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Collapse of US dollar imminent; new currency will be called Amero.

October 29, 2008

Hal Turner, who used to host “one of the most controversial radio shows anywhere on planet earth” in metropolitan New York New York, United States of America until it was shut down under pressure on July 30 this year, has one of the most revealing information about what is going to happen to the US dollar.

He is, if you like, the equivalent of our Matthias Chang who is no bigot unlike Hal himself. The only probable common trait both share is their passion for deciphering future events that are overwhelmingly negative and life-affecting. And for their honest efforts both have similarly suffered the reputation of being often called “mad man and harbinger of bad news.”

One may not like the message but to totally ignore the cogent data is at best putting oneself and loved ones at great risk. Do not for a moment kid yourself that what happens in America would not affect us. This would be akin to the proverbial ostrich burying its head in the sand.

What does one do then? It’s been said often enough that one cannot rely on the authority to tell the truth and take care of its citizenry all the time. The best way to safeguard one’s interest would be to take personal responsibility and be better informed.

It’s a certainty the months ahead will become exceedingly bumpy. So be prepared for a traumatizing rough ride!

Here’s Hal Turner on video …

Read his blog titled Confirmed: US government will collapse before summer* 2009; will repudiate national debt; issue new currency and devalue “old dollar” by 90% here.

*February 2009

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  1. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Think I’ve watched this movie

  2. I hope to dear God that Turner, Chang will get it wrong, bro’. Along with millions of other OFWs (Overseas Foreign Workers), whose income depend on the greenback, if this Amero thingy really happens then I can say goodbye to seeing my son or daughter in a graduation dress…

    But deep down I know.. logic dictates otherwise. That bully America has been living beyond its means for a long time – their sordid affair with Plasma Panels and Gas Guzzling Hummmers on once-cheap credit. time after time again, citizens of the Third World would unceremoniously pay the price of their follies… Why is that?

  3. Paddy permalink

    WOW, can i buy this rights/script off him, looks like a Hollywood blockbuster!!!

  4. Malaysian Tigress permalink

    Oh, Thank God I don’t have millions of USD in the bank, Eric…hahaha. (Not even ringgit!)

    Amero? Interesting. Maybe they will start world war 3 to save their butts?

    Obama is a dangerous man due to his inexperience and “manipulativability”. Listening to him talking to the Jewish lobby is frightening.

    He will be an easy puppet.

    At least with Mc Cain we know what to expect. (same cowboy cloth as Bush).

    Obama could be the trigger for the next world holocaust.

    I could be wrong…I hope I am.

  5. Malaysian Tigress permalink

    Haiya Eric,

    I read Hal’s blog. He is a bit “kacang” meh. But US for sure heading for bankruptcy. That one I believe, and they will start another war to save their white butts. (I am racist too?? Only against the crazy American administration)

  6. well he sound abit paranoid. Anarchy in the US? isnt it happening now? Well we must remember Hal Turner was once labeled as a white supremacist, and perhaps a neo-nazi. Can we trust his words? Perhaps he wants to cause some chaos since a Black Man has been elected president…..

  7. Benjamin permalink

    Maybe we will get a new Amero. I wonder what % chance this will be….. After all the world will end soon.. so why should it matter. Anyhow if this really happens will this be the start of a one world Gov.


  8. No future
    For you
    No future
    For me
    No future
    For you
    No future, no future
    For you

  9. Obama Supporter permalink

    Obama has more experience! More common sense and more intelligence than anybody in political office! He is the ONLY one that can give Americans hope!! He has nothing to lose and so much respect to gain. Support your President, believe in America and the choice that Americans made on November 4th!!

    He will dig us out of this deep deep hole that former ——–left us in!!

    Buy gold and lots of it

  10. Keturunan Jebat permalink

    Why do you think Tun has been harping about Gold Dinar waayyy…….waaaaay back when he was still the PM especially among the OIC country?

    Keturunan Jebat

  11. Born2reign permalink

    Physical gold and silver is the answer. An American home costs 270 oz gold in 1970 and also today. Heard that China is demanding physical delivery of 360 tonnes of gold. Global banks like HSBC are facing backlog in physical delivery too.

    “Last week Citigroup – which Dr. Faber says should have been left to go bankrupt and not bailed out by the US government in a $306 billion deal last week – said gold may go to $2,000 an ounce in 2009.”-
    The Lord says silver and gold are His (Haggai 2:8)

    That said possibly by 2010 there will be no more trust in paper currencies hence no need for Central Banks …the world may be using a currency that does not need govt controls and that will be the demise of Central Banks.

    Obama needs to do sthg radical. Americans do not need an old dog but someone who thinks out of the box. Revelation 18 says that Babylon will be overtaken in a SINGLE DAY, disappearing forever.

    Buy gold and silver. And a safe.

  12. renee permalink

    America has hit rock bottom and using the media to divert the minds of its citizens. Wake up People!! The founders of this government found life outside of England. We need to find life outside of America for our childrens’ sake.

