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“Goldman Sachs executives are babbling cretins”

April 29, 2010

At last, the bubble that Goldman Sachs executives are the smartest financiers on Wall Street is popped.

And what’s left of a name that once used to evoke awe and reverence at its mere mention? It’s now rightfully exposed as a heap of dung and it stinks. Ah, haven’t you heard, all that glitters is not gold – and it sucks!

Read the full story here.

  1. oneworldmaynenot permalink

    Why waste blog time regurgitating left wing loonies the likes of Alex Jones when there is more pressing things happening here in own country like policies likely to have major impact in the future especially for your kids in the future. I don’t think many people are aware of the implications of policy changes to have real impact in their lives.

  2. Flyer168 permalink


    With due respects to your comment.

    Since late 1969, our Westminster Style Democracy with the Rule of Law had been hijacked, modified, abused & destroyed to what it is today – Gutter Politics & the Law of the Jungle.

    Most of the Malaysian Blogsites are full of “Recycled” Daily “Rethoricals Statements” from our Corrupted Jaguh Kampung UMNOputra Ketuanan Political Leaders…

    Who have destroyed the very fabric of our once multi racial, multi cultural, multi religious, etc great and rich nation with its wealth of natural resources, peaceful, compassionate & tolerant citizens…through their divide & rule to plunder the nations assets.

    Our PeeM & his deputy is beholden to Madey with most of our institutional heads being in the newtwork – yes, everyone of them are squeezing one another by the “Orbs/Juglars”….

    Just to share these…the Who, What, When, How, etc

    UBG Berhad –

    A Key Question for Taib

    APCOish, the Ibrahim Ali, the Malaysian Big boys, are all part of the “$$$ Supply Chain” system…

    So they are not the least bothered with more pressing things happening here in our own country like policies having major impact in the future especially for your kids in the future.

    The National Elite Group has been controlling the citizen’s rights & everyone of our lives….like it or not.

    Further the Monarch, President, Prime Minister, Politicians are not the top of the Heirarchy….as they have been “Seduced into the trap” and are controlled by the Global Elite Group to facilitate the New World Order agenda.

    The NWO “$$$ Supply Chain” & their Pawns/Puppets…

    Malaysians need to wake up, it time to move on the a higher level of awareness from the deception that the international bankers are doing all these years.

    It was the Elite Malays who sold the country to the “Controllers” and not the other race.

    Wake Up from the centuries of Global & Regional indoctrination that keep the human mind in bondage.

    Start connecting the dots and everyone can see the real big picture where the “Controllers have been manipulating”.

    With all the “Musuh dalam selimut” on both sides of the Political divide mushrooming…

    Enticed & Induced with all the Global Political Connections, Power, Positions & $$$ Carrot Bait…

    The “Controllers” have achieved their NWO agenda of Divide & Rule”


    We are on the verge of a Global Transformation.
    All we need is the Right Major Crisis and
    the nations will Accept the New World Order
    – David Rockefella

    You be the judge.


  3. SEC fine = 2 wks of profit at Goldman. Slap on the wrist or an incentive to misbehave?


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