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US to nuke North Korea!

May 28, 2009

America only needs a slightest of excuse to go to war to save its ass from the financial quicksand that the country is sinking in. (It’s part of a show strategy stuck deep in ‘shock-and-awe diversion in perversion.’ ) GI Joe got it and it’s bad boy N Korea! Russia and China had already been briefed about definite nuclear fallout reaching their territories and were told to get prepared.

It’s “rock ‘n roll” time, folks — again! — by the world’s biggest bully and America is all dressed for the kill. Apparently with … not one, but two … of these hot babes you see cavorting on the tarmac below.

Go on, no one is going to fault you for saying: “We are fuked.”


Source of this story is from here.

B-2 Stealth Bombers being deployed!

The United States has begun deploying B-2 Stealth Bombers from the mainland USA to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. This would put the nuclear-armed bombers well within striking distance of North Korea.

The photo (shown above) was taken today (27 May 09) at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, home to the B-2 fleet as two B-2’s taxi to the main runway for takeoff.

The breaking story to this turn of event on the world scene is here.

From → World Watch

  1. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Yeah right, bash US again. But now no more Bush to whack. We should stick to whats going on in our backyard first – our political situation…..unless one is scared shit of being ISA-ed, eh?

    – i wish you are as smart as you appear to be. Go read the blog entry of May 15 and perhaps you would not have ‘shot your mouth so quick and erased all doubt’ (btw, do you understand this turn of phrase?). Just being curious, will you be starting your blog soon? –

  2. Lance166 permalink

    This does not make any sense, Why North Korea when they could have nuke Afghanistan way back

    – Many things don’t make sense. N. Korea is closer to S. Korea, Russia, China and Japan – big holders of US Bonds. Afghanistan is all hostile mountainous terrains. –

  3. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Hello, its me smartypants again. Just curious why your blog on local politics seem to drop off at the same time RPK got ISA. Don’t get me wrong, I may not agree with you but I do still read opposing points of view, and for entertainment I like reading blogs getting twisted in conspiracy theories and Hamas apologists. Me start a blog? Nah, am too busy working for a living. FYI GDP contracted by 6.2%, so as a patriot, I shall do my part and work harder, hence no time to blog about conspiracy theories. USA protecting big US bond holders? LOL get off!!

    – Okay, smartypants. Confirmed. You are as dumb as i suspect. BTW, no ‘patriot’ should be working as a cia operative in Krung Thep. ;-) –

  4. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Hmmm ….Detractors = Dumb. Lets ban black T shirts now. I guess being a CIA operative is better than supporting a tin pot dictator nuking its neighbours, as long as no big “bully” USA to show their big guns.

  5. Mr A permalink

    USA should use nukes to totally erase North KOREA from the memories of all humans. No possible war. Instantly remove them from humanity.

    …leaving no possible return of the garbage once known as North Korea!

  6. Johnny Plutonium permalink

    Mr A,
    I am pretty sure I know what the A stands for. Can you imagine if we did what you suggest? Not a good idea, even though they ARE led by a dickhead. We will stick to our political sanctions, and if they start something, well who knows then.

    Anyway, you guys have your collective heads far up your A’s. Nobody’s getting nuked, and you clearly have no understanding of what’s going on around you. Nobody’s getting nuked, so shut up.


  7. Nuke2 permalink

    JP, Bullshit.
    I’m with Mr. A – Nuke them.
    We are the USA, we DO police the world. And NK is in need of being deleted.

  8. Don permalink

    Fuck it! Let’s kill all of the flat heads. If their planned missile launch toward Hawaii even comes close we should bomb their enrichment sites, communications and power targets.

    Let’s get rid of those cock suckers. Hey maybe our seals should take out that malaysian baster ewoon.

    – Wo, the truth hurts. And the reactions of these Washingtonites are so predictable, and will resort to murder. What a bunch of sore losers, and bullies.

    Truth: America had never won a war where the big brother of “flat-heads” was involved behind the scenes. America was always defeated and had to scoot with tails between the legs. Remember, in particular, the boast of General MacArthur and how he suffered a humiliating defeat at the 38th parallel in Korea and subsequently was asked to resign? –

  9. Jeff permalink

    Well, we in the US hope we don’t have to drop it on them, but they need to know who they are dealing with. We will try to encourage North Korea to change by other means, and if eventually it doesn’t work, well then. We always leave this option, that is to drop atomic weapons. We’ve done it before, so NK should be a little worried there.. I personally would not be opposed to some “surgical” atomic attacks to take out the underground nuclear installations, center of government, etc.

