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Your charity will go a long way

January 11, 2009


Elviza, who claims to be a “reluctant lawyer, an aspiring columnist, a mediocre musician and sometimes, just a wanderer….” will blog whenever she can steal time between ‘personality shifts’ (i say it with charity, dear).

Yet, knowing how brief and precious they may have been, she will still spare some time to volunteer at Mercy Malaysia Corporate Communication department to help write about their relief activities. Her latest effort – an urgent appeal for contributions to the Palestine Relief Fund.

i fully support Elviza’s call and urge you to do the same. Let us take a moment and lend her our ears …

If your heart bleeds for the atrocities mercilessly inflicted on Gaza by the Israelis, do lend them a hand. Let us part with whatever we can afford to help Palestinians in their time of grief and need.

Mercy Malaysia has, on 30th December 2008, formed an Emergency Response Assessment Team to face the humanitarian crisis in Gaza strip. The team has been promptly dispatched to Egypt led by President, Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood and Exco Member Norazam Ab. Samah.

The air strikes and ground offensive on Gaza –  as reported by AlJazeera – have killed more than 700 Palestinians, 219 of which are children. More than 3000 have been wounded.

Therefore, Mercy Malaysia appeals to generous Malaysians to send it cash donations. Contributions will support Mercy Malaysia to procure emergency surgical kits, medicines and hospital equipments to help the hospitals in Gaza.

  • Cheque is to be made payable to “MERCY MALAYSIA” and addressed to Mercy Malaysia, Level 2, Podium Block, City Point, Kompleks Dayabumi, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Cash donations can be made via on-line transmission or deposit at CIMB Bank Account No: 1424-000-6561053.
  • Donation form can be downloaded from here.
  • Further enquiries are to be directed to +603-22733999 or

Let us make a difference by whatever little we have. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your generosity.

Way to go, Elviza.

What i find difficult to stomach are the senseless attacks unleashed, one after another, against helpless, innocent women and children. They are unprotected, unarmed – no threat to no fly, no one. They are like defenseless doves drenched and trembling with fright awaiting their turns to be killed. If they are not dead, they will be maimed and traumatized for life. The hurt they carry as they try going about to re-build the rest of their half or quarter lives will be best pushed to the furthest recesses of their memories and left unrecalled, unspoken. Yet, their scarred bodies, hearts and souls will be constant, agonizing reminders of happy days, joy and precious breaths of loved ones suddenly snuffed out. It’s more painful to be alive under such horrible circumstances.

Give, people, give – your charity will go a long way.

May God bless you all.

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. i highly hope that our charity will reach those palestinians…that’s the least we could do aside from boycotting usa products…at time beings,even the pbb medical help also can’t reach gaza,blocked by those israelis…

  2. Dear Ewoon,

    Personality shifts? I called that temporary lapse of certainty of what to do!

    Anyway, I thank you so much for helping Mercy’s cause. We need more like you!

  3. SoNSo permalink

    Public charity practically end up as someone/grp pocket.

    Let the gov/nation resolve these at UN level.
    If UN can’t resolve it, you think your $ will really hope?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Woe unto those (politicians) who exalt & support war!
    Woe unto those (politicians) who desire to kill & persecute his fellow mankind!
    Woe unto those (politicians) who deliberately murder the children and civilians!
    Woe unto those (politicians) who have no respect of human rights!
    Woe unto those (politicians) who are here to rob the poor!
    Who care they are the chosen one! WAR = EVIL!

    I call upon all friends from every corner of the earth who exalt PEACE like me, let us work together to topple those war-loving-politicians and replace with peace-loving-leaders. We must start now before our children shall bear the fruits of our transgression!!!

    Put aside all religions and cultural differences, we should help those who are in great needs!

  5. The Samaritan permalink

    Yes, let’s help the poor Palestinians! How could our hearts not moved when we see their great sufferrings. Israelistes and the Americans are way too much. their hands are full with blood. Whatever the reasons you gave, you have no right to take away other rights to live. Shame on you!

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