the streets!

This is the scenario that we will be facing in the coming months.

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. To answer your post title : NOTHING. Won’t do anything.

  2. HardcoreMalay permalink

    The answer would be: What global disaster?

  3. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    OMG! catastrophe! argmageddon! lets go bury our money in our backyard and go fetal!

  4. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Is MC encouraging a bank run? A bank run is all about confidence and psychology. All it takes is a rumour or speculation then it snowballs. If MC is a true patriot he wouldn’t be up to mischief. Someone please gag that twit.

  5. ah, thank god I have not much money in the bank, eric…hehe…

    what MC is saying is so true…all this could happen.

    the financial world is a mess.

    that is why Prophet Muhammad s.a.w warned of doing business backed by “hot air”…just what the global financial system perpetuated by the US is doing….this exact system will be its TOTAL UNDOING.

  6. Rosmah Bakal Perdana Menteri Malaysia? – Bahagian Satu: Belanja Lumayan, Anak Suami Tak Dilayan

    Sebelum rakyat dan ahli-ahli UMNO memberi sokongan kepada Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai Presiden Parti dan Perdana Menteri negara, wajarlah tingkahlaku dan dosa anak Perdana Menteri kedua Malaysia ini diselidiki sepenuhnya. Tolak ketepi dahulu kebarangkalian pengbabitannya dengan pembunuhan ngeri Altantuya Sharibuu yang mengaibkan kerajaan Malaysia di mata dunia. Imbasan ringkas sejarah busuk Najib dan isterinya Rosmah sudah cukup untuk mengajar kita betapa bahaya parti dan negara jatuh ke tangan gandingan suami-isteri (atau lebih sesuai, ISTERI-suami) ini.

    Belum sempat keperitan hati keluarga mangsa-mangsa Helikopter Nuri diubati, kronisme dan nepotisme Najib-Rosmah terserlah dengan penggantian Nuri dengan Eurocopter, meskipun ia merupakan model paling mahal sejauh 25% dan tidak diuji medan perang. Mengapa Najib sewaktu menjadi Menteri Pertahanan sekian lama enggan memeterai perjanjian untuk Sikorsky Blackhawk yang jauh lebih murah dan mempunyai rekod cemerlang di zon-zon perang?

    Jawapannya datang dalam bentuk seorang adik bernama Nazim Razak yang muncul berkecimpung dalam isu-isu pertahanan negara sungguhpun merupakan seorang arkitek. Dengan rangkaian luasnya dengan pencipta-pencipta Eurocopter, Nazimlah sebenarnya yang menandatangani perjanjian Eurocopter sekaligus meraih komisen besar sewaktu rakyat Malaysia sibuk memikirkan kos sara hidup yang kian meningkat.

    Yang cukup membimbangkan kita, sebenarnya bukan Najib yang berkomplot langsung dengan adiknya Nazim dalam hal Eurocopter ini. Tetapi isterinya Rosmah, yang berkelakuan seperti wanita sihir atau “witch” dalam cerita kanak-kanak Inggeris! Rosmah cukup bijak; wanita durjana ini menghabiskan wang yang diberi Nazim, untuk bersuka ria di London. Siapa tak kenal Rosmah dan perangai borosnya itu di negara perantauan. Dalam satu kes, cukai-tambah-nilai sahaja dilaporkan oleh penguatkuasa di England sebanyak 50, 000 pound (sekitar RM350 000)! Jika cukainya yang tak sampai 20% pun sudah bernilai RM350 ribu bayangkanlah berapa tinggi nilai sebenar perbelanjaannya.

    Tak cukup lagi dengan keborosan di kedai-kedai mewah di London, Rosmah juga menghabiskan RM 500 ribu untuk pembedahan plastik dan botox di London tahun lepas. Jika tak percaya, lihat sajalah wajah wanita sihir itu dulu dan sekarang; mustahil cukup tempe di Malaysia ini!