  13. Propheteer permalink

    Reading these sorts of ramblings about the United States’ disheveled state of financial affairs saddens me. The sad part is that most of those who are warning about things to come are somewhat correct in their foresight, but terribly off the mark in terms of how and why it’s come to this. They speak much about “smoke and mirrors”, yet fail to realize that they, themselves, are only seeing to a limited depth in those mirrors.

    Do you really believe that the financial affairs of the United States are bad? I’ll let you in on a little secret … they’re not. Do you think that the US government is hush-hush about finances because they’re in such bad shape? Oh, you POOR lamb! Do you believe the numbers given or “leaked” by the government regarding finances? Friend, didn’t they teach you about the simple, common “second set of books” in high school accounting?

    This is all part of a process that has been carefully planned and implemented over the past century. This is about the richest, most powerful people in the world seizing ultimate control and enslavery of the masses, world-wide. This grandiose spectacle of political irresponsibility is nothing but a smoke screen to cover the dirty deed … the financial ruin of millions upon millions of common, ordinary people.

    Their planning and execution has been flawless. As time has passed, the “elected” officials have been slowly whittling away individuals’ rights, while granting themselves more and more power, almost always under the guise of “national security”.

    Which store sells machine guns, bazookas, tanks, and anti-aircraft weaponry? The Right To Bear Arms was intended to give citizens the ability to rise-up against their government if the government abused it’s people. What sort of military ability do United States citizens have compared to the military might of their government? The answer is obvious. WHEN the public finally sees through PART of the smoke and mirrors, there WILL be insurrection, and it will be an utter bloodbath. They ARE prepared for it, and they’ve already constructed concentration camps to hold the MILLIONS of people who are going to oppose them.

    To summarize: the masses will be ruined financially, then they will be beaten into submission. There will be no more “middle class”, “human rights”, or “comfortable life”, except for the elite who have been planning this all along.

    Go ahead, argue, disagree, debate, call me a lunatic. I’m only telling the truth, as you will know, far sooner than you think.

    If there is a supreme being, as many humans hope, they’d better start praying for divine intervention. Without it, this planet soon will not be a pleasant place to be.

    OH … by the way … there IS a way to stop it …

  14. Kittani permalink

    Creepy… that Propheteer guy makes sense… and I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. The problem isn;t so much the rich and powerful getting richer and more powerful… that does not work and US soldiers aren’t going to storm into thier hometowns and start pilfering thier neighbor’s houses for guns and locking up thier schoolteachers and gas station clerks. More likely they will defect. In the US military it is a 100% VOLUNTEER service. They follow the orders of the President and Congress, but they all operate under the “creed” COUNTRY first. The US armed forces, by rights, are not even allowed by thier charters to follow orders placing them on operations on US soil unless under the attack of a foreign nation. I come from a military family. I would say only the most fanatical and mindless soldiers would attack thier own people here… and we have very very few of those if any. I have read articles on states drafting legislation for secession from the union… unfortunately the states would have to band together to do that… and we all hate each other too much for that to happen.

    Thomas Jefferson once alluded to the fact that no form of Government SHOULD last for more than 200 years… it gets too gets run by the rich and greedy… and the only thing left to do is hang the rich to feed the poor.

  15. Romans 13:1-7 permalink

    Do not trust the self proclaimed “intellectual elite”. They plan to protect themselves only. Their idea of paradise does not include us. Their goal is to maintain world population at or below 500,000,000 and you would be enslaved. Present any opposition and your RDIF chip would be turned off and your identity lost.

    I urge anyone reading this blog to become more political and more involved!! Educate yourself before it is too late! The mainstream media is controlled and they are working on controlling the internet as well.

  16. AntiIlluminati permalink

    yeah… depopulation of the human race its a part of the global warming scam that blame everything except the sun. its a part of the Agenda21 & New World Order

  17. Jace permalink

    Aren’t we already in the middle of Summer 2009?… No sign of any kind of collapse of the US government of the USD at all…

  18. Obama supporter open your eyes & get a clue.You tell us he has more experience and is the only one who can get us out of
    this mess that you claim Bush got us into!? Your final epiphanic
    words”invest in gold”(By the way the 1 thing Id agree too”

    We have yet to see the bad times! If we continue in this totally
    disasterous course the 20’s depression is going to seem like a
    a trip to Disneyland.There is a giant for sale sign on our country and if this administation has it’s way we will be a country of 2 classes.although many have seen this coming.I don’t even want to get into the complexities of the near future but I will say this “If you beleive in God,a higher power pray.Pray that it is not the end of our culture,our freedom,our way of life,our lives.” It’s time for the talk big & carry a wiffle
    bat to end.
    The New World Order is in the house.It’s time to kick their asses out! OR sit back,watch T.V.,play games.Stay opiated?
    Numb and dumb and lazy. Everything our forefathers worked,fought,bleed & died for get snatched away from us.
    Well what the hell do I know?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Buy LEAD preferably hollow-point !

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