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The Lies of Global Warming

December 2, 2009

It’s all about Carbon Tax … leading ultimately to the carbon dioxide that we exhale being taxable! Now, that’s the ultimate control the perpetrators of this lie can have over any individual when they become successful.

Think about it.

Don’t just get mad. Get even.

(Will post pt2 and pt3 when i find them)

Meet one of the perpetrators …

Al Gore sued for fraud …

Exposing Global Warming Lies …

From → World Watch

  1. katdog permalink

    Ha ha! Interesting conspiracy theory. Some parts are true, in the sense that global warming is but a theory and not fact. There is still very little that we understand about the universe and global weather patterns that it is very difficult to either PROVE or DISPROVE global warming theories.

    The credibility of this conspiracy theory is however suspect due to the claims that carbon tax is meant to stifle the progress of developing nations. Not true at all as, carbon tax is meant to drive up the cost of fossil fuels to try and make renewable fuels more attractive.

    The ones who would be impacted most by a carbon tax would actually be industrialized nations that rely heavily on fossil fuels (coal, gas and petroleum).

    In fact, there is very little indication that there will be any carbon tax in the near future due to opposition by both developing nations AND industrialized nations such as US.

    Just to add to the confusion, here’s a youtube video debunking the debunkers:

  2. Naz permalink

    there’s a reason why u cannot find pt2 and pt3 because the real name for the doc is “The Great Global Warming Swindle”

    – Thank you for the info. –

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