    Mungkin sikap Rosmah ini tidaklah memeranjatkan, jika kita lihat sejarahnya yang lampau. Sudahlah mencuri suami orang (Najib pada awalnya berkahwin dengan Tunku Puteri), Rosmah cuba sedaya upaya menghalang Najib untuk menghadiri majlis akad nikah anaknya sewaktu bersama Tunku Puteri, Nizar Najib bersama anak usahawan mahsyur dan bekas Exco Wanita UMNO Malaysia Dato’ Maznah Hamid. Kuatnya pengaruh Rosmah ke atas suaminya, Najib hampir-hampir akur dengan saranan Rosmah untuk tidak ke majlis tersebut.

    Setakat ini sahaja bahagian satu siri Rosmah Bakal Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Tiga isu yang dikupas setakat ini:

    1) Perjanjian kronisme Eurocopter yang menguntungkan Rosmah
    2) Perbelanjaan lumayan Rosmah di London (wang rakyat!!)
    3) “Queen Control” hinggakan perkahwinan anak sah Najib pun tidak direstui

  7. ruyom permalink

    (1) The BN corrupt machinery has lorded over this country the past 50 years, and nothing is sacred to them anymore. The police, the judiciary and every other government department and institutions seems to do BN bidding and the right or wrong of each act is never discussed for they just follow orders – they “Just Do It”.

    So wouldn’t all these acts be considered highly ‘unethical’ to say the least?

    (2) Many of these purported crossover BN MPs are sick to their core of the continuing inefficiency and blatant corrupt practices of their more powerful BN counterparts, especially the Umno clique.

    This includes the latter strident display of racism, continually raising the spectre of May 13, blatant disregard of basic human rights and selective targeting and incarceration of their opponents, or just about anyone they don’t like, e.g. Teresa Kok, Raja Petra and Hindraf 5.

    But there is no “show cause” letter to that very racist Utusan Malaysia. How many Malaysians can stomach these dirty actions and how many subscribe to Umno’s make-believe world?

    (3) Persistent calls by Sabah politicians within the BN circle to institute a royal commission on how so many million foreigners can own our blue ICs and become Malaysian citizens are totally ignored to this day to the continuing detriment of genuine Malaysian Sabahans security, peace and the hope of continued prosperity in this rich Land Below The Wind.

    (4) Likewise, wholesale giveaways of valuable government land to cronies in Sarawak and calls to investigate the Taib Dynasty are all given short shrift.

    (5) Is it any wonder that many of these BN MPs are prepared to crossover to Anwar camp with no promises of monetary rewards as stated by Anwar many times? Likewise, is it wrong or unethical for Anwar to state that if elected with the help of these crossover BN MPs, he will ensure that Sabah is again ruled by a true Sabahan – a Kadazan and not an Umnoputra?

    For the same reason, Sarawak will then be ruled by a true Sarawakian – an Iban. What can be so ‘unethical’ about these wise moves?

    (6) Most Malaysians are immigrants of one sort or another when they migrated to this country now called Malaysia. The could be a Chinese with 600 years of ancestry or they could be Indonesians from Java, Sumatera or other parts of the vast Indonesian archipelago some 800 years ago.

    Or they could be from India (Madras, Kerala etc), with some 100 years of ancestry. It is interesting further to note that Chinese Malaysian Muslims are not classified as “bumis” like some Malaysian Indian Muslims even though they profess the religion of Islam, think and act and eat like all other Muslims, observe Ramadhan, go to the same mosques etc. And don’t forget there are some 100 million Chinese Muslims in China today!

    (7) The true “natives” and “sons of the soil” like our aborigines (the Sakai, Negrito etc), and the Dayaks, Ibans, Kadazans etc, in Sabah and Sarawak – some of which may have been classified as bumis – are badly marginalised and handed only crumbs for development spending, if any at all.

    Sadly, the situation is prevalent all over the world where the true natives are badly marginalised – the Aborigines in Australia, the Inuits in Japan and the Native Americans in the US.

