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Don’t Fly Air Asia

January 22, 2009

i have nothing against budget airlines. They do a service by allowing more people to fly and thus making the world a smaller – not necessarily better – place to be.

But when a budget airline starts to fudge it that’s when i get peeved.

Heck, there are more flaws, questions and suspicions than good that arise out of the proposed construction of KLIA East @ Labu, Seremban. Until and unless, i can be convinced that it is not an ultimate game plan for a possible BAILOUT, my support for the “boycott Air Asia” campaign stays.

Don’t Fly Air Asia


*Campaign logo courtesy of Sime Darby Watch here.

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  1. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Why do you think it\’s gonna be a bailout? Lets not pre-judge yet. I\’m never a fan of AirAsia, too high risk investment proposition for me. Tony may be a great salesman but its financials stinks. If it can be guaranteed that there will not be a bailout if Labu fails ie no repercussion on the Malaysian economy (hope Treasury studied this carefully before giving approval) which won\’t involve taxpayers money then hell I\’m all for it. If Tony\’s claim that he can find private funding, thats a big if, then I don\’t think the government should interfere with private initiative. The last thing we need is to crimp entrepreneurship. Having said that, AirAsia & its partner should also be holding the risk. IMHO Sime should just be contractor & not be involved as a partner since it is a GLC cos GLC = potential bailout. MAHB is pathetic…dissing its biggest customer & behaving like a government agency & not what its suppose to be – a profit oriented commercial company. If you as a customer are not happy with the service & price of a shop, obviously you will take will your business elsewhere. Would you like the government to force you to continue patronising because the shop whines to the government? But I must put a very important caveat – Labu should go ahead provided safety is assured since its less than 10km from KLIA. I mean thats one of the the reasons why they shut down Subang airport isnt it? Strange, like wayang kulit, you don\’t know whats going on behind the scenes.

  2. air asia just try to be more bigger and independent

  3. Anonymous permalink

    am an airasia flyer…why,is it in labuan teres no scale unit for those like us whose baggage are in excess?….your frontman? ohhhhh..they just guessing for your excess..and no reciept..he,he,he,corrupt??or in need?kindly check it out.dont put a camera cant catch it for sure..a trusted ground “EYE” ?..BETTER..

  4. @resident.wangsamaju: I like that phrase, probably we can do some badge with that phrase in it :)

  5. Dirty politics, dilapidated aircraft, nickle & dime scams … it all goes straight under the carpet. However, if you consider that a half dozen former politicians fill the boardroom, that ain’t going to stop happening in anyone’s lifetime. What gets our goat is that Malaysia’s taxpayers already paid with ‘MahathirCard’ as he gifted ‘AirAsia MKI’ to his aforementioned friends in a move that would have brought down any government in the world outside of Zimbabwe or Malaysia. You owe it to yourself to pass your eye over the facts: Not unlike most of my compatriots, I can’t hear, ‘Go directly to jail. do not pass go!’ in that little Monopoly. So, let’s be pragmatic. I contend that while AirAsia planes are looking as neglected as this there should be legislation that A) Tony Fernandes puts his money where his mouth is and doesn’t merely talk about safety and B) He stops wasting money on self-aggrandizing exercises like Lotus F1 [and more so Man U and Williams F1 where the money goes to the UK) perhaps C) He pays the money that is owed to Malaysia’s people, and D) we conduct an independent investigation of DATO’ PAHAMIN AB. RAJAB resulting from his brokering the ‘Fernandes’ deal while in government, hot on the heels of which he retired to become Chairman of AirAsia which his friend and political ally had just sold them on behalf of the Malaysian people for a princely sum of 1 ringgit. Is anyone prepared to put a wager on even one of those happening? Fly AirAsia? Not Me.

  6. graham permalink

    air asia 400 thai bat per kg if your over,nok air 50 thai bat per kg if your over, wot a RIP OFF.

  7. luca permalink

    Do not ever, whatever your wallet, fly Air Asia. Worst airline and NO customer service at all. Boycott this terrible lot, please.

  8. Dr Idris permalink

    Once I was flying AirAsia. The Passengers had just entered the plane at Kinabalu Terminal 2. I was sending my last sms and was about to switch off my Hp after that, and at that very moment an Indian stewardess shouted at me in a furious and very rude manner not typical of a stewardess. She shouted at me in front of everybody like this “Kalau encik mau guna handphone, encik keluar daripada kapalterbang ini!”. I was not the only one with handphone. But why she be so very rude? Now with alternative low-cost airlines, I never fly AirAsia!

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