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Anwar Ibrahim – the most dangerous man in our country today

August 8, 2010

UPDATED: Monday, 9 August 2010

I used to support this man’s mission “A New Dawn for Malaysia” with a passion and would go all out to help put him on his journey to the highest office in Putrajaya.

(Yes, I remember it well … for I was there with one other … nomination day on 16 August ’08 for the by-election at Permatang Pauh for its ‘favourite son.’ It was an incredible day and it will probably be a record in history that would never be bettered.)

Today, I feel differently. Today, I fear for my country –  should this man succeed in becoming the country’s numero uno.

Since September 16, 2008, I have had enough time to see through his hollow political antics, deceitful ‘nato’ rhetorics and stupefyingly inept leadership to convince me this man just doesn’t cut it. I honestly cannot reconcile the fact that a leader who is utterly clueless at solving his own intra-party problems that has led to mass abandonment of the PKR ship could be effective in administrating a country!

Seriously, the weakest link in the chain of parties in Pakatan Rakyat at the moment has to be PKR. And the same ineffectual leader of PKR is the ketua umum of PR? PAS better has an exit plan fast lest the deadweight of this man’s ignominy pulls your party down into the depth of his political demise.

Anwar Ibrahim of late has been in the news for the wrong reasons, too. I am not referring to his Sodomy Trial II which may have all the appearances and trappings of a trumped-up charge. I pray for justice to prevail and the judges bold enough to set the innocent man free or convict the guilty as charged should the evidence be overwhelming and beyond the shadow of any doubt.

Anwar Ibrahim, I pray to God that you will be proven innocent and set free to continue with your mission. But as a free man, I will hound you, watch your every move and make sure to do my part to help stop you from achieving your dream. The premiership of my beloved country is far too dangerous for a man who kowtows to, seeks the help of and consorts with Zionists on a regular basis. (PAS, now you know where I am coming from, don’t you?)

The Zionist agenda has always been and will continue to be to seek world domination, one country at a time.

The One World Order (or now euphemistically referred to as the New World Order) is its mantra and the people involved are hell-bent on sowing discord, ensnaring pliable and compliant nations’ top or likely-to-be-top honcho and coveting their natural resources. Don’t be fooled by their outward show of solidarity.

In order to achieve their goal, they will initially bend over for you (no pun intended), do your bidding, even finance and fight ‘your wars’ and when the time is right (i.e. when you have become the chief executive of the country) they will require your pound of flesh. Invariably you will be persuaded (read Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man and The Secret History Of The American Empire by John Perkins) to sell-out yourself and the country. Namely, while you will be enticed to enrich yourself, your family and your cronies, the rest of the citizenry will bear the burden of your treasonous folly. For sure our national resources, infrastructure and finances will become theirs to own. Our domestic and foreign policies will be theirs to wreak havoc with.

Do you know what ORDO AB CHOU means? In plain English it is ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. That’s what your “friends” seek to achieve continually with their Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution) philosophy throughout history, Anwar Ibrahim. Look at Pakistan today … see how quickly it is degenerating into chaos with a new order in place now calling the shots. It has become just another one of them victims in a long string of failed states before it!

Are you aware of this hidden agenda, Anwar Ibrahim? Are you as afraid as I am of this scenario taking place – once you become the top administrator?

As far as I am concerned, you have already sold your soul for what you have been doing and reported in the news lately. Read here, here, here and here.

As for me, I will endeavor to protect mine and my country fellowmen and womenfolks. I will be watching your every move.

For the uninitiated, be mindful and watchful, the Zionists’ tentacles are far-flung, deep-reaching and their covert activities fronted by organisations (more crucially their off-shoots) that include The International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank, The World Trade Organization (WTO), The Rockefeller Foundation, The Rothschild Foundation, The Trilateral Commission, The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and The Bilderberg Group.

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  1. hi guy, u have the right what u want say about anwar, but dont u know that pakatan rakyat the support is getting stronger. u are againt the wind, wind of chane had begin. tq

  2. dear writer,

    the height of corruption in malaysia was probably in the 90s and nearly destroyed malaysia in
    late 90s.the bank had to be saved and an ambitious leader change malaysian political history
    forever thereafter.

    umno and bn are practically dead while pakatan and pkr are full of activities to please the rakyat.
    twitter nik nazmi,rafizi ramli,anwaribrahim,tianchua,tonypua and you will have an idea.

    bn are driven by money while pakatan are driven by passion.

    anwar is godsent to malaysia.he probably sembahyang sunat more than imam masjid negara.
    the jew are already live on car loan,housing loan,pay groceries on credit surah
    baqarah 272-275.that is jew.

    anwar’s mistake is tan sri khalid.kick this guy out and par will be ok.

  3. msian permalink

    frankly speaking, i prefer the zionists far far far far more than the racists ketuanan UMNO & corruption!

    btw, what has the zionist done to you so far? i bet UMNO and the corrupt gov of the day has done more destruction to your life and your kids than those zionists that you so hate!

    u are another case of a Malaysian thinking with his/her butt!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    every now and then the antianwar blog is mushrooming. what happen? umno is scared of anwar? even if PR captured Putrajaya, what has got to do with anwar’s close relation with the US and jews.?
    Didn’t najib associate with APCO and try to gain support from obama as well?
    So what, are we strong enough like Iran to counter the “new world order”? Is there any muslim countries with exception of Iran capable of oppossing US and zionists agenda? Who’s malaysia

  5. Since half a decade ago, the anti BN anti Umno blogs are mushrooming..

    Why? Opposition and Anwar are afraid of Umno?

    Bodoh punya anonymous…

  6. ewoon,

    Good of you to realise what we have been trying to tell you about Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim, since 4 years ago. He is very dangerous to the sovereignty of Malaysia!

    Who ever is reading this and don’t agree with you and worse still, find Pakatan Rakyat especially PKR is getting stronger, just let them be. They are lost cause anyway. The are just hopefuls for their blatant dismay or even hatred against BN and UMNO. Then again, it was Anwar who rose to instigate the rakyat to hate UMNO and BN upon his sacking as DPM on 2 Sept 1998.

    All of these is about Anwar and nothing else. Getting sucked into his personal agenda riding on all the arguments put forth is simply being made used of and nothing more.

    Don’t take my word for it. Talk to people like Dr Chandra Muzafar, Abdul Rahman Osman, Ruslan Kassim, Lokman Noor Adam, Ezam Md Nor, Marina Yusuf, Fairus Khairuddin, Sallehudin Hashim, Zahrain Hashim, Tan Tee Beng, Zulkifli Nordin and of course Wee Choo Keong.

    These are Reformasi and KeAdilan big names and they really had huge hopes on him.

  7. looes74 permalink

    Why just stop at Anwar Ibrahim? What about Najib? Ibrahim Ali or Ahmad Ismail? What about Mohd Sidek who has blatantly supporting an underling defying an elected representative…..Worst still a Chief Minister? Where the F are you? Hound dog

  8. looes74 permalink

    By the way, AG has kept the evidence of an evidence for 1 year without even realising it to Teoh Beng Hock’s team? Why don’t you FKing hell hound AG then? Why?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    saya salah seorang penyokong kuat pkr. Apa yg umno buat selama ini bukanya apa sbb takut anwar jadi pm satu hr nanti. Kalau beliau jd pm semua rahsia dan pekung umno akan terbongkar. Dulu masa mahathir buang anwar pada 1997 sbb kes liwat sbenarnya tak ada org di malaysia ni yg percaya pada mahathir. Semuanya karut marut. Tak percaya tanya datin dr wan azizah. Tak kan anwar nak pakai belakang sdangkan depan telah dihalalkan. -jam/borhan

  10. Anonymous permalink

    go anwar go semoga jadi pm satu hr nanti. Masa tu aku org pertama ucapkan tahniah. Hapuskan rasuah dan ingatlah Allah Maha Hebat !!!!!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Aku tahu berbahasa Inggeris, tapi aku pilih untuk berbahasa Melayu kerana memang aku Melayu , aku tak boleh harap orang lain untuk daulatkan bahasa dan bangsa aku.

    Cuma satu aku mau simpulkan , Islam hari ini menjadi musuh utama yahudi, apa cara akan dilakukan agar islam hancur, atau setidak tidaknya penganutnya dipecah belahkan supaya senang dikuasai . Orang bukan Islam tidak peduli itu semua, kerana mereka bukan mangsa permainan yahudi,sehinggalah mereka akan menjadi mangsa seterusnya. Bangsa aku , agama aku, hanya aku yang mampu perjuangkan. Aku tak tak boleh harap pada bangsa lain, kalau orang Melayu sendiri boleh perlekehkan bangsanya sendiri, apatah lagi kaum kaum lain. Kalau Najib atau siapa saja pemimpin Melayu tak betul, itu tanggungjawab aku dan Melayu lain betulkan, kalau Anuar itu pengkhianat bangsa melayu, itu juga tanggugjawab aku dan orang Melayu lain hapuskan. Yang penting jangan sampai ada pengkhianat dikalangan bangsa aku.
    Orang Melayu jangan jadi bangsa yang tak sedar diri … apa sebenar kekuatan kamu ? Bukan Melayu akan terus menghimpit orang Melayu, kerana itu sahaja sebenarnya mahu mereka, bagi apa sahaja pada mereka , selagi kuasa politik belum ditangan mereka , mereka akan terus berusaha, bagi melayu yang tak sedar diri pula akan terus berusaha menghancurkan bangsanya… sejarah bukan untuk dibanggakan tapi untuk dibuat peringatan ???

  12. rozi permalink

    I was anuar strong supporter in 98 and also ex permatang pauh voter. Tiap tiap election pangkah dia. Terasa sangat tertipu diri ini. Alhamdullilah..anda juga sudah sedar dari alunan mimpi indah Anuar. Apa yg diperjuangkan dahulu dan kini sudah jauh bebeda.

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