    (8) There is therefore nothing unethical or corrupt bout Anwar strategy to rule Malaysia – the BN coalition will resort to the same if they were ever popular after March 8. Anwar is Malaysia only chance at true salvation to make this rich country a much better place for all Malaysians, regardless of colour, creed or religion and to live and learn from each other.

    Our unique multiculturalism can then be preserved and encouraged. Ask ourselves: what has BN done in all their 50 year rule except to enrich further the fabulously rich cronies in their group?

    (9) A 916 is the best way out, and time is of the essence: you cannot wait for the next election. If BN are so sure of themselves, why are they so afraid to convene parliament earlier? Any straw voting will tell the whole BN set-up that they are now irrelevant.

  8. Christopher Sawan permalink

    Dear Dr.,

    We attended the same lecture in 1969 and you were different then from the rest of us. The fact that you were different was reflected when you left for the UK. Sometime in October or November 1975 I bumped into you at the Inns of Court Cafeteria, Lincoln’s Inn wherein I was verbally informed by you, you graduated. I was only doing my first year of Bar Part One.

    I have not met you or seen you since then apart from a few reports that you are somewhere up there. In any case, I succeeded the challenge and I was called to the English Bar in Nov 1977.

    To me you one kind of classmate whom I hesitate to consider as friend.

    I consider myself your friend and “Brothers – in – Law”. I have been praticing in Malaysia and Brunei since 1979 to date.

    Thank you for giving this chance to express my personal admiration to Dr. Matthias Chang.

    Christopher Sawan

  9. Malaysia 64 permalink

    I think ros mah hi will run the country. *ROS MAH HI What will you do to help us avert this coming global disaster* Do you agree bro! He he he

  10. aston permalink

    New Cabinet:

    Prime Minister – Anwar

    Deputy Prime Minister – Lim Kit Siang

    Agriculture Minister –

    Community Minister –

    Culture Minister – Farish Noor

    Defence Minister – Azmin Ali

    Education Minister – Nga Kor Ming

    Environment Minister – Teresa Kok

    Finance Minister – Tony Pua

    Foreign Minister – Ramasamy

    Health Minister – Tan Seng Giaw

    Home Minister – Sivarasa

    Information Minister – Jeff Ooi

    Law Minister – Teng Chang Khim

    Manpower Minister –

    Sports Minister –

    Technology Minister –

    Trade Minister – Khalid

    Transport Minister – Liew Chin Tong

    Tourism Minister –

  11. New Polls on UMNO: –
    1. Should Members of Barisan Nasional converge to form a Single MULTIRACIAL Party?
    2. Who do you want as the new Youth Chief for UMNO?
    3. Who do you want as the new Deputy President for UMNO?
    HERE –

  12. Rosmah Bakal Perdana Menteri Malaysia? (Bahagian 3): Sanggup Bunuh Untuk Lepaskan Diri

    Dalam bahagian ini, kami mengupas isu hangat pembunuhan gadis Mongolia Altantuya Sharibuu dan pengbabitan terus Najib Tun Razak dan isteri durjananya Rosmah. Pendedahan ini semata-mata mendidik ahli UMNO dan rakyat Malaysia tentang betapa kotornya pasangan suami isteri yang barangkali bakal mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan negara tidak beberapa lama lagi. Moga-moga ia akan menginsafkan kita semua supaya berwaspada terhadapa gandingan Najib-Rosmah ini dan memantau gerak-geri mereka selepas jawatan Perdana Menteri disandang hasil taktik tikam belakangnya terhadap Abdullah Badawi, yang walau banyak cacat-celanya sebagai pemimpin, tidak langsung menampakkan perangai rakus ala-Najib.

    Bagi yang mendapat info dari SB dan mereka-mereka yang dekat dengan individu-individu berkaitan, tidak syak lagi bahawa Najib-Rosmah memang mengenali Altantuya dan memang terlibat dalam pembunuhan wanita itu. Ceritanya cukup dramatis dan layak dijadikan skrip untuk sebuah filem Oscar.

    Segala-galanya bermula sekali lagi dengan amalan korupsi Najib. Skandal kapal selam buatan Perancis SSK Scorpene wujud semata-mata kerana sebuah klien Perancis untuk firma guaman Rosmah. (Pelik bin ajaib, firma guaman Rosmah ini hanya mempunyai satu klien Perancis itu sahaja!) Dalam rundingan kontrak ini, Razak Bagindalah yang menjadi broker Najib, sepertimana yang lama dia lakukan selama bertahun-tahun sebelum ini. Untuk menggelapkan duit rakyat, komisen perjanjian Kementerian Pertahanan-SSK Scorpene ini serta wang haram Najib-Rosmah diberi terus kepada Razak Baginda yang ‘menyimpan’ wang itu untuk Najib-Rosmah, agar salahlaku Najib ini lebih sukar dikesan Kerajaan atau BPR.

    Tapi dalam proses perundingan untuk kontrak SSK Scorpene ini muncul seorang wanita Mongolia bernama Altantuya yang dikenalkan oleh Najib kepada Razak untuk membantunya kerana fasih berbahasa Perancis. Tapi Altantuya tidaklah sebodoh mana yang disangka Najib: dia sedar bahawa rundingan untuk SSK Scorpene ini sebenarnya berbau rasuah, dan dia juga tahu bahawa jika dibongkarkan kepada umum, nescaya hancurlah karier politik Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    Apa tidaknya, rahsia kelamin Najib pun mampu dibongkarkan Altantuya yang beberapa kali meniduri Najib, lelaki yang terkenal gila seks dan skandal.

    Maka berbekalkan keyakinan, Altantuya pun mula meminta semacam ‘wang perlindungan’ dari Najib, melalui Razak Baginda, untuk menyimpan rahsia-rahsia Najib. Razak yang sudah sekian lama tidak tahan dengan Altantuya pun memohon Najib melakukan ‘sesuatu’. Dengan rangkaian kenalan polis dan tenteranya itu, Najib pun mengizinkan Razak Baginda melakukan apa yang perlu untuk ‘menutup mulut’ Altantuya sekaligus! Walaupun kami tidak mengatakan bahawa Najib sendiri yang membunuh Altantuya, tetapi hakikatnya Najib benar-benar mahukan masalah Altantuya ini diselesaikan segera dengan apa cara sekalipun, dan pembunuhan ngeri Altantuya ini dilakukan atas restu Najib sendiri.

    Tapi Najib mana mampu bergerak tanpa isteri durjananya. Tiada suatu kisah pun yang lengkap tanpa pendedahan pengbabitan si durjana Rosmah itu. Tentunya anda ingat kes kenyataan bersumpah penyiasat persendirian P. Balasubramaniam yang juga bekas anggota SB di khalayak ramai didampingi Anwar Ibrahim, bahawa Najib memang mengenali Altantuya cukup rapat sekali. Tapi keesokannya Bala menarik balik kenyataannya dan terus melarikan diri dari negara ini dan kini bersembunyi di Kolkata.

    Hai, takkan lah tarik balik terus lari jika tiada ‘arahan’ yang dikeluarkan atau takut nyawanya diancam. Dan mana mampu Anwar Ibrahim itu mengancam nyawa Bala pun! Yang sebenar-benarnya, Rosmah sendiri yang memberi wang RM500 ribu kepada Bala pada hari itu untuk dia menarik balik kenyataan bersumpahnya itu dan cabut keluar negara; jika dia sekali-kali pulang tanpa izin Rosmah nescaya akan ada peluru menantinya.

    Begitulah kisah Altantuya dan penglibatan Najib-Rosmah ini. Gandingan inikah yang akan memimpin Melayu dan Malaysia? Sedih aku dibuatnya!

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