    It’s what we do. We have been forced to be the world’s policeman and we carry more than batons and pepper spray.

    – i can accept what you say and is agreeable to your reasoning. It’s fair. Thanks for visiting. –

  10. Thetruth permalink

    As of this very minute we have over 1000 nuclear weapons aimed at every major city and military instillation in N Korea.

    They are ALL on high alert, and can reach their targets with ease.
    Anyone who believes the N Korea couldn’t be erased in the blink of an eye is a fool.

  11. Tony Soprano permalink

    We need to drop the big one on the wimp north koreans

  12. Tony Soprano permalink

    Ps. the aggression against the USA is that our pets live better than the rest of the world

  13. Regulus permalink

    Maybe we should nuke Malaysia too, especially if all Malaysians are whiny bitches like you.

  14. USA all day permalink

    It’s time we do something about North Korea…… seriously it’s time.

  15. North Korea is just trying to flex their nuts a little bit.

    They do not currently have the capabilities to reach a U.S. city without us easily intercepting their delivery missiles, so as of now we do not have too much to worry about.

    The north koreans who are not active in their government should, however, be very worried.

    Because if NK does fire a missile carry any type of nuclear device they will no doubt catch a hot boy to their soil delivered most likely by an ICBM directly outside of the atmosphere right above NK.

    I hope it does not resort to that, because humans, however grand in our ability to create, are that much further ahead in our ability to destroy…

  16. AntiIlluminati permalink

    look like obama finally found himself a target….u know every president in america history at least bomb another country. so doesnt surprise me if north korea is the next target.

  17. attacker2 permalink

    lets nuke that shit country.. idk why many hates US.. maybe they are korean lol

  18. tom permalink

    america and any other country that hates all this arab & islam crap need to lay waste to the entire arab region and turn it into a nuclear wasteland. These ‘people’, no, not people… These things, are a cancer on the face of this world… and given time, they will infest every region of this planet and slowly kill it. We need to severe this infestion before its not too late… Then we will see if their all ‘powerful’ allah can save them…

  19. Omar permalink

    The nk s have no interest in peace. They are the new nazis unfortuntely they now have nukes and we the us didn’t stop them. However japan and s korea should put a show of force maybe launch missle over Pyonngang and rattle some heads. Japan could and should go nuke today. Mitsubishi or toyota missles with Hyundai guidance systems the usa has had no luck dealing with N Korea I hate for inocent people killed but the NKs and their death camps and the party memberts live in relative luxury. The west and the east should take care of n korea now.

  20. Omar permalink

    Any north korean diplomat please tell me why should not tell my president why we should have any relations with you other than our mutual destroction of Soela and Pyongyang. I don’t understand how you can think the usa will not defend its friends and if you want to send some agents to re educate me then come to 4615 Lindell Blvd St Louis Mo 63108 . Tell me that I am wrong

  21. Dave permalink

    brilliant idea can us Brits join in also

  22. Tom permalink

    Little north korean lol what a joke, we won ww2 in worse depression. There just just acting like the ignorant inferiore race that they are. We’ve had nukes for years and no one questions why the Usa got rid of 3000 of our 10,000 nukes. It’s cuz we have something better now. Let them have there nukes, when they go and think there bad ass… places like more secret then area 51 will have a death-ray waiting for them. Maybe we will get an hour to vote what design we get to carve them into. I’d vote trash-can so we can say we took out the trash.

    Either way, there nothing and with out the Usa the world would never get better, cuz we made computers, cars, nukes, guns that work and don’t shoot 30 miles off target, the perfect lang that the world will speak soon, internet, myspace, phones, moon travel, good music, good movies, radio,tv and list goes on.

  23. Shaun permalink

    Tom, If you think WW2 was won because of the USA you have issues and should read up on it. Many countries mainly Canada helped win the war. And LOL the US did not invent computers. Computers go back to ancient China. and the more recent type first was explored by a english man (Britain). They say the first car was invented in China by a Belgian man. The nuke was created by scientist from U.S., Britain, Canada and Europe. I am pretty sure guns were created long before America was even discovered. Actually while I read what you put I have come to the conclusion you are a complete idiot and have no clue what you are talking about.

  24. jay permalink

    love malaysian whores, 1 usd = 3 malaysian whores!

  25. Nick permalink

    Fuck yeah! Nuke the shit out of north korea before they attack seole. Fuck north Korea and it’s cowardly populace.

  26. Russ permalink

    Do they have spell check in Malaysia?

  27. Scott permalink

    Time to put the big boy pants on. Blow the crap out of them then stick a dozen W80 nuke Tomahawkes Into the caves in Afganistan. That might pitIran Syria and the rest back in their box and take note of sanctions.

  28. CrazyCanuck permalink

    read this article

    If you’re a shallow, untrusting patriot like me (and I’m Canadian), YOU NEED to read this. Nuking the moon makes more sense than ever!

  29. CAMonkey permalink

    We’re moving toward a one world government. It won’t be “US” nuking them but what will eventually be the government that rules the world. It’s time to get it on with these pretentious bastards and flex our might so that we can move into the NWO.

  30. bojangles permalink

    Go on, no one is going to fault you for saying: “We are fuked.”

    No, I am not

  31. bojangles permalink

    “We’re moving toward a one world government.”

    The Caliphate already have their man in the White House.

  32. Paul Murphy permalink

    Nuke Em Now

  33. Arthur Lee permalink

    North Korea is always claming to nuke The U.S.or South Korea they are a threat to the world.Nuke the fuckers and have done with it.GOODBYE FOREVER

  34. Why nuke the entire country when it’s the leaders that are running things to the ground?

    The NK people are hungrier than ever while their leaders spend most of its meager cash on nukes, arms & other luxuries its citizens can only dream of.

    Why not just take out the entire leadership in one swoop?

    There are many options: a surgical strike, assassination or a coup..the list goes on.

    Just don’t take it out on the poor people there. They have suffered so much already.

  35. Christopher permalink

    Good God, reading some of these posts explain what is wrong with planet Earth… people like you lot!
    I hope to God you never make it into power with statements like.. nuke them all… wipe them off the face of the planet.. looking back in History, wasn’t that the sime ideal as Hitler? Did we not fight a war to rid the planet of facism?

    Remember, the actual people of North Korea have not done anything wrong, in the abuse they have suffered for many years is the travesty, the key is for the west to make stronger bonds with China and Russia and get them to rid the power structure of North Korea, if we just went round blowing up every country we didn’t get on with… that would be.. well MOST OF THE PLANET!

    To clear up the statement made by the vilage idiot.. TOM.. let us be sure of the following facts.
    The first computer was invented 3500 years ago then reinvented by (Englishman) Charles Babbage in 1822, the modern Electronic computer was invented by yet another Englishman called Alan Turing.

    The first car was invented by Leonardo de Vinci, albeit on paper, but the first motorised modern transport
    was invented by a frenchman Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in 1769 using steam,It wasn’t until 1789 did an american register a steam powered patent. 20 years too late.

    The first Nuclear Bomb was invented by a collection of scientists.. Robert Oppenheimer, David Bohm, Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, Otto Frisch, Rudolf Peierls, Felix Bloch, Niels Bohr, Emilio Segre, James Franck, Enrico Fermi, Klaus Fuchs and Edward Teller who.. were mostly GERMAN!

    The first Guns were used by Egyptian Mumlukes who used hand guns against the Moguls in the 1260 battle of Ain Jalute

    The English Language was invented by…. (actually Saxons/Normans and French) but the modern terms were in fact invented by.. lets think about this… THE ENGLISH!

    The modern internet was invented by Tim Berners-Lee.. an Englishman.

    The failed social networking site myspace was invented by an american Tom Anderson in 1998

    Phones were invented by Alexander Graham Bell, who was Scottish..

    The Apollo missions (orignal mercury rockets) were designed by ex Nazi rocket scientists after WWII

    Good music and movies is relative, the world has plenty not everything comes out of the states is quality!

    Radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi – an itallian.. 2 years before Tesla.

    Tv was inveted by Edwin Belin, an Englishman in 1922 although the first face transmission was by John Logie Baird, from Scotland in 1924

    So… yes the list goes on Tom, but you might want to research your statements before you publish them as you just look stupid.

    The problem with the USA is they do have a complex perhaps due to lack of roots/ history.. whatever, they think they are more important than they really are, they do not Police the world in fact far from it, most tension over the last 50 years has been related in some way to American actions or policy.

    Modern western society these days has a habbit of looking at everyone, except themselves, an old saying goes…

    ‘If you stick your nose in, someone is going to thimp it’ applies especially to the United states which is a shame, for a land whose laws are locked in freedom, enjoys nothing more than imprisoning others… now there is the real crime..

  36. douche American permalink

    I hated George W. Bush when he was in office. He was a total asshole, a piss-poor diplomat, and generally deserves an “F -” for his ham-fisted mismanagement of the government. I hated the Iraq war and protested against it. Hell, today I’m still convinced that most of my countrymen are a bunch of mouth breathing fat dumb retards who only care about football, blowjobs and the afterlife.

    But I still have to say, Dubya was right about North Korea. Uncle Sam would be doing the world a huge favor by just nuking it into an irradiated valley of molten glass.

  37. John permalink

    And another fact for Tom to ponder. World War ll was NOT won by the Americans or a coalition of democratic nations. Hitler’s Nazi Germany was defeated by the Russians. We played a supportive roll but we did not defeat Germany as everyone so breathlessly proclaims. Check your history facts and you’ll find that our losses and battles were small compared to the titanic struggle that took place along the 1,000 mile Eastern Front.

  38. Teddy permalink

    You’re a piece of muslim ass. If I saw you in person I’d nuke your face you jackass.

  39. Teddy permalink

    He John…no one says the US defeated Germany you ASS!

  40. John permalink

    Nuke the fuckers ! It needs to be done

  41. John E permalink

    I’ll cll myself John E because I see there is another John. Again….. Nuke the fuckers, and anyone else that needs it ! The US has to start playing hardball with theses useless fucks

  42. Mr B permalink

    While I do agree we should erase NK from the pages of history by all means neccessary it would start a bigger war with China which we could not win conventionally and if we have to go to war with them we will all lose. China will lose billions of hackers and MMORPG farmers and us probably 90% of our population. Then again… 90% of all people in the world should be classified as dumb enough to be euthanized so maybe its a win win solution? Just to note I had to click on this link as I to love to read idiots works when they are loosed upon the internet. I really do think stupid people by design sit at a keyboard and pick random topic from a hat and make up the absolute dumbest shit they can think of and then probably ask their even dumber dumbass friends for help making up even dumber shit. Good job on this post btw! 5 stars of dumbassedness! As for policing the world well it is sad that it has fallen to us to do because no other country has the balls or even cares if people are being misstreated by their goverments. Look at Iraq dude kills and tortures millions of his people and people have the gall to complain we are bullies who think we have the right to police the world. I would say we are kind enough to stand up to the pieces of shit dictakers in the world and end their tyranny. But don’t let that cloud your idiotic opinions. We’re there for the OIL!! Dumbasses…I just hope if we are as a country in dire need of protection from our goverment some other country would help us out. Crap I shouldn’t have left that open for some other moron to start screaming how we do need protection from our own goverment because of (insert stupid conspiracy theory here). Does anyone use common sense anymore?

  43. John E permalink

    Could it be that YOU are the dumbass ! ?

  44. Anonymous permalink

    we should boom the shit out of them slant eyed bastards

  45. Anonymous permalink

    i just read and article that they said they could take on take on the US and beat us in 3 hours more like never don’t mess with the US

  46. w.s. permalink

    it is only a matter of time before N.Korea Nukes South Korea . its not like they have not said it over and over and showed the world how they are develolping the means . We now say they have six missles .So idiots can keep wanting to flap their jaws, and make dumb wesites show casing their lack of grey matter and wait until the world sees its next nucleur attack from that mad man. Or we can act like we have a brain and take out their capability first . Everyone dumb enough who wants to wait should go live in South Korea and join the count down .


    FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Jake permalink

    “…by the world’s biggest bully and America”

    Yes, America is such a big bully because they are interested in their safety and are not interested in an attack from North Korea (however pathetic it may be). You my friend, are a fucking dumbass!

  49. Anonymous permalink

    what is wrong with most of you!!!!!!!!!!!! do you idiots want to start ww3?!!!!!!!!! and if all of nk is nuked (as many of you want) radiation levels in the world would soar!!!!! and would you want that. plus, innocent people could be killed!!!!!!!

  50. klsjdalkjdsa permalink

    how could you consider destroying 10 million lives for the act of a madman.

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