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Nampaknya Zaid Ibrahim tak boleh tidur nyenyak! Lepas itu, sue blogger pulak!

December 8, 2009

Cakap tak serupa bikin!

Zaid oh Zaid, you are your own worst enemy — say one thing and then do another. What kinda fool have you made of yourself?

Worse, after saying “… saya rasa saya masih lagi boleh tidur nyenyak…. tak berapa syok nak melayan budak-budak upahan …” you then flip-flopped and sue. And a blogger at that! Thought you were beyond that for you once stood up against it.

Guess, “Hurricane Hattie” was more complimentary than derisive. What a cartoon!

Boy oh boy, Zaid, how you incriminate yourself! Go re-read what you wrote here in your own blog as a retort to A Kadir Jasin’s political analysis/opinion piece here. Should A Kadir Jasin counter-sue? Nah, i think he’s got better class than to stoop so low.

“Bagi saya, kalau PKR, PAS atau DAP yang mendakwa saya ini satu watak kartun dan seorang pengacau, maka saya perlu meneliti tuduhan tersebut. Tetapi kalau setakat penulis upahan UMNO yang membuat tuduhan, saya rasa saya masih lagi boleh tidur nyenyak. Lagi pun tak berapa syok nak melayan budak-budak upahan, terutamanya yang hati mereka dah terlalu busuk.”

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. Hey EW, welcome back, after many months!!

  2. lee wee tak permalink

    ya man, we were wondering if there was a spaceship and kidnappin’

  3. I'm Malaysian permalink

    Hidup PR,Hidup Zaid Ibrahim

  4. kandhan permalink

    Y cannot sue bloggers? Got diamonds between their legs izzit?

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