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David Carradine dies

June 5, 2009

Grew up watching David Carradine when he was starring in the TV series Shane and Kung Fu way back then — when my family didn’t even own a box yet. He is the first of my two favourite iconic actors to have moved on. May his soul rest in peace.

85788207AW010_THE_GOLDEN_BO1936 – 2009

Taken in New York City, 09 April 09, while attending a meet-and-greet
for The Golden Boys at the Playwright Tavern.

(Pix courtesy of Sky News/Getty Images)

David Carradine has a website here. You can read of his passing here.

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  1. Bro

    Somehow I could never accept David Carradine for having usurped Bruce Lee for the role of Kane. Bruce Lee would have made Kung Fu a cult favourite for all time just like the way the The Original Star Trek series has become. Pity.

    Furthermore, Carradine appeared to be stereotyped to be a perfect snarly bad guy :D

  2. lee wee tak permalink

    I enjoyed watching Kung Fu too but I think he can’t really kung fu right? Bruce Lee has become a bigger legend than him as fate even out the injustice as mentioned by de minimis

    Kwai Chang Caine? There is no Chinese character that sounds like that. I remember the Chinese papers have to come up with a name that was pronounced as “Chang Siang Kwei”; the ‘translation’ is not even close. This kind of short coming just reveal the ignorance before the advent of the concept of border-less world

  3. He can’t kung fu, but during that time the west had big appetite for films this genre. This series, although stereo typed stuff by today’s standards made David an star. Think he lived the role too, off-camera- yup dressed like that character and lived it real-life.

  4. RIP permalink

    The man was a great actor.

    This is the only decent post I could find on this entire blog, the rest of which reeks of trolling, conjecture and yellow journalism.

  5. I understand that the cause of his death was a mystery.

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