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Laugh at Matthias all you want but the last laugh is his

January 19, 2009

To the skeptics who have been laughing at Matthias Chang while he diligently brings to our attention the inevitable economic hard times coming home to roost, it’s time you shut up and listen. The joke is on you now. “The shit has hit the ceiling fan!” so to speak.

But as you read his latest revelation please consider, at the back of your mind, the worst case scenario that could be following close behind this never-happened-before phenomenon of cargo ships idling at ports instead of them plying their routes.

Here’s a prompter to make it easier …

Granted that ships are already not laden with “industrial goods” from our ports to those in USA , Europe and where else, what do you think is likely to be the outcome if these same vessels are coming to our ports also not laden with “agricultural produce” like wheat flour and rice?

If you really can’t figure this out, perhaps it’s time you pay more attention to Matthias Chang and let him get you thinking …

Shipping rates hit rock bottom I hope you understand what this means

By Matthias Chang
Thursday, 15 January

Global trade has collapsed totally

Shipping companies like MISC and major ports will be in deep shits

Revising my previous forecast on growth

It will be Negative in 2009 for Malaysia

In a recent Strategy Forum which I conducted, I shared a very simple method of gathering “intelligence on our export trade” with the delegates.

I told them that all I need to do is to observe the ships departing from the ports. I look at the load waterline (L.W.L. the waterline at which the ship will float when loaded to its designed draft). This will indicate whether a ship is fully laden with cargo. This is simple common sense.

In the past few weeks, many ships were not fully laden. This means that we are not shipping out that many exports Q.E.D! The authorities can fudge the figures, but the load water-line cannot lie.

Today, if you go to Singapore, ships are all over the port and idling for want of cargo.

It has now been reported that shipping rates for containers (have) hit zero. Holy smoke, the shit has really hit the ceiling fan! This has never happened before. This means that demand for industrial goods have slumped big time. World trade has collapsed. Exporting economies in Asia have been hit hard by the fall in demand in US and Europe.

Last year, I reported and drew your attention that the Baltic Dry Index which measures freight rates for bulk commodities such as iron ore, grains etc. crashed dropping a whopping 96 per cent.

Some idiots in Malaysia have been trumpeting for over a year that Asia’s economies have de-coupled from the Western economies. This is bullshit!

A big chunk of our exports goes to USA and Europe. Now that these markets have collapsed, it is only time that we will face a major downturn that will be deep and long which I estimate will commence by end of the first quarter 2009.

Had Malaysia took pre-emptive measures in 2006 and early 2007, we could have mitigated our exposure. But Badawi was “sleeping” and his stupid 4th Floor boys were too concerned in plundering the economy for themselves, and to quote one of them, “it is our turn.”

Now is too late.

Even RM73 Billion may not be enough to bailout those corporate entities considered too big to be allowed to fail.

It is time to start PRAYING!

Idling ships are not the only problem confronting us; we also have thousands of idling Malaysians coming on stream! Rocky’s Bru has the story here.

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  1. Wang permalink

    What this mean? What can we as a rakyat do?

  2. SoNSo permalink

    he also mentioned about high possibility of US civil war….
    sounds like a potential spark for World War 3 ….

  3. Michael C permalink

    I don’t understand why many folks just hate the mention of Matthias Chang’s name. Why, just because he used to work for Tun Dr Mahathir?

    Let’s not be blindfully prejudiced. Let’s listen to his message. Matthias has been making sense for some time now.

    Sure, worst case scenario when all ships stand still is when they are also not transporting food products! There will be shortage and price will shoot sky high! Maybe a packet of rice will cost RM100 who knows.

    But the scary finality is when the shortage is so great there will be widespread hunger and widespread civil unrest.

    The future looks gloomy. What has our government done so far to protect us from this economic downturn that is happening now?

    When CNY comes, many factories and businesses will close and stay close. There are already news this will be happening. Widespread unemployment. Widespread hardship for Malaysians. There will be widespread robberies too. What can we do and where can we go?

    Shit, if the people have been spending, spending, spending and did not save for the rainy day they are going to be f***ed.

    I think I better get ready to go back to my hometown in Yong Peng and grow our own food.

    Thank you Matthias Chang. Thank you for warning us for some time already. You are so right “The shit has hit the ceiling fan!” Things are going to get very messy that’s for sure.

  4. tehsin permalink

    Dear ewoon, please sign the petition to the ICC to investigate war crimes on my blog…thank you!

  5. lawrence permalink

    ewoon, Selamat Tahun Baru & Gong Xi Fatt Chai. Keep the blog going, man !!

  6. Shit has hit the ceiling fan.

    Such a nice quote to describe the scene.

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