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Can the H1N1 virus mutate with AIDS virus to make AIDS spreadable through the air we breathe?

May 8, 2009

Apparently that’s a possibility but no established medical institution or scientist has dared come out to say it outright.

You can read of the hidden threat or message here. The following is an excerpt from the same site.

The four strands of the swine flu virus come from pigs, humans and birds. Experts believe that the virus mutated into its current form in the bodies of pigs. Health authorities are particularly worried that the capability to mutate already exhibited by the virus could eventually let it combine with the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS.

The human race is at stake now and yet we are still busy being at war with one another. When will we ever learn?

From → World Watch

  1. I hope not possible!!

  2. It’s unlikely,… they’re different virus. I hope.

  3. Born2reign permalink

    Why are they so highly mutatable?

    When people have the flu do they automatically take the antibiotics their docs gave them? Then you have contributed to the swine flu.

    Does the pig, poultry and other animal farms inject their livestock with antibiotics, not because they are sick but coz they are cramped up in their pens/barns with unhygenic environments? Then they are part of the swine flu mutation.

    We allowed this to happen. Same virus, getting stronger coz we allowed our immune system to be killed off by anti-bio-tics (anti-life).

    With bio-science anything is possible. I’m sure you are all aware that the soya beans that you buy so cheaply at the shops are GM (genetically modified) with salmon genes, so that it can also grow in winter.

    Next question. Are you buying the story the bio-science will heal the world’s diseases, create foods that resist pests, etc? If the insects are not eating these GM plants, why are humans consuming them? Humans are stupid.


  4. I hope not possible!! H1N1 Is Dangerous

  5. I just thought of this today. If enough people (quantity) with AIDS HIV get the H1N1 virus, will the two virus mutate? So the question is can virus trade replication information and/or combine themselves